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Senator Dorgan to Free Himself From Consequences This Year

carSenator Byron Dorgan has announced he’ll be retiring from the Senate after this term.  That’s good and bad news.

The good news is that it’s effectively one more Democrat down.  The bad news?  Dorgan just freed himself from electoral consequences for his remaining time in the Senate.  He can now vote any way he wishes, and given the nightmare legislation coming down the pike, that’s not a good thing.

Think liberals gone wild.  No, he’s not a “moderate”.  There are no “moderate” Democrats.

It’s still a net plus, all things considered.  Things like this have to happen if we wanted the libs gone and a chance for some real leadership.  It’s just that the state of transition is going to be rough.  It’s good riddance to Dorgan, but 2010 just got that much more wild.

Pay More. Get Less. Wait Longer.

doctorknotThe Senate is having a vote today, currently scheduled at 8pm, to see if they’ll proceed on debating the Disastercare bill.  They’ve been buying off fence-sitters left and right, and the tactic here is to get the ball rolling on the bill before everyone goes home and gets blasted by their constituents.  That nearly worked in the House, but Speaker Botox was more scary than the constituents a lot of Democrats betrayed with their vote on this monster.

I don’t care how they spin it.  Anyone who did anything to let this bill go forward will be at fault if it becomes law.  That includes the mislabeled Democrats in the Republican Party who helped it along, like Snowe.

I could go through the lengthy list of what this power grab will do if it passes, but its effect on health care in this country can be summed up in six words:

Pay more.  Get less.  Wait longer.

We’ve seen this in Massachusetts.  We’ve seen it in other countries with nationalized health care.  If we don’t defeat this bill, we’ll see it here too.  Rationed, lower quality health care that costs more so that the Democrats can have their power grab and Obama his giant legislative “accomplishment”.  All assertions to any benevolent intentions supporters may make to the contrary are just spin.  This bill is bad for America and for you.

The Chris Simcox Drinking Game

beerbarrelWell, apparently McCain hasn’t had his Official Maverick Lapdog Lindsey Graham (Pomeranian – SC) fixed yet, because he’s at it again.  Amnesty is rearing it’s ugly head in the Senate, and one of the people behind it is Graham.  Since Graham beat both his primary opponent and the other Democrat running in the South Carolina race in 2008, we can’t touch him again electorally until 2014.

Please pay attention next time, South Carolina.  Seriously.

In the meantime, what to do?  Graham is thinking he can act with impunity, and do the things McCain would love to be doing right now.  I’m pretty sure he’s also acting with McCain’s blessing, because I see no reason to believe Graham has any initiative or thought processes without him.  But I digress.

How to get at him then?  I call it the Chris Simcox drinking game.

Intrigued?  I knew you would be.  So how does this work?

  1. First off, a reminder.  Chris Simcox is McCain’s primary opponent in 2010.  I’d deny he exists, but today, I’m going to point you at his web site because I’m playing my own game.  Read on.
  2. Whenever the Official Maverick Lapdog Lindsey Graham (Pomeranian – SC) demonstrates the need for obedience training like he just did with amnesty, do something to help Chris Simcox.  Volunteer for the man.  Donate money.  Post a link in a post like I did and give the guy some publicity.  Just keep it legal.
  3. Once you do, email Lindsey Graham’s office (or use snail mail, your preference) and thank him for the inspiration to get rid of his owner, John McCain.  Don’t forget to tell him what you did.
  4. My hope is that I can get enough people doing this to drive McCain and Graham to drink themselves stupid.  Preferably long enough to cost McCain his job.

Think of this as your latest lesson on how to be a good maverick supporter.  I’ve even thought up a nice caption for one of those demotivational posters you find on the Internet once I get a good picture of McCain realizing he’s lost his job:

Being a Maverick

It’s all fun and games until someone

loses their Senate seat.

Addendum, 8/18/2009: One other small thing.  I didn’t mention this drinking game is also RETROACTIVE!  That’s right.  You don’t have to wait for an excuse to do this now.  You can go back and find something either McCain or Graham has ever done to annoy you, and play the Chris Simcox Drinking Game because of it.

You don’t even have to remember it properly.  Just make up something if it’s hazy.  They’ve both had enough fun at your expense.  Now it’s your turn.

Addendum, 8/26/2009: This post has been edited to remove any mention of Ted Kennedy.  I still have some sense of taste, even if I don’t retain much of my sanity.

Addendum, 3/6/2010:  Chris Simcox has dropped out of the primary.  Fortunately, you can still play this game with J.D. Hayworth.  Oh, and I’m worried about the overuse of my addendums on this post.

It Appears McCain Doesn’t Like His Numbers…

salesmanIt’s so good to see McCain out and about, pretending he’s not a Democrat again.

It’s good to remain active after a presidential mavericking.  On that note, not only did McCain speak in opposition to his fellow Democrats’ Cash for Clunkers program, but now he’s come out against Sotomayor’s confirmation.  I guess that Mr. “Bold and Edgy” Official Maverick Lapdog Lindsey Graham (Pomeranian – SC) didn’t get the memo.

This can only mean one of several things:

  • He’s fundraising again.
  • He knows she’s going to get confirmed anyway, and is playing both sides of the issue, or
  • He doesn’t like his numbers in 2010

Now, being the nice guy I am, I wouldn’t dream of reminding McCain that a party leader being defeated in the middle of his term is a noteworthy thing, and not in a good way.  Usually, they win or lose at the beginning, but in the middle?  Isn’t that some sort of milestone in American politics or something?

Nor will I take the opportunity to remind him that after eight years of mavericking his own base, all the efforts he makes to save his career just may not cut it.  It’s a lot to live down, but I know he can do it.  If anyone can maverick his supporters without lubricant for eight years and get away with it, the Master Maverick can.  That’s why he’s my hero.

Nor would I so much as entertain the fleeting thought of telling him not to count down the days to what a lesser man would call his just desserts.  I mean, everyone knows that everybody puts their own ambitions above everything else.  Not only that, but McCain is morally untouchable, so he’ll get by unless some dolt keeps calling him on his actual record instead of his political theatre.

So, not to worry fellow maverick supporters.  McCain will get all the maverick support he is due in 2010.  I have faith in you.