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Unions Coming to a Home Near You?

chainthumbLet’s start with two cases of unions or their allies getting really aggressive now (reported by Michelle Malkin).

In short, the unions are trying to reach workers in homes.  Not workplaces or employers, but in homes.  Furthermore, they’re using dirty tricks and end runs around the people they’re trying to unionize or from whom they want to collect dues.  This is not what was meant by a “right to organize”.

Voluntarily forming or joining a union is a right of American workers.  Being coerced and/or deceived into joining a union is un-American.  It means a worker is serving an organization with whom they have no choice but to generate an economic gain whether they like it or not.  If they then also can’t leave, that would be a form of enslavement.

It’s time to ask if the unions are coming to a home near you.  It might even be yours.

Is This The Hope and Change You Want?

flag_dogNo jokes now, folks.  It’s zero flak time.

Trouble’s brewing.  Can you see it yet?

Let’s start with health care.  Obama’s health care bill could very well have a mandate in it to buy health insurance.  This is whether you can afford it or not, enforceable as a misdemeanor and by the IRS.  Legal Insurrection can give you some more information, but this is hardly the whole of it.

Disagreeing with the government has suddenly become very, very wrong.  Oh, it was wonderful when the other side was doing it, but now that they’re in power the silliness has to stop.  We’re all wee wee’d up and such.

People who protest Obama and oppose hsi policies aren’t just on the receiving end of generic flak anymore.  We’re domestic terrorists and racists just waiting for the opportunity to do something vicious and nasty.  I tend to agree with Legal Insurrection that sparking some real violence to justify governmental nastiness may just be the intent.

How about some other signs of impending authoritarianism, soft though it may currently be?

  • Mass czar appointments to bypass congressional oversight and representative government.
  • Parliamentary tricks by the Democrats in Congress to completely bypass opposition, such as it exists in the Republican Party.
  • Payoffs to special interests friendly to Democrats, especially the unions, regardless of the consequences to the nation.  Think GM, Chrysler, and the upcoming Employee Free Choice Act.

All this, and we’re not even done with Obama’s first year yet. Is this the hope and change you want?

It may be great for Obama’s supporters now, because they still think they’re winning.  If he gets everything he wants though, even they won’t be immune from the nanny state and soft tyranny.  Sooner or later, the reality of trying to live in that will hammer its way through their blinders, and by then reversing this mess will be a monumental effort, if it can happen at all.

If Obama wins, everyone loses.  The only hope and change you’ll get is hoping against hope that we can change it all back.

Unions at Work in the Protests

strikeNo jokes now folks, despite the picture.  It’s zero flak time, because the unions are now involved in the health care protests.

The SEIU made it’s presence felt in St. Louis.  A 38-year old conservative protester was injured in a fight there as he was passing out “Don’t Tread on Me” flags, and protesters were blocked from a town hall meeting while the union members went in the side and back doors.

Some footage of the violence is below.  You can hear the lame excuse that “He attacked America” come from one of the assailants.  You know, a variation on the excuse a lot of authoritarian countries around the world use when they suppress dissent.  They “had to protect the country”, you know.

Naked leftism.  Now here in America.

Ok, all you supposedly “not liberal” Democrats.  You get to make a choice now.  Which one is worth more to your supposedly “not liberal” selves:  Obama or your country?  Your thug-in-chief is now answering peaceful protests against Disastercare with union violence.

Time to ask yourselves:

  • If your plan is so great, why has it come to this?
  • If your President is so American, why is this happening?
  • Are you going to keep giving us the lame excuse that it’s all our fault?
  • Do you really think you’re going to be re-elected if this disaster passes?
  • Do you really think you’re going to be re-elected if you fall into step behind Obama after this?!

Now is the time if we find out if the “Blue Dog” label is as cosmetic as a lot of us think it is.

Random Thoughts For a Slow Day

It’s a slow day today, which is good.  There’s enough chaos coming without me having to cause more of it just yet.  In fact, I’m absolutely certain that when it comes to chaos, Obama will not disappoint me.

So, what to do about today?  How about some random thoughts?

  1. Do they call it the Employee Free Choice Act because it gives unions a free choice of employees?
  2. Do you suppose we could get rid of terrorist leaders by mailing them a six-pack of beer and pretending they ordered it?  Their fellows would kill them for us.
  3. If John McCain says something and no one is around to hear it, does Senator Graham still kiss his ass?
  4. Let’s say I walked up to you and said “I concede that liberals are the gold standard of politics today.  Their positions are all right and proper, but I’m an improvement over them because I want to do less of what they want to do, and I want to do it more slowly.”  Would you want me as your leader, or the liberals?  And why do the Republicans think that you would want them, if they keep saying things that are tantamount to this?
  5. How do environmentalists square their principles with the fact that cute furry beavers cut down trees?

Have some answers?  Want to add to the list?  Feel free to comment, because I’d love to hear from you.