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Spoofing The Ex-Im Bank

Seeing as how big business might just be getting a little uncomfortable about the Tea Party acting against crony capitalism after the Cantor upset, here’s the latest from the Kronies about the Ex-Im bank:

The Tea Party has a real desire to derail the Big Government gravy train in favor of, well, the way the American economy should run.  Free markets anyone?  New businesses forming without the weight of absurd over-regulation?  No amnesty to import massive amounts of cheap labor and drive down wages?  No Ex-Im bank?  The sort of refusal to distort the markets that might just help put our economy back on track?  Big donors seem a little hostile to that.

It might help for them to remember that even if politicians that win bought and paid for primary victories are going to be friendly to them, those politicians still have to win in the general election.  No one’s really loving the Establishment sorts here lately, so it might just be their ROI is DOA in November regardless.  There’s no point in electing two sets of enemies.

Cantor Loses A Minion

The story calls him an ally, but minion just seems more appropriate.

In either case, the Tea Party here in my home state has dealt with another Establishment sort named Linwood Cobb.  Reports of their demise once again appear greatly exaggerated and likely the result of wishful thinking.  In this case, Linwood Cobb was part of Cantor’s machine as opposed to being in office.  He would also be among those that have to go to prevent things like Virginia becoming another California.

This is a victory despite the fact he wasn’t an officeholder.   Someone and something has to work behind the scenes to keep all of these losers in place and run the machinery of the status quo.  Aside from the expenditure of unmatchable sums of money, that would be guys like Linwood Cobb, so one less of him is an improvement.

Best of luck to the Tea Party in removing Cantor too.

First Round Of Primary Results

It wasn’t a particularly good night for the Tea Party last night.  As far as the results, I will go so far as to say you don’t win them all, and dislodging incumbent RINOs or defeating the money isn’t so easy.  Our first wasted Senate race has now shaped up in North Carolina and several House seats we would have liked to see change hands did not, though removing Boehner was a long shot anyway.

The Establishment’s latest tactics of carpet-bombing ads with money we can’t match may just work out for them.  If it does, we’ll see it once every two years, much to our frustration.  On the bright side, we now know which races to ignore or worse.

What, were we just going to fall back into line in the general election?  ‘At least they’re better than the Democrat’ and all that?  Look past the now open hostility to conservatism on display and back them regardless?  Anyone who’s deciding this may well legitimately see it as a lesser evil call, but it’s still the once-every-two-year definition of insanity rearing its ugly head again.

We were just given a three and a half year long reminder of why a majority dependent on and led by RINOs isn’t a productive thing.   Doing the same thing once every two years will change nothing, and extends our currently troublesome circumstances.  Before we can stop the Democrats, we need an opposition party, and backing RINOs delays the formation of one.  So no, getting caught up in the election-year rhetoric this time around won’t do at all.

If you’re not one of the people currently interested in the same old song and dance, welcome.  There are no paid blog shills here, and I’m not about to tell you RINOs are an improvement because I don’t believe it either.  We’ll see what we can do about it from here.

The Tea Party Is Dead?

I keep hearing that and so does everyone else, but mostly that can be attributed to wishcasting by the Democrats, the GOP Establishment, and their supporters.  They may have become less noisy and more organized, but they still exist, and they have long before they were ever named the Tea Party.  But if they were to disappear, what then?

The Republican Establishment might breathe a sigh of relief right up to the point they realize that no one’s coming back.  The mask slipped too many times when Boehner and McConnell came into power.  If you doubt this, consider that the RNC and their Obamacare attacks aren’t exactly being met with a fanfare of cheers, as this example shows.  If this trend continues, and no one’s buying the usual lines and theater, from what group will the energy to cause a wave election flow?  For the Establishment’s consideration, if the Republicans blow 2014 like 2012, from where will the money their big donors stop sending flow?

As for the Democrats?  They might have more cause for joy as the only real opposition to them will have disappeared.  It should last right up to the point a financial collapse they didn’t believe would happen occurs and they find themselves without freebies or the capacity to afford any big government at all.  By then, it will be a bit late to consider that the Tea Party might have had a point.

Those engaged in wishful thinking might want to reconsider.  They might just get it.