The Tea Party Is Dead?

I keep hearing that and so does everyone else, but mostly that can be attributed to wishcasting by the Democrats, the GOP Establishment, and their supporters.  They may have become less noisy and more organized, but they still exist, and they have long before they were ever named the Tea Party.  But if they were to disappear, what then?

The Republican Establishment might breathe a sigh of relief right up to the point they realize that no one’s coming back.  The mask slipped too many times when Boehner and McConnell came into power.  If you doubt this, consider that the RNC and their Obamacare attacks aren’t exactly being met with a fanfare of cheers, as this example shows.  If this trend continues, and no one’s buying the usual lines and theater, from what group will the energy to cause a wave election flow?  For the Establishment’s consideration, if the Republicans blow 2014 like 2012, from where will the money their big donors stop sending flow?

As for the Democrats?  They might have more cause for joy as the only real opposition to them will have disappeared.  It should last right up to the point a financial collapse they didn’t believe would happen occurs and they find themselves without freebies or the capacity to afford any big government at all.  By then, it will be a bit late to consider that the Tea Party might have had a point.

Those engaged in wishful thinking might want to reconsider.  They might just get it.

How Are You Going To Crush Us, Mitch?

Mitch is feeling so good about his chances this year he’s mouthing off.  So good of him to make his true self so plain, as it makes the job of getting rid of him easier.  But say he gets his wish and gets through his primary, along with every one of the other RINOs desperately in need of retirement.  How are we crushed?

Is Obamacare going to save him?  Possibly, if no one takes the opportunity to remind everyone that he voted to fund it, and not only voted to fund it, but whipped votes to fund it while undermining Cruz’ attempt to stop it.  Every RINO that voted to do that owns Obamacare now just as much as the Democrats who passed it.  The single united front vote during its initial passage when the outcome was already certain looks a little more token in light of this.

Are we all going to suddenly fall into line, start donating again, and vote RINO in the general election?  It might just be a little harder telling everyone to shut up and unite after three and half years of McConnell’s uninspired leadership.  Plus, we’ve had Boehner bring up bills so that Democrats and RINOs can pass them despite conservative opposition.  In fact, outside of a handful of exceptions Republicans in Congress have offered nothing but betrayal and defeat.  The ‘Democrats will win’ fear line isn’t such a horror if the Republicans keep enabling them or are so inept we’re supposed to settle for their empty rhetoric, token votes, and theatrics because nothing of substance is ever stopped or reversed.

As for the organizations he wants to break?  Despite the talking points coming from the Establishment, they didn’t form out of nothingness and suddenly cause the infighting in order to fundraise.  Conservatives had no significant representation, so groups like the Senate Conservatives Fund appeared to fill the void.  Even if they disappear, are we all just going to start donating to the RNC again so they can keep doing what they’ve always done?  If we all loved the status quo the Tea Party movement would never have come into being.

He can gloat now, but surviving the primary season just means the light at the end of that tunnel was the train.  There are so many more things that can go wrong.  Assuming Obamacare will save the day didn’t work out so well in 2012 either.


Five Years of the Tea Party

There’s still a lot of work to do yet, but thank God they exist.

They’ve been around for five years now, and have grown into such a force both parties are trying to stop them.  You don’t send the IRS after non-threats or look the other way as it’s happening.  You don’t demonize people who can’t make a dent.  Yet it’s all happening, and if you consider those who are still feeding off of Washington it’s clear why.

Without the Tea Party Obama would have even more of a free reign than he does now.  On the other side of the coin, the Republicans would have kept fundraising off of the illusion they actually resist him, and the increasingly untenable status quo would continued unabated.  It’s not remotely over yet, but without the Tea Party all of this would have been going on unchecked, unremarked, and unimpeded in any way.  The RINOs certainly weren’t going to stop it or reveal themselves as wholly undeserving of support and dealing with them is the first step to getting a real opposition party.

Here’s hoping for many more years of the Tea Party.

So What Happens If The Republican Establishment Wins?

I haven’t heard it lately, but every so often someone comes along to tell us all that the Tea Party is dead.  The conservatives are going to ‘learn’ and be ‘realistic’ and ‘adult’ as we fall back into line with our betters.  The status quo returns where the Democrats do what they please and the Republicans go back to impersonating a real opposition party so they don’t have to do real work while they soak up the perks.  After all, they still get them even in second place.

So what happens if the Republican establishment wins against conservatives?  We don’t get our candidates as they manage to use their money advantages to short circuit us at every turn.  We’ll all fall back into line, right?

Possibly, but not enough of us.

Everyone can see it except the Stupid Party.  The Tea Parties formed because they weren’t doing their job.  Primaries are being contested because we can’t stand the usual candidates.  Romney can’t get the job done and get the nomination despite being the establishment pick and surrounded by opponents that are some combination of underfunded and underprepared.  This would have nailed it for him in the past but not today.  There’s not enough good will left for everyone to simply go back to the way things were.

If enough of us simply decide to let them fall, and the signs don’t look so good for our establishment betters, the Republicans go from second place to that place occupied by the Whigs.  Always room for one more in political oblivion.  Unless they suddenly start to rack up some major wins, enough people may conclude the effort to sustain them is not well spent and let the fall.