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The Stimulus: One Year Old and Still Stupid

How about I start off on my stimulus commentary with a personal stimulus story:

I went to visit my father over Christmas, and got to drive on a road that was being “improved” with a repaving funded by the stimulus.  It has it’s very own stimulus sign and everything.  According to my father, the road didn’t need repaved, and was in worse shape as it underwent the work than it would have been had they left it alone.  It was certainly a mess when we drove over it.

Well, the stimulus that created that mess is one year old today, and it’s still stupid.

$787 billion dollars of nothingness is what it’s been.  We’re still in a recession.  The unemployment number it was supposed to have prevented, a rise above 8%, has been exceeded.  But there are those 2 million jobs that were “saved or created”, and a lot of government jobs that didn’t go away.  Excuse me while I take this opportunity to not cheer.

Is anyone else getting the sinking sensation that the Joker spent his money a lot better than the government spent ours?

Math The Obama Way

teleprompthumbCBS of all things has found that Obama’s “jobs saved/created by the stimulus” assertions are a bit off.  Off enough that a normally loyal news organization would question them on it.  You can read more about it at Sister Toldjah.

That’s math you can believe in, just so long as you don’t actually believe in it.

Seriously, what if everything worked like Math the Obama Way…

  • If I don’t actually do anything when I’m at work, does that mean I’ve saved or created my project?
  • If someone gets fired and no one is around to hear it, does that mean it’s a job that’s saved or created?
  • Or more importantly, if we spend $786 Billion dollars of stimulus and nothing happens, which seems likely, will more jobs be “saved” than “created”?  Better yet, can we not “save” or “create” the jobs of the losers that voted for it?

Real math works far better than Obama math for everyone.  So how about we get rid of the non-stimulus stimulus and actually put the country back on track with real numbers?

Take Your Strings Somewhere Else

Basically, that’s what the Governor of Texas just told Obama by rejecting $555 million dollars in unemployment relief.

It’s an old trick.  The federal government gives away all sorts of money, but there are tons of strings attached.  Strings which would do things like force states that don’t agree with Obama’s socialism to start becoming socialist anyway.  But that can’t happen if you don’t take the money, which was a reason the “Defeat governors who read the fine print” clause was added to the stimulus bill.  Whether or not it will see use in Texas remains to be seen.

Texas is a case in point of “take your strings somewhere else”.  So if you ever start wondering why someone would turn down “free” money, realize that the money isn’t actually free.  Free from repayment, yes, but nothing more.

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And Still More Stimulus

That’s right.  Apparently, quite a few people in Congress don’t think they’ve spent enough.  So, they’re not even going to give the $787 Billion dollar non-stimulus stimulus a chance before they spend some more.

Let me save them the trouble of guessing.  Keynesian economics are a farce.  Their last stimulus and every future one like it (yes, Bush’s too) is going to fail.  They were doomed to fail the second they passed, because stimulus bills don’t work.  Ask Japan.

I’ll even use small words, presuming anyone in government pays attention to more than the insides of their rectums and reads blogs like mine.  You am going to fail.  You not using good thought to rebuild economy.  You probably even have bad time read these small words.  So please go away.

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