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Another Captain Obvious Moment Courtesy of Obamacare

The CBO has concluded the obvious about Obamacare:  It’s going to cost more than anyone originally thought.  They were also considerate enough to note that they haven’t crunched all the additional “unexpected” costs they predict will be there too.  Happiness, joy, and rapture.

Frankly, I can’t see how anyone could have concluded anything else would happen.  Every other entitlement ever created cost more than was advertised.  Every other country with socialized medicine pays through the nose for it, and they were available for study before this bill was passed.  In short, it was a “Thank you, Captain Obvious” moment confirmed by the CBO.

I’d like to think the Congresstwits were just lying to us, since it would suggest some intelligence is at the helm, however dishonest it may be.  At this point though, I can honestly believe their ideology or blind faith in Obama led them to think this wouldn’t happen.  Either way, they own it now.  Once it fails, the Democrats attempts to wiggle out from under it will be nothing short of epic.

Wait until Obamacare begins to come to fruition.  All those true believers in socialized medicine are not going to enjoy the apples from that tree.  A small comfort to know they won’t be able to escape it any more than the rest of us, but it would have been better if it hadn’t happened at all.

And Now, a Clinton Oldie by Harry Reid

tanningAnyone remember this trick?  Clinton was going through the budget in the beginning of his first term, talking about how he would take suggestions from both sides for reducing it.  The Republicans got together for about ten hours and gave him suggestions for a boatload of cuts.  Clinton responded to this by denying the Republicans had done anything, or that he had seen anything from them.

Well, Harry Reid has pulled the same stunt on Disastercare.

In short, he denied that there are any Republican alternatives in the Disastercare debate.  Michelle Malkin’s report (link above) links the locations of four of them.  Think of it as a Clinton oldie covered by Harry Reid.  Anyone else not loving the nostalgia?

The Compassion Card

doctorknotOf all the political tricks the Democrats play, the compassion card has got to be one of the worst to defeat.

It’s use isn’t very hard to comprehend.  When trying to sell a program they know is going to be a costly disaster in all ways except as their next power grab, the left resorts to things like “We’re doing it for the children“.  When Republicans tried to stop it for reasons like “Well, it won’t work” or “It costs too much and it won’t work” (when they were still anything other than the Other Democrats), they looked like jerks.

It’s been this way for years.

Conservatives now have the same problem, because the Republicans aren’t putting up much of a fight here lately.  It’s so much easier to make a sound bite out of “let’s do it for the children” than to explain to a lot of people with short attention spans why doing that something is a really bad idea.  We can have

  • all the history,
  • examples in other countries,
  • number crunching,
  • and even alternative suggestions we want

…but it takes time and explanation to use them the left doesn’t need when they’re invoking “the children”.

Michelle Malkin has two reports about the compassion card’s use to promote Disastercare here and here.  Never mind that what Obama is proposing is more expensive, lower quality care that’s less available.  Never mind that we have countries that have tried it before as proof of this.  Never mind that the liberals have no track record of success in solving problems.  They’re doing it for the children, after all.

Let’s look at the intentions instead?  Fine.  While some of the liberal rank-and-file actually intend compassion, which I will admit, their leaders do not.  Their interest is that your dependency is their uninterrupted power, and to hell with the damage they cause in the process of gaining it.  For them, compassion is the rhetorical means, and not the actual end.

This power lust is also why the left is vicious to conservatives, and why they whip their base into such frenzies over us.  They’re not angry because we’re obstructing their “compassion”.  They’re angry that we’re obstructing their hunt for power, and they’re soulless enough to demagogue in order to remove us as an impediment.

It’s not real.  The compassion card is a weapon in the Democrat’s political arsenal.  Look at their past “accomplishments” and see for yourself.

Maverick Them Back

rhinoThey just couldn’t stand it anymore, could they?  They couldn’t pretend to be conservative any longer.

The RINOs are doing what RINOs do best when the chips are down:  become Democrats.  Snowe is voting for a health care power grab so radical it alone is sufficient cause to evict her from a party that pretends to be about limited government.  Nothing I’ve heard about that bill leads me to believe it is anything but more expensive, lower quality health care that will be rationed for no better reason than to grow government dependency and Democrat power.

Before that, the Official Maverick Lapdog Lindsey Graham (Pomeranian – SC) is backing the cap-and-trade bill, and I’m pretty sure McCain is behind it.  His Maverickness just can’t do it himself because he has to pretend he has anything other than contempt for conservatives until he’s re-elected.  Seriously, who’s supposed to believe that Graham is his own Senator?  If he’s doing this under his own initiative, dolphins can use typewriters.

These two are the big ones so far, but it wouldn’t be taking much of a risk to say that there are more to come.  If something can be blundered or undermined for puff press, the Republicans will find a way.  Fortunately for us, being a maverick is a game millions can play.

So it’s time for a short refresher on how to maverick them back.

  • Be a maverick supporter: I mention this, but the people responsible aren’t up for re-election any time soon.  It doesn’t matter, because you can shower your maverick support on any unrelated RINO.  Think of it as a nod to reality if the hint of collective punishment doesn’t work for you.  You have to work with the order of elections you’re given.  If one RINO fails, they all pay with their jobs as the opportunity to evict them permits, because they don’t come up for re-election when they deserve it.
  • They’re so awesome, they don’t need money: A lot of us are already choking the Republicans for money and donating directly to conservative candidates.  Keep doing that.  Don’t forget to use the maverick compliments approach when sending back empty envelopes, or just drop off the mailing lists altogether.
  • Hijacking the spotlight: Here’s how it works.  Puff press cannot be directly opposed because it’s generated by media organizations far larger and stronger than any of us.  However, the buzz they take such efforts to generate can be twisted to your benefit by hijacking the spotlight.  To do so, use the buzz to get into the conversation and then warp it to mock/insult/undermine the RINO who wanted to be lavished with puff attention.  I…AM CAPTAIN CHIPMUNK is an example of the technique.

Ironically enough, it may be Obama that helped them feel safe about being themselves again.  They’ve come to believe he’s so onerous, conservatives will vote to replace one crop of properly labeled Democrats with mislabeled RINO ones in 2010 without question or second thoughts.  Since the only difference is that we’ll be blamed for the RINOs failed liberalism if we support them, it’s still better to see the knives coming than to take them in the back.

We supported them, reasoned with them, and tried to tell them how not to fail.  They ignored us, or spat on us, so now it’s time for something else.  The Republicans need not call until they get a grip, and that’s the end of it.