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Harry Reid Is Leaving the Senate

Acting Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid had decided to not run for re-election.  It’s good news, and on a Friday so there’s no cause for complaint.  Granted, he’s backing Schumer for his replacement as Acting Senate Majority Leader, which means the only question is if Reid will trade McConnell to him for a carton of cigarettes in the cloak room or have a ceremony for it in the Senate well.

Enough pessimism though.  Reid’s departure will improve DC, if ever so slightly, and it’s cause enough to cheer.  We’ve had precious little reason to do that lately.

Lindsey Graham Blows It On the Quran

First, a little background.  A pastor named Terry Jones burned the Quran not too long ago, and the muslims in Afghanistan had a riot.  People died at a United Nations complex because of it, and there’s some talk that Karzai may have sparked it.

Now Senators Graham and Reid are talking about responding to the burning.  Not the riot, or the muslims who committed murders over this, who for some reason are not subject to calls for personal accountability.  They’re talking about the pastor.  The guy who, while a jerk, has free speech rights in this country.

Not surprisingly, The One True Maverick Lindsey Graham gets it wrong.  No, free speech is not a great idea, it’s a constitutional right.  This pastor may simply have been out for attention, but he still has that constitutional right.  As far as inspiring the enemy goes, this guy is no Tokyo Rose or Jane Fonda.

It’s very simple.  Afghanistan is only a stable country right now because of our efforts.  We don’t owe them a single thing if one of our citizens exercises their free speech rights, however stupid we might find any single particular expression to be.  There’s sure as hell no cause whatsoever to try an appease the Muslims by reducing our rights in response to their medieval sensibilities.

If Afghanistan and their government has some difficulty with that, they’re free to ask us to stop spending blood and treasure in their country.  I’m sure a lot of us would be happier if they engaged in this sort of behavior at their own time and expense.  But “Save us, and by the way could you become a caliphate too” isn’t going to fly.

Want To Escape Obamacare? Let It Die

doctorknotHouse Democrats, I’d like to talk to you about the problems you’re facing with Obamacare.

Here’s your situation.  You’re the last vote on healthcare that will happen in this election cycle.  Reconciliation is NOT going to occur.  Reid is having troubles getting re-elected, and he’s not going to want to touch this hot potato again with a reconciliation fight.  Oh, he may promise you and every other Democrat in the House the world and reconciliation besides to get the bill done, but once yours is signed, that’s the end of it.  Then, you’re on the hook for the beatings.

Oh, and they can’t reconcile a bill that isn’t law yet, so that whole “hold-plus-reconciliation” thing won’t work.

What to do then to get this gone?  Kill the bill.  Why take my advice, admitted conservative that I am?  I recommend listening to the merits instead of the source…

  1. Obama isn’t one to speak of being gutless.  President Votes Present hasn’t done a tenth part of the work on this that you have, and certainly hasn’t taken as much of the risk.  Now, at the 11th hour, he’s decided to get involved and call you cowards when his job is safe?  Insulting, and not remotely fitting.
  2. Obama’s worried about the damage to his Presidency?  Too bad, because it could serve you.  If he’s weak, you’re the only thing standing between him and lame duck status.  Kill his signature bill, and suddenly he’s very weak.  Instead of giving orders, he spends the rest of his term begging you to help him not look as stupid.  It’s a far better place to be than the one you’re in right now.
  3. There are plenty of outs at this point in time.  If Obamacare becomes law, that’s it.  You think you’re going to campaign on “fixes” after everyone hating the passage of the first bill?  Not a real winner for you there.  But saying that you’ll now vote against it for the large myriad of outs it has provided you might save you.  And no, it’s not going to be a foundation for anything any time soon, because if you do vote for it, you’ll take an electoral shellacking that will prevent Obama from doing any more with it during his term.
  4. None of your leaders are here for the long haul.  Reid is probably going to lose his job in November.  You can get rid of Pelosi, who has a real chance of not being Speaker for much longer, and Obama’s likely a one-term President.  Your career, on the other hand, could be for life, if you don’t take nose-dives off of political cliffs for the brass.

Do I have an angle in this?  Sure, but why think of me?  Some of you could still save yourselves if you think this through.  And if you help kill this disaster-to-be, I won’t even mind when you do.

Unicorns and Bunnies

gopherOh, come on?   Reid only changed the bill’s number?

As reported by the Greenroom, this is another Congressional stunt to get this bill passed.  It’s not nearly original enough!  What kind of third rate trickery is this?!  I’ve come to expect a higher quality of trickery and dirty dealings from the Democrats, and they have not delivered!

Go over the top.  Call it Unicorns and Bunnies.

No, I don’t even mean the Unicorns and Bunnies Act.  Not even the Unicorns and Bunnies Bill.  Just Unicorns and Bunnies.  There is no controversy if no one thinks you’re actually trying to pass a law.  If they just think you want to give everyone unicorns and bunnies, you’re set.

Heck, you could use cute animals for everything!  How about the Cute Fluffy Chick for the cap-and-trade disaster?  Just go the floor of the House or Senate and sing about cute animals and windmill power:  “The birds in the blades go SQUAWK SQUAWK <SPLAT>!  SQUAWK SQUAWK <SPLAT>!  SQUAWK SQUAWK <SPLAT>!”

Given what’s coming out of Congress lately, cute animals would be an improvement.  It’s not as though there’s any short supply of them, and certainly more than enough to mask the damage the Democrats are trying to do.  So be bold.  And fluffy.