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Unity Is a Funny Thing

Cornyn is grumbling about divisions.  It seems after the Bush Administration governing as Democrat-lite and the treatment of the Tea Party, we all must still unite behind demonstrated betrayal and defeat and help Republicans take back the Senate because Harry Reid!  They can’t do anything conservative otherwise, or so the same tired spin goes.

His problem is that we are all very certain of what they will do and it has nothing to do with conservatism.  It’s why they aren’t receiving money and support.  The lies are the same, along with the very new tactic of trying to browbeat and shame conservatives into submission where trickery will no longer serve, but their actions never change.  They will stop nothing and reverse nothing, as they have spent the past four years demonstrating.

But we must not be divided and show unity, except that unity is a funny thing with the Establishment.  They will very well undermine conservative candidates in the general election and try to get their status quo incumbents through the primaries even if they are weak, but all stops must be pulled to defeat the Democrats after the primaries are over when theirs are at stake.  How dare we conservatives return the favor?  It’s like we believe they’re not worth the effort given even their recent history, and we would be right.

They’ve demonstrated who they really are, so one can only assume Cornyn’s remarks were to the casual voter crowd.  We’re not all on the same page and we’re not having a family discussion.  They want us as vote serfs and care nothing for our point of view.  Uniting behind the Establishment would be no more productive to the cause of conservative governance, holding Obama to account, stopping amnesty, or ending Obamacare than uniting behind the Democrats would.  When that changes, we can all discuss unity again.

First Round In Texas Is a Mixed Bag

To get the bad news out of the way first, Cornyn made it through the primary.  It’s unfortunate, but he wasn’t a must-lose target and he didn’t have a viable opponent.  I’m already seeing the standard issue shaming attempts in the comment sections about how we have to back the Establishment because otherwise we’re awful, childish people and we’re giving up and blah, blah, blah.  Write it off.  It’s social engineering for the definition of insanity.  We’ve been backing the Establishment without question up until recently and it’s hardly worked out well, so more of the same isn’t the answer.

Now on to the brighter news.  At the state level in Texas, conservatives and the Tea Party cleaned up pretty well, especially the choices of Senator Cruz.  It’s safe to say his influence and that of the Tea Parties yet persists.  Just because we didn’t bat 1,000 doesn’t make it a total loss, because no one bats 1,000.  This is still a solid piece of work.

Put the small negative here behind you and retain your focus.  Must-lose McConnell still needs his pink slip, and we have until May to give it to him.  Otherwise, the means to ensure his removal as Harry Reid’s most highly placed enabler in the Republican caucus are less appealing and likely less certain.  Don’t ignore the contests we can yet win because of a few bumps in the road.

The Republican National Committees Still Need To Go

Ok, I’m genuinely confused.

I’ve read complaints around the Internet about why the NRSC and RNC did (or did not do) what they did in 2008.  “The NRSC spent $8 million in California when closer races were lost” and “The RNC didn’t do it’s 72 hour Get Out The Vote effort right” are generic examples of the commentary.  The obvious response would be ‘Of course they blew it.  They’re the establishment.’

The committees are run by the establishment Republicans.  The same pack of Republicans that gave us the wonders of 2006 and 2008.  The bunch that put the ‘Stupid’ in ‘The Stupid Party.’  So despite the wins, the Republican National Committees still need to go.

We cannot have the Republican Committees and the candidates we want too.  They still favor RINOs over conservatives of the sort who would not have been elected without us.  Want a GOTV effort done right?  We should learn to do it ourselves, because they’re not going to do it for the types of people we want elected.  In this, they haven’t changed.

Yes, Steele has changed his tune now that he’s trying to get re-elected, and is doing an excellent impersonation of a competent leader.  Cornyn wants a second term as NRSC chairman despite the fact Senate gains were made in spite of them during his tenure.  We could not and cannot rely on them, which is why we all started donating directly to conservative candidates and treated their picks like the messes they were.

So don’t ask why the Republican National Committees didn’t do more for conservatism.  The answer is the same as it’s always been:  They don’t want us in charge any more than the Democrats do.  They won’t help us, and just because our game may need some improvement doesn’t mean we should go crawling back to them and their supposedly superior experience.  We can do this without them, which is a good thing considering that we must if we want to continue adding real conservatives to Congress.

Coleman is Screwed, and I Am Not Alone

I haven’t read her blog for five minutes, and I’m already liking it.  But first, to the endless story of Coleman

Apparently, the Republicans have decided it might be important to fight for him not long after Senator Hemorrhoid made his actual party affiliation official (don’t mind me, I’m channeling my inner liberal comment troll with Arlen Specter again).  Cornyn is now screaming about filibuster-proof majorities, which the Republicans might have avoided if they hadn’t been Democrats for eight years.  Sorry pal, but the same old fear tactics don’t work when you’re nothing different from the opposition.  Try being conservative again.

At least I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’m going to have to do my own political fighting now, because the Republicans are beyond useless.  Frankly, it’s a conclusion I should have reached sooner, and a lesson about not having too much faith in your politicians.  I’ll see you at the next tea party on July 4, and that’s just for starters.

But back to the latest blog I just started to like a lot here recently:  HotMES.  With titles like Offend a Feminist Week:  I’ll Give it a Whirl and I’m Sorry, I Don’t Speak Retarded, I’m officially hooked.  That is my kind of blog.  The problem is, when the writer sees that I’m linking back to her, is she going to happy or take it as a sign the heavy psychotropics are in order?

In either case, welcome to my blogroll.  And as for you, Coleman:  Welcome once again to the maverick paradigm.