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Palin Has Brown Pegged On This One

Sarah Palin gave us a variation on what we’re all thinking when she said Alaska wouldn’t stand for Scott Brown.

It’s long overdue.  Brown got elected with a lot of Tea Party support and he’s been a disappointment.  While I wasn’t really expecting him to be the most conservative candidate, he went even farther to the left than I feared.  But despite the fact Sarah nails another one on the head, all of us who backed the now-useless RINO need to remember one thing.

He was the only move we had at the time.

You backed him?  Quit beating yourself up over it.  Electing him was the only option available at that moment in trying to stop Obamacare.  It was fun to watch the liberals freak as he took over Ted Kennedy’s seat.  And we had another small morale-boosting win that we needed to carry on.

Now in 2012?  He didn’t seem to think too much of being a John McCain Republican.  I’m sure all the maverick independents in his state will be happy to re-elect him in our stead.  There’s certainly no reason for us to give him anything more.

This Should About End Brown’s Season in the Sun

It was nice, for a little while.

Scott Brown had been elected to Ted Kennedy’s old seat.  The Democrats were aghast.  The Tea Party was on top, and for one brief shining moment, we all thought Obamacare was finally dead.  Then our illusion came to an end.

Brown announced he was a John McCain Republican, and went to campaign for him in Arizona.  He voted for a small jobs bill.  Obamacare passed anyway, though he had nothing to do with that one way or the other.  Still not a real problem, since most of us were expecting someone who wouldn’t be all that conservative coming from Massachusetts.

Well, he’s decided he can live with Frank-Dodd now that some token changes were made to it.  You know, another one of those Bills Of Unknown Content And Effect Until Passed according to Dodd.  That should have been enough for any reasonable person to realize it’s bound to be a disaster.  Kind of like that other bill we wouldn’t know about until it was passed:  Obamacare.

But not Scott Brown.  He and one of the Maine twins, Susan Collins, make enough votes for this turkey to pass.  His statement sounds as though he’s just been tricked into believing this bill is beneficial, or came to the conclusion on his own despite the Democrat track record on OBAMACARE.  This should about end Brown’s season in the sun, and makes him just another RINO in desperate need of a pink slip.

In other news, it’s about that time of year for the militant LOTE voters to attack us with the “perfect candidate” strawman and “permanent minority” panic plays because we don’t like RINOs.   I’m still of the belief that many of them are RINO staffers or paid trolls, though I can’t prove it.  They’re too persistent to be doing this for free, especially given how useless the people they defend keep proving themselves to be.

On the bright side, there’s still time to vent your fury on a RINO or two in the primaries, especially “maverick” John McCain.  Hayworth can still beat him, and if not that, there’s always November to try again.  A Democrat wouldn’t be the ideal way to get rid of the mavericky one, but better an enemy attacking you from the outside than McCain making sure that his party can’t put up a fight from within.  We need to stop Obama, and if McCain’s behavior during the Bush years and viciousness against Hayworth are any indication, he will prevent us from doing so should he return to the Senate.

Seeing Things in a Different Light

cuckoo_clockI’ve seen some news over the past couple of days which has put me skew to the general opinion.  I’m seeing things in a different light.

Knowing me, that’s the light filtered through the lenses of novelty gag glasses…

  1. ACORN has dissolved itself as a national structure, but the state organizations are still there doing the same old stuff.  Good for them.  Now let’s cut their funding, because their hand-picked Clinton judge only ordered that we couldn’t cut the funding to ACORN, which no longer exists.  Or we can at least try it and see if that’s the case.
  2. Scott Brown’s vote on the Democrats’ “jobs” bill is nothing of note.  Yes, the usual suspects and the latest addition to the Republican ranks voted for a bad bill, but there will be time enough to scream “RINO” if they blow it on the big ones.  Besides, he’s been a net plus so far, so don’t spend your fury on this one.  For now.
  3. The governor of Virginia, my home state of all places, endorsed McCain.  At this point, I’m thinking the endorsements are flying now because McCain is using his party seniority to make the Republicans’ rising but junior stars Offers They Can’t Refuse.  If, on the other hand, McDonnell is endorsing him to get on his good side, he’s in for a shock.  McCain has no time for anyone who’s not one of his fellow Democrats.
  4. I find the fact that Obama has begun his campaign preparations for 2012 inspiring.  In fact, we should go out of our way to encourage him to spend as much of the remainder of his term campaigning as we can, which will keep him making speeches instead of being a bad President.   As a happy side effect, no one will want to hear from him by the time all that campaigning matters, because he’ll be overexposed.

There’s always another angle, folks.  You just have to find it.

Scott Brown Is Done. Jim Deakin Is Up Next

dive_elephantOk, it’s time for the whining and celebration to be done with Scott Brown.

Are you wondering why the Tea Parties backed a Massachusetts Republican?  After that whole “lovey dovey” video between him and McCain, it doesn’t seem quite plausible.  In fact, it’s caused some consternation online, so let me sum it up before I walk away from it.

  1. 41st Senate vote:  He was pretty much the only choice we had in the matter.  What were we going to do, go to another special election held by the 19th of January in another state to elect a more conservative Republican?  No, because there weren’t any.  So quit feeling like you’ve been had.  We did as good as we could.
  2. Democrats in panic:  Mission accomplished, at least for now.  Quite a number of them have decided that committing political suicide really isn’t all that glamorous after all.  Not enough lobbying jobs to go around, I suppose.

It’s done, we won.  We have him now, and it’s time to move on to our next worthwhile candidate:  Jim Deakin.

I’ve read word that this somewhat unknown fellow is the only one of McCain’s primary opponents who isn’t suffering from Cranial Rectum Insertion (CRI).  Chris Simcox has been campaigning for nearly a year and can’t break 4%, and J.D. Hayworth is too busy toying with everyone to get serious about his once-in-a-lifetime combination comeback & promotion opportunity.  So, I’m done with them.

Visit Jim’s site.  Read about him and get going.  McCain is certain to revert to mavericky form once he’s re-elected, and that just won’t do.  With Sarah Palin involved now, it’s going to be tough to give him the electoral mavericking he so richly deserves.  Scott Brown is done, and it’s time to move on.  Jim Deakin is up to cross the finish line next.

Addendum, 1/23/2010:  J.D. Hayworth bothered to announce as an opponent to McCain.  While this doesn’t speak highly for my predictive ability, I’ll still take this moment not to cheer.  I’m thinking he did this because McCain’s lawyers ended his radio show, ironically enough with the intention to hamstring his ability to campaign.

I’ll consider giving him my support when I’m under the impression he’s actually serious about it.  If he’s just going for a revenge run, he’s not worth the time.