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It’s Safe To Say It’s On

Want to know if the SCF or DeMint’s work is gaining headway?  Well, when the NRSC starts pulling contracts with contractors who work for the SCF, it’s safe to say DeMint is making his presence felt.  Seems like the reason he left is Senate is because he found it too restrictive and came to the conclusion that being a kingmaker has far more leverage.  It looks like he was right.

You can find a good sampling of spin tweets from an NRSC flunkie here, and they cover all the bases.  We have:

  • The ever-present purity strawman
  • The all-purpose marginalization tactic of calling anyone who opposes RINOs Democrat operatives
  • Some griping about the need to win majorities with people who back Democrats over their own voters
  • And a helping of fake victimization on top of it all

At this point, anyone who doesn’t see that RINOs fight harder against conservatives than the Democrats they claim to oppose is willfully blind.

So what’s new about this particular incident?  Nothing, really, as it’s just a confirmation of what we already know.  If the Republicans were actually conservative and did the jobs they claimed they would for the past few decades, we wouldn’t need organizations like the SCF and Heritage.  We all would have been happy Republicans instead.

But now the RINOs are exposed for who they really are and their hostility to conservatives is out in the open.  Since they can’t beat us on the merits, they started swinging the money stick.  Respond by denying the Republican national committees (NRSC, NRCC, RNC) your donations and assistance as you’re better off donating both directly to your candidates of choice.  Consider donating to Heritage or the SCF, because if they’re infuriating RINOs they’re doing something right.  And most importantly, remember that every RINO to the last one claims to be conservative long enough to get elected.  Remember their votes if you want to know who they are for certain.

By the way, Reid’s Bitch Mitch is being primaried by Matt Bevin.  If you really want to stick it to the Establishment, consider helping him.

Ohio Gets A Shot At A Real Choice

Time to walk away from the Republican Presidential Primary once again and focus on the opportunity for a real choice.  In two weeks, Ohio gets its shot at being able to choose between two easily distinguishable candidates.  Namely, they have the chance to nominate a conservative challenger to Senator Sherrod Brown.

The Republican Senate primary is coming up in Ohio and Josh Mandel could use your support.  He has the backing of DeMint’s group, the Senate Conservatives Fund, which did very well choosing candidates in 2010.  Ohio could get its shot at having a real conservative Senator replace Brown and forget the pale pastels of the Presidential race.

If you’re conservative and in Ohio, here’s an opportunity to make your own good fortune and morale.  Give yourselves a real chance to elect a conservative candidate in November regardless of how badly the Republican establishment bungles the Presidential race.  Take a look at Josh Mandel.

News link credit:  Senate Conservatives Fund.

The Senate Conservatives Fund Is Still Around

I received an email from Senator DeMint regarding Ted Cruz yesterday, and he echoes a sentiment with which I wholeheartedly agree.  Despite the presidential cycle, there are candidates who need your help and don’t deserve to have their fortunes ruined by the primary noise.  And for those of you, like me, who are hoping for some real candidates to back in 2012, the Senate Conservatives Fund still exists and is busily finding new Senators for 2012.

This is the group that brought us Toomey, Rubio, and Rand Paul.  It was also doing this in spite of the NRSC, which was trying to replenish the numbers of the establishment sorts.  Had the blasted NRSC stayed out of the way or even backed a few of the choices in 2010, they might have had the Senate majority they ‘lament’ to bash the Tea Party.

The establishment can talk to us again about it when they’re the force driving a wave election instead of the wave losses they caused in 2006 and 2008.

But back to the point.  Why should you back the Senate Conservatives Fund?  They measure up to standard on the bottom line:  getting good conservatives elected.  So if you want to wash the taste of Romney out of your mouth by backing conservatives, here’s another solid option you can choose to do it.