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Absolutely No Comment Whatsoever on SB1070

It’s the most controversial piece of state legislation passed this year:  Arizona’s SB1070.  If you’ve heard of it, you’re on one side or the other of the court ruling.  Either you’re cheering the injunction from the rooftops, or cursing it to the depths of Hell.

Unless you’re orange.

That’s right.  The Maverick Pumpkin Charlie Crist has stated he has no reaction to the SB1070 ruling.  No comment.  Uncommitted.  Zip.  Zilch.  Nada.  And absolutely unreal for someone claiming he should serve in a leadership position.

This doesn’t even qualify as a flip.  He just doesn’t take a position at all on one of the hottest issues of the year.  Still, for him this is par for the course.

Court Smacks Obama With What He Wants on SB1070

Come November, this particular moment of happiness is going to smack him again.  For now, he just doesn’t realize that this injunction he thinks is in his favor isn’t going to work out as he would have liked.  That hasn’t stopped the left from celebrating, but they won’t be happy for long.

To summarize, the Clinton-hack judge Susan Bolton stopped a few pieces of SB1070 from being in force come tomorrow.  Unfortunately, it’s those parts of the law that give it teeth.  The fight’s not remotely over yet, but for now, a good chunk of SB1070 is on hold.

Now for the “smack” part.

Obama has just picked an illegal immigration fight that should last through November 3rd, or at the very least, into some of the election season.  His party is now on the WRONG side of it.  Governor Brewer picked up on that, and true to her usual strong form on illegal immigration, is on the offensive again.  The most heroic efforts of the Democrats to distance themselves from this won’t save them.

And on a brighter note, McCain’s efforts on the amnesty front are being noted by Hayworth during the primary season.  The Non-Maverick Maverick is bound to turn on SB1070 if he’s re-elected, if for no other reason that to get his press time.  Remember that he reassured us that there was nothing to fear from an Obama presidency.  We can make it his campaign slogan if he gets through August with the nomination.

Democrats File Suit Against Winning in November

You may have read this little announcement already today.  The DOJ filed suit against Arizona to overturn SB1070.  For the Democrats, it means the DOJ just filed suit against them winning in November.

It’s not a hard leap of logic to make.  The law is popular, backed by much of America, and is being opposed by a Democrat president.  In an election year.  Loudly.  I don’t care how many Democrat Congressmen pretend they’re not Obama rubber stamps and generate the level of perfunctory complaining about this they think will save their careers.  This is one more big strike against a party that’s about to lose big come November.

I’m sure the Democrats will back Obama on camera, but if they’re not fuming about this in private I’d be surprised.  They didn’t need any more trouble, but they’re going to get it anyway.  More canceled town hall meetings, anyone?