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Why Shouldn’t The GOP Attack Obama On Gas Prices?

They are his fault, after all.

It’s poetic justice that his policies are coming back to haunt him in an election year.  The Keystone XL pipeline rejected.  The Gulf of Mexico drilling moratorium.  All the trouble the Obama administration and his eco-cultists give any and all energy production that actually produces energy.  Now, Obama’s babbling about how the GOP is licking its chops over high gas prices.

I wish they would fight.

The “necessarily skyrocket” quote should be in a campaign ad running constantly from now to November.  The GOP should attack Obama on gas prices because his policies are directly to blame.  And anytime a reporter mentions ‘speculators’ being the problem they should be hammered on it Newt-style.

Yet given even recent Republican history I don’t see it happening.  Two years of Boehner and McConnell alone leave me believing that the GOP wants to go back to being the status quo losers they were before ’94.  Plus, if they nominate Romney they won’t have a leg to stand on because his environmental history includes things like this.  So there’s a good chance the Republican nominee wouldn’t even be worth the effort of electing.

Still, nothing says we can’t call Obama on it ourselves.  No point in sitting around and waiting for Republicans to produce good Presidential candidates to do it for us.

News link credits:  Hot Air, The Daily Caller, The Blaze

Update, 2/23/2012:  Correction to fifth paragraph including link to details of Romney’s environmental record from Massachusetts.

A Few Thoughts for RINO Presidential Candidates

Hello, RINO presidential candidates.

You’ve come out in droves for 2012.  Iowa is heating up again.  Despite a few small changes to the way Republican primaries will be done this year, they still tend to favor the nomination of RINOs.  And despite all our screaming for an actual worthwhile candidate to get involved, there’s a good probability one of you will the nominee in 2012 anyway.

Ok, so we deal with that.  Chances are a lot of us will be voting for you, nose held or not, unless you’re completely intolerable like that northeastern piece of RINO plastic Romney.  Moving the conjecture along, let’s even say you even win.

At that point, you’ve served the only worthwhile function you have:  you’ll be the placeholder in the White House that keeps Obama from occupying it for another four years.  If you’re under the impression you’re our leader, however, think again.  Everyone who supported you will be demanding conservatism, and you won’t be happy if you don’t provide it.

Remember all that nigh unconditional support we gave Bush before he drove us all off a cliff?  Don’t think you’re getting any of that.  Don’t expect to be cut any slack at all.

No one is interested in your words of wisdom about how you need to reach out to the Democrats once you’re elected, because you don’t have any.  No one will want to hear your arguments as to why we should be led to the left once again, because there are no good ones.  And if your advisers get snippy and tell us to back off and give your stupidity a chance, we can just leave you alone to the merciless rhetorical beatings the Democrats will inflict upon you right from day one.  In fact, we can pile on right along with them.

In short, if your argument is that we rubes should be silent because we cannot distinguish the subtle nuances of a RINO crap sandwich from the distinctive color, flavor, and aroma of a Democrat one, your presidency will not be fun.  Furthermore, anyone who falls in line and votes with your leftism will not have fun either.  If you have a problem with that, take it up with Bush.  He’s the one that squandered all of the RINO tolerance, which is one of the few things he did right.

Granted, this could all just be a bit of political fiction that could never possibly occur.  But if you haven’t noticed, the Tea Parties are not your subordinates, and their candidates are the ones who are winning.  Plus, your national committees are feeling the pinch as the grassroots bypass them, and genuinely conservative candidates get what they need regardless.

All indicators say this isn’t just a dark fancy spun by a blogger in his tiny corner of the Internet.  It’s a very plausible possibility based on some current observations that may well occur should one of you actually win and go left.  But by all means, feel free to run.  Just don’t expect our help if you decide to be a Democrat once you’re in power.

Enter the RINOs on Obamacare

Mitt Romney sounds concerned about his future Presidential aspirations.  I’m not, seeing as how any Republican contender with a competent research and campaign team can now end them in 2012.  The biggest reason for this is that the Democrats are using Romneycare to shield themselves from the fallout of their bill with a fake claim to “bipartisanship” the bill doesn’t have.

This latest demonstration of why we need to get rid of the RINOs is important.  The Democrats absolutely want and need the cover of bipartisanship RINOs give them.  However, I suspect no few RINOs will try to ride the anti-Obamacare wave to retain their seats with their usual penchant for impersonating conservatives, and it’s important to insure this doesn’t happen.

McCain is talking tough too, but this bill can be placed around his neck as well.  He all but campaigned for Obama during the Presidential election while attacking his own party for calling Obama on things like Reverend Wright.  So now, while he’s going through the motions of mounting challenges to Obamacare, here are some reminders of who The Mavericky One really is…

If J.D. Hayworth wanted, he could just take bits and pieces of footage of McCain being nice to his fellow Democrats, string them together in some carefully edited way, and then ask Arizona if they think McCain will really try and repeal Obamacare or help keep it in place if he’s re-elected.  He could also ask if McCain’s actions in 2008 didn’t help pave the way to the Obama presidential disaster.  One upload to YouTube later, and it would be chewing away at McCain’s slimming lead across the months leading up to August.

Thus enter the RINOs on Obamacare.  I hope it ends a few of their careers.

Random Maverick Thoughts, 2/23/2010

Nothing particular going on today.  I’m going to enjoy my birthday and leave you with a few maverick thoughts.

  1. Just to throw this thought out into the air, there’s that whole problem with Sarah Palin not backing McCain because of a potential “Well, she backed him for President but not for Senate” line of attack in the media.  In my opinion, it’s not a conundrum.  She could easily say that McCain would have been a better President than Obama, but is a complete loser compared to J.D. Hayworth.  Hayworth is not Obama, and it’s not as though she’s going to get anything back from McCain for her support.  He’ll be his happy maverick self the second he’s re-electedbeerbarrel.
  2. Romney has endorsed McCain for Senate.  This speaks volumes for his judgment and political leanings, and he need not bother asking me for my support in any election from this point onward.  The political Darwinism continues as The Mavericky One helps expose all the RINOs with the end-all, be-all of political worth tests, the McCain Endorsement Challenge.
  3. Just a quick reminder.  McCain was for cap-and-trade before he was against it…kind of like his mini-me, the Official Maverick Lapdog Lindsey Graham (Pomeranian – SC).  His fellow Democrat John Kerry would be proud.
  4. Just in case some of you were still operating under the opinion that Carly Fiorina is a serious consideration for Senate after her demonstrated managerial incompetence with Hewlitt-Packard and the demonsheep ad, I give you Demonsheep Part II.  My thanks to RedState for pointing it out.

Feel free to comment.