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Anyone Else Think McCain Is Trying Too Hard?

It’s not too hard to understand why McCain is pretending to be a conservative with such zeal this election cycle.  As well as being that thing he does when he’s up for re-election, it’s a particularly brutal year for RINOs given the rise of the Tea Parties.  On the bright side, all of his behavior continues to poke holes in the spin that he’s a principled independent, but for now it seems to be working to his benefit.

A recent roundup from the Non-Maverick Maverick:

  1. Over at Hot Air, McCain has done the unthinkable:  He launched an attack ad against a Democrat.  He attacked Glassman for his support of Obama, and the ad is funny enough to make you forget McCain was pretty much supporting Obama in 2008 as well.  Still, it would be good to take the ad’s advice and vote against Glassman.  Ian Gilyeat could always use your help.
  2. He’s saying nice things about Palin.  In fact, he says she reminds him of Reagan.  He was nowhere to be found for days after his staffers attacked her in the hopes in would distract everyone from their part in the Epic McCain Presidential Fail, but today she’s the greatest thing since sliced bread.
  3. I don’t put his attack against Boxer in the ‘conservative spin’ category.  That’s one RINO trying to elect another, namely Fiorina.  McCain isn’t going to have many willing allies come 2011, and he could use all the help he can get.

Anyone else think McCain is just trying too hard?  He certainly hasn’t shown this sort of fight for the benefit of a Republican or against a Democrat in a good long while.  It must be the tea.