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President Obama Has a Big Stick – Joe Biden

And now for something completely in character for our beloved VP, the comedy stylings of Joe Biden and Obama’s big stick.  Video from The David Pakman Show at www.davidpakman.com broadcast on April 26, 2012.

A Few Thoughts On The Republican Leadership

The GOP Pledge to America has come under scrutiny by the conservative blogosphere and mixed reviews.  Some people say it’s typical Republican milquetoast, and others are more enthusiastic.  I’d like to skip past the Pledge and just cut straight to the leadership.  One way or another, they’re going to be an issue.

Most likely, they’re going to be a problem.

The Tea Parties are a paradigm shift.  They’re not trying to be a part of the Republican Party; they’re trying to take it over.  Frankly, the Republicans were due for some better leadership, but that doesn’t mean the current club is simply going to go away.  Likely their next move now is to try and wait it out, or make a different kind of noise while they continue to do nothing.

The first two to watch in that regard are Boehner and Cantor.  Neither are exactly striking me as bold, and they’re likely to be the Speaker of the House and Majority Whip come 2011.  Fortunately, if they should try to hamstring real leadership or fold like typical Republican wimps, the solution is simple:  Introduce them to their replacements in the 2012 primaries.  They can’t be elected to leadership of the House if they’re not in the House.

On the flip side, Senator Cornyn and the NRSC have the sense to at least pretend to be going along with the Tea Party.  Likely that occurred after the backlash of them publicly ditching O’Donnell, but there’s no complaining for the time being.  Cornyn can be primaried soon enough.

In any case, don’t make the mistake of thinking they want the Tea Party or those of us sympathetic to them around.  They may need us right now, but in the end, they probably realize we don’t want to do things their way and intend to break their grip on the Republican agenda.  There’s no other way to turn the party into a real opposition force to socialism, and then reverse America’s descent into leftist ruin.  The action required for that directly contradicts their desired status quo of Democrat-lite, and we will be the only ones they oppose with any real vigor when we start to insist they take the steps we want.

Where to Begin With Charlie Crist?

As of this post, I haven’t heard one way or the other if Charlie Crist is going to run as an independent in the Florida Senate race.  Some reporting and speculation say it’s a sure thing that he’ll go that route, and I’m inclined to agree.  More fool him, but good for us.

If he does go, be grateful.  Did you really want him to stay a Republican?  Try again in two years against another opponent?  We already know who he is and we don’t want him around.  What does it matter if he’s the RINO elected to replace a Democrat now or two years from now, when his voting record as a Democrat would be all but certain?  Be glad we flushed him out for what he truly was before he was put in a position to do real damage.

Crist donors are and will be demanding their money back if he does this.  I don’t have a lot of pity for them.  Anyone who donates to a RINO after Specter, Jeffords, or Scozzafava deserves to lose their cash as far as I’m concerned.  Not that I’m taking Crist’s side on this, but the evidence of what RINOs really are was already available prior to giving him money.  Just like any other bad investment, they were going to lose.

Finally, this all reflects badly on the NRSC.  Just in case you needed another reason not to donate to them, here’s the Maverick Pumpkin Charlie Crist.  He’s their latest SNAFU after Specter, and one of their staffers was so involved in the string of Senatorial failures he warranted his own posts on RedState.  In all fairness. however, people like Crist are bound to be present to some degree even if you watch for them, but there’s no excuse in seeking them out as the NRSC has done.

So long, Charlie, one way or the other.  Whether you go indie or just drop out, you’re done.

Update: It’s official.  He’s running as an indie.  So much for those RINOs playing fair and supporting the winners of primaries like they demand of us conservative rubes.

No matter.  He’ll be unemployed regardless, and good riddance to him.

Lindsey Graham Still at Work on Amnesty

Well that whole Republican united front didn’t last long.

According to The Hill, Senate Republicans are still saying they can work with Democrats.  This is just lovely.  We’re trying to keep America from going down the socialist route, and pretty much on cue, the RINOs are folding again.

Lindsey Graham is still working with Chuck Schumer on immigration reform.  Or, for those of us that see through the eupherisms, amnesty and permanent socialist hell.  I guess he’s eager to follow in the footsteps of “maverick” John McCain despite the inconvenience to his mavericky owner.  Then again, he may be looking for a promotion from “Official Maverick Lapdog” to “Official Maverick” by being a pain during the primary process.  Two of them can’t be the MSM’s favorite Republican maverick.

Or maybe it’s just idle conjecture on my part.  I’m sure that whole thing where he’ll do McCain’s dirty work without harming His Maverick Highness will work out just fine.  Really.

And no, I don’t care that McCain has asked that the National Guard be sent to the Arizona border after the killing of a rancher there.  It’s a primary-season ploy, and no more.  He could have done this years ago under Bush if this was the case, and might have even succeeded in getting them.

But since he wants to bring up the subject, here’s how he really feels…

No RINOs, no exceptions, or we’ll see more of this in the future.