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Why Yes, Obama Would Like Sestak in the News

Moe Lane asks a question at RedState today, and I think perhaps it’s more profound a question than he might have first considered it to be.

Does the White House want us to keep talking about Sestak? In a word, yes.

Sestak can be stonewalled.  Sestak can be dangled and strung along.  Sestak can be rendered so annoying as to cause scandal fatigue.  But why do any of this at all?  Because it’s the best thing Obama could possibly want to have on everyone’s mind.  It’s the little birdie distracting everyone from the nastier things happening now.

Heck, another such offer just leaked today.  Someone tried to bribe Bennet’s primary opponent with a job to make him go away.  Not exactly attempting to keep these sorts of things quiet, and it may be deliberate on both counts.

Otherwise, we can show everyone some of this…

  • The oil spill was botched completely.  Obama owns that SNAFU now, and it’s going to hurt his party.  Kiss gains in the Gulf states goodbye, if it was ever a possibility.
  • Hey, how about the FTC reinvents American news by turning it into the Pravda?  The FTC is suggesting this in a new PDF is has released.  Furthermore, it’s also suggesting bloggers are little parasites feeding from it for free.  I’m not thinking we’re going to do so well if this “reinvention” comes to pass.  Can’t very well have anyone looking into this until it actually happens.  At least the maverick half of the 1st Amendment wrecking crew, John McCain of McCain-Feingold, won’t be causing much trouble on this.
  • Arizona’s governor Brewer is handing Obama his backside on their new immigration law.  This whole amnesty thing was supposed to be working in his favor right now, but instead, Arizona’s ripped yet another hole in his plans.  If he obstructs and challenges it, which he can’t NOT do for the sake of his agenda, his party is on the wrong side of polling on yet another issue as they go into the election.
  • And not to forget the cherry on top of this FUBAR sundae, Obamacare is still unpopular and will become more so when it starts to kick in next year.

Taken together, the only thing that could prevent a rout for the Democrats in November is greater-than-normal idiocy by the Republicans.  Since they’ve taken blundering and cowardice to an art form, with the exception of a noteworthy few, it’s not outside the realm of possibility that they could botch even this.  They certainly aren’t making much noise now.

So yes, I believe Obama wants Sestak in the news.  Given everything, it’s a comparatively low-risk (it can be stonewalled indefinitely), low relevance, highly distracting “scandal” that would work to his benefit.  The rest of his reality is far more damaging to him.