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Olympia Snowe Is Retiring

Sweet, sweet bit of good news today.  Olympia Snowe is retiring from the Senate.  Yes, this news was sudden, and it suddenly made my day so I won’t complain.  I suspect some future news about why this is will arise beyond her explanation of how partisan things have become.

There’s a chance that Maine may replace her with a properly labeled Democrat.  On the flip side, Scott D’Amboise may well get the Republican nomination for Senate in Maine now.  Best case is he wins, and the worst case is that we have one less RINO poking knives in our backs at critical junctures and an honest enemy as was the case with Mike Castle.  The fact this woman was the vote that let Obamacare out of committee alone is reason enough she should lose her job.  Though it wasn’t due to a primarying, at least now she’s gone.

Anyone else thinking she may pull a Lincoln Chafee?

News link credits:  Politico, Sister Toldjah

Olympia Snowe Has a Primary Challenger

Seeing as how alerting more people to primary challengers is something coming due now that the New Year has begun, it’s time to mention one to my not-so-favorite Senator of all time, Olympia Snowe.

She’s on the worse end of RINO period, but let’s not forget how special a pain she happens to be.  On top of everything else she’s done, Olympia Snowe was the vote that let Obamacare out of committee.  If you’re like me and one of those people wishing it had not come to the Supreme Court striking it down, here’s one of the RINOs you can thank for being in this predicament.

Given this, it’s time one again to introduce Scott D’Amboise, primary challenger to Olympia Snowe.  You can reach his website here, and helping him is a chance for you to remove a particularly obnoxious RINO you won’t get for another six years.  That, or remove her in the general election, which would not be the preferred option but what?  She’s already a liberal.  The worst that could happen is we end up with a properly labeled opponent whose voting record won’t differ from hers.

News link credit:  About.com US Conservative Politics section.

This Primary Challenge Has Been a Long Time Coming

Olympia Snowe opponents, rejoice.  She has a primary opponent named Scott D’Amboise.  Better yet, he has the sense to realize he’s fighting an entrenched incumbent and is starting up now.

This primary challenge has been a long time coming.  Better still, it’s not as if any primary opponent she pulls won’t have any ammunition to use against her.  She voted for the stimulus, helped Obamacare get out of committee, and has more or less been a Democrat for a good long while now.  She’s due for the Tea Party retirement plan.

Eleventy Gazillion Dollar Economy: Ludicrous News 8/3/2010

It’s time for another episode of Ludicrous News.  If this news were any bigger a joke than it already is, we would be in tears.

1.) Timothy Geithner has topped a new record for spin in the Obama administration.  You can read his op-ed here, but in short:  We’re recovering, and it’s because Obama is awesome.  Perhaps no one agrees because no one has noticed yet.

You truly can’t get a grasp on the magnitude on how rich this is unless you read it.  If Geithner becomes any more brazen, he’ll likely stop using real numbers.  Perhaps then he’ll proudly announce that America is well on its way to having an eleventy gazillion dollar economy, growing at the rate of bazoodle percent every year.

They’re economist numbers, you understand.  Us normal people are too dumb to understand them.

2. ) This is a real campaign ad from Basil Marceaux.

Or so they tell me.  If it’s not, this is the best prank campaign ad of all time.  Hat tip to Hot Air for pointing me at this video.

3.) Representative Hank Johnson is no longer worried that Guam might collapse.  Now, he has turned his ever-wary eyes upon the latest threat to America:  Dog and cat fur clothing.

You probably didn’t even know it was sneaking up on you, did it?  Economy is a mess?  So what.  Oil spill in the Gulf?  Child’s play.  Drop all else, because dog and cat fur clothing imports are going to destroy the world, or would have but for the diligence of Hank Johnson.

Can anyone else not wait for November either?

4.) Hey, want to know a great way to spend stimulus money?  Get monkeys stoned on cocaine.  It’s not like money doesn’t grow on trees or anything.

The Danged Maverick was part of the project compiling some of the more fun uses for stimulus cash.  That’s good, because we can always use his hard work to go after Olympia Snowe, one of the people who voted for it, even if he’s trying to make everyone forget about that whole TARP thing.  It’s all about him anyway, so throw the Maine twit under the bus.

That’s it for this edition of Ludicrous News.  You can’t make this stuff up.  If you could, ask the pink elephants you’re seeing if you’re still sane.