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So Now Mitt Can Do Something?

I don’t care that Mitt is trying to play dirty tricks on Trump because he’s pointless.  Everyone on the Establishment side wants Trump gone and he’s no exception.  I just find it funny that he’s doing something now, instead of in 2012 when he had an actual chance to become President and choked.

How does this man still speak in public after losing to Obama?  The guy made Carter look like an electoral powerhouse, had a disaster of a record, and still thrashed Romney.  We even had all that false hope polling that didn’t remotely call the election as it was.  And ORCA?  Excuse me while I use this news as blog filler and then forget he exists again.

We’ll All Hold Our Noses

You want to know why RINOs can keep being RINOs?  One of the foundations of their power theory is right there in the title.  It doesn’t matter how miserable they are or increasingly indistinguishable they are from Democrats, we’ll all hold our noses and vote for them.  It’s why Mitt is making dumb comments like this with confidence.  It’s been mostly true up to this point and this Tuesday we’ll find out how true it remains.

The trouble with this little consideration is that it’s only pragmatism to vote RINO if the RINOs would stop Democrats, if only to a lesser extent than conservatives.  We’ve had four years of Boehner & McConnell to demonstrate otherwise, and the six years of the Bush administration previously.  We watched Graham vote for the wise Latina and RINOs vote for Obama nominees.  Plus that whole Gang of Eight thing just hasn’t gone away.

So why not forget about the whole ‘hold our noses’ thing?  Why not put it into the ‘definition of insanity’ category?  What assertion that the RINOs will stop Obama bears out?  Yes, we should go out and vote, but that would only be under the principle that we shouldn’t throw out the baby with the bathwater and cost conservatives or conservative ballot issues down-ticket our votes.  As to the RINOs?  The cronies wanted them, and they can elect them.

Is The GOP Seeing Only What It Wants To See?

There’s another post on why Romney lost, which includes some turnout analysis by the author.  The big one to note is that a significant chunk of GOP base didn’t show up to vote.  It confirms what we knew in that Romney lost because he couldn’t turn out the base.  So while the Establishment could force the primary to go their way, their candidate enjoyed a concession speech after the only vote that mattered.  The one in November.

The base didn’t show up.  Therefore, to improve turnout in 2014, the GOP has decided to go for amnesty, gun control, and Internet taxes.  Perhaps that whole Obamacare thing will drag us all to the polls as it was supposed to do in 2012 because their insistence on another huge left turn surely won’t.

Seriously, are they seeing only what they want to see?  Are they just taking bad advice, or is the thought of us icky conservatives having enough power to decide their electoral fates simply too much for them to bear?  They ignored us militantly, and in return we ignored them back in 2012, which resulted in them losing a giveaway of an election.  Why then do more of it?

Wish There Had Been Time To Discuss Obamacare Sooner

I’ve seen a few Obamacare articles here today, not the least of which is an excellent piece on doctor shortages by Michelle Malkin.  There are also some rumblings about the young getting shafted by Obamacare (along with everyone else, I assure you) and they’re all very timely.  I just wish there had been time to discuss Obamacare when it really could have done some good.  For that particular blunder, it’s back to the Republican Establishment with whom we’re all supposed to unite to stop the Democrats.

At this point I’m not even going to snark.  I’m just going to sincerely ask how conservatives, united with the same group of people that keep handing us works like Senate Gangs and Mitt Romney, would reasonably expect to defeat the Democrats?  While the fight goes on, we could have been hammering Obama with this all throughout 2012 but for the fact Romney’s unwelcome nomination took it off the table.  In fact, there are all sorts of wonderful things we could have done but for the fact they won’t unite with us.

I keep hearing the questions ‘Will we unite?’ and the answer is ever the same.  Unite with what?  Fear and capitulation?  Democrat-lite?  There’s no uniting behind defeat and very likely we’re not on the same side anyway.  If we were, why is the only time the Establishment is animated to do anything but fold involve attacking us?

Suffering is coming and Establishment blunders and sellouts need to end.  If they want our help, they can finally realize they won’t get it for token speeches and gamed ACU ratings while the Democrats continue to win.  There’s no point in backing congenital losers.