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Is The GOP Seeing Only What It Wants To See?

There’s another post on why Romney lost, which includes some turnout analysis by the author.  The big one to note is that a significant chunk of GOP base didn’t show up to vote.  It confirms what we knew in that Romney lost because he couldn’t turn out the base.  So while the Establishment could force the primary to go their way, their candidate enjoyed a concession speech after the only vote that mattered.  The one in November.

The base didn’t show up.  Therefore, to improve turnout in 2014, the GOP has decided to go for amnesty, gun control, and Internet taxes.  Perhaps that whole Obamacare thing will drag us all to the polls as it was supposed to do in 2012 because their insistence on another huge left turn surely won’t.

Seriously, are they seeing only what they want to see?  Are they just taking bad advice, or is the thought of us icky conservatives having enough power to decide their electoral fates simply too much for them to bear?  They ignored us militantly, and in return we ignored them back in 2012, which resulted in them losing a giveaway of an election.  Why then do more of it?

Wish There Had Been Time To Discuss Obamacare Sooner

I’ve seen a few Obamacare articles here today, not the least of which is an excellent piece on doctor shortages by Michelle Malkin.  There are also some rumblings about the young getting shafted by Obamacare (along with everyone else, I assure you) and they’re all very timely.  I just wish there had been time to discuss Obamacare when it really could have done some good.  For that particular blunder, it’s back to the Republican Establishment with whom we’re all supposed to unite to stop the Democrats.

At this point I’m not even going to snark.  I’m just going to sincerely ask how conservatives, united with the same group of people that keep handing us works like Senate Gangs and Mitt Romney, would reasonably expect to defeat the Democrats?  While the fight goes on, we could have been hammering Obama with this all throughout 2012 but for the fact Romney’s unwelcome nomination took it off the table.  In fact, there are all sorts of wonderful things we could have done but for the fact they won’t unite with us.

I keep hearing the questions ‘Will we unite?’ and the answer is ever the same.  Unite with what?  Fear and capitulation?  Democrat-lite?  There’s no uniting behind defeat and very likely we’re not on the same side anyway.  If we were, why is the only time the Establishment is animated to do anything but fold involve attacking us?

Suffering is coming and Establishment blunders and sellouts need to end.  If they want our help, they can finally realize they won’t get it for token speeches and gamed ACU ratings while the Democrats continue to win.  There’s no point in backing congenital losers.

I’m Just Going To Forget Romney Exists Through November

It’s only April, and the hyperbole and bots have left me at the point I don’t want to hear about Romney anymore.  Not that I could ever stand him, but it’s just decided at this point.  This is bad news for me, because he’s the likely nominee and most likely giver of the coveted concession speech this November.  Despite this, there are larger issues to consider.

I mentioned a better Plan B before and it’s time to put my admittedly tiny blog where my keyboard is.  If anyone out there feels the same way I do and is thinking of staying home in November because of Romney, it’s time you started thinking exclusively about those conservatives who actually tried to help you.  They don’t deserve to be drowned out in the noise of another RINO/liberal contest, so it’s time to try something new.  Starting now, I’m just going to forget Romney exists and write accordingly.

Outside of the occasional response if someone else doesn’t like what I’m doing, there will be no mention of Romney here through the 7th of November 2012.  I will not add to the volume of the industrial strength hyperbole I’ve heard so far, attempt to spin his record in any way, or observe any restrictions on Obama bashing with the exception of the Birther issue.  There will be no browbeating memes like childish / narcissistic / it’s your fault if the liberal doesn’t defeat the other liberal / whatnot.  There will be no calls to fundraise or volunteer for the man.  I’m not even going to ask you to vote for him, nor will his bots come here and do any of this in my stead.

Here’s the giant counterintuitive reason why:  You need to show up in November.

No, Romney isn’t worth the trouble, but he’s not the only one on the ballot.  People like Governor Walker still need your help.  Redistricting has left a few conservatives like Congressman West scrambling to win re-election in new places after the shuffle.  DeMint’s group is still trying to get conservative Senators elected.  None of this stops because of the guy at the top of the ticket.

Can’t stand Romney?  Vote around him.  They have write-in blocks and third parties for that.  But don’t go so numb over this latest nomination farce that you discard those who have fought for you or at least legitimately tried.  They do deserve your vote and support..

One final note.  I apologize in advance for any inconvenience moderating all comments through November 7th may cause.  I never received many anyway courtesy of my blog’s small size so it shouldn’t be a problem.  I’d be happy to hear from you if you think a conservative candidate getting lost in the shuffle needs to be brought to everyone’s attention, but it may take a bit for your comment to appear.  It’s crude, but I’m the only reliable filter against RINO shrill.  Plus, as the status quo isn’t removing the RINOs any faster I’m going to indulge some curiosity and see if decoupling conservative activism from RINO noise has any positive effect.

If nothing else, it’s long overdue that someone had a go at it.

Drop The Apocalyptic Rhetoric

I’ve already seen enough rumblings of Mitt defense so far to know that if Mitt gets the nomination, it’s going to make what happened under McCain look like a walk in the park.  Back then, when the Mactrolls were trying to bully and browbeat us all into submission because their nominee was the meritless and recently discarded media construct of the New York Times, the has-been maverick, we were all just childish, narcissistic, and unpatriotic.

Now?  Well, for samples, if we won’t vote for Mitt in the general election, it’s tantamount to treason and America is doomed.  There are some spatterings of “it will all be the conservatives’ fault” and the occasional puff piece about why Mitt really is a conservative as all the Republicans magically become every election cycle.  So far as I’m concerned, they can drop it.  I’m just tuning it out anyway.

So why not Mitt?  Marginal as he is, wouldn’t he be an improvement?  Quick reminder for all of those who think we should vote for Mitt:  Obama was brought to us by the Republican establishment, the same sort of folks that happen to include people like Romney.  They were even kind enough to pave the way for him by decimating themselves.

Here’s a quick rundown of the timeline.  In 2000, Bush gets into office and promptly runs the whole ‘compassionate conservative’ administration.  He doesn’t defend himself against the liberal onslaught.  And in our poor judgement, we backed him for as long as we could before the disgust set in.  He wins his second term, and his plan to be in power forever by passing Democrat legislation like the Medicare Prescription Drug entitlement to take issues away from the Democrats led his party off a cliff and into minority status by 2006.  By 2008, they had fallen from there to irrelevance as that disaster of a candidate McCain finished the job Bush started.  This handed Obama all the majority he needed to give us such wonders as Obamacare.

We’re about to get another crack at this with Mitt.  If you’re wondering why there’s resistance when you’re trying to ram him down everyone’s throat, it’s because there are real gains to defend in 2012.  We don’t need another establishment sort leading the party off a cliff, and they will follow their President off a cliff.

Do not politically resuscitate the establishment Republicans.  For so long as they retain real power, the Democrats will get their way.  Period.  In the majority, in the minority, regardless of how much they control, they win.  The only question will be in what degree.  This is the reason to oppose the return of an establishment President, because they would just be a variation on the same theme as the failures that came before.

Shrill or not, all the apocalyptic rhetoric in the world won’t mask it.