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The Illusion Has Faded. Can We Defeat RINOs Now?

Yes, it’s a rhetorical question. Regardless of who does or doesn’t like it, we should give RINOs a hard time from now on.  Heck, we should have done it sooner.  It’s the first point that’s key here.

The illusion has faded.  All that talk about ‘party unity’ and ‘backing the primary winners’ was only supposed to apply to conservatives like us.  Crist proved it.  Murkowski proved it with her new write-in campaign.  Castle proved it by refusing to endorse O’Donnell after her win, and the Republicans proved it with an open and naked refusal to support her in the slightest.

To be sure, it can’t be happy to be in their position.  The Stupid Faction of the Stupid Party tore it to the ground again in 2006 and 2008.  We were just supposed to rebuild them to what they were.  We weren’t supposed to help finish the job they started on themselves by inflicting primary losses on RINOs, or decimating the funds of the RNC when Steele proved to be just another incompetent dolt.  We surely weren’t supposed to come up with those Tea Party things when the Republicans proved to be utterly useless after they were given all of government in 2000, followed by the worse Democrats in 2008.

Yet here we are, and now we know it was all just lip service on the RINOs part.  A bit of spin appealing to the ‘adult’ side of us conservative rubes so we wouldn’t rout them in the general elections.  A way the self-serving meritless RINO hacks could continue to gain and retain their jobs time and again without actually having to be anything but a marginal improvement over the Democrats.

Those days are gone, hopefully forever.

So perhaps we just forget the illusion now and ask some questions the establishment doesn’t like again.  Seriously:

  1. Would putting McCain back in the Senate really be an improvement over the Democrat given his history of mavericky uselessness?
  2. Would Kirk give the Democrats the cover of bipartisanship and deflate conservative momentum just in time to re-elect Obama in 2012?
  3. Would voting for an outsider candidate instead of the current March of the Mediocre running for the Republican Presidential nomination in 2012 really be so bad?
  4. Should we really care if the RNC goes bankrupt?
  5. And why should we listen to Rove, the architect of 2006?

If we can’t get an answer defending RINOs better than ‘well, they’re not the Democrat’ or ‘We’ll get the committee chairmanships we won’t utilize and drive an agenda that won’t differ from the Democrats’ in the slightest with them around,’ why not go our on way?  To hell with the establishment and the illusion of comity that only lasts until they’re the ones that have to grit their teeth and show it.  It’s time to put the country in order, which starts with defeating the RINOs now and then the Democrats after when they can no longer impede us.

It’s The Timing of the Thing In Delaware

The Delaware GOP filed an FEC complaint against O’Donnell which accuses her of some less-than-above-board collaboration with the Tea Party Express.  There’s every reason to believe it’s a dirty trick.  The biggest reason is the timing of the thing, which came four days before the primary.

Sarah Palin endorsed O’Donnell.  That tends to change numbers quickly more often than not, so it was time for something dramatic.  And yes, there’s the possibility that this little dirty trick might even win the day for Castle, for all the good it will do him when we leave the little RINO turd to burn in the general.

Still, if we start from the supposition that this is legitimate, why wait until now?  If it’s true, they could have cleared the race for Castle a while ago before this became a high profile disaster.  Certainly, they would have done it before eradicating any hope of unity behind their chosen son.

So the amateur punditry for the day on this is that it’s a Delaware GOP endgame move on O’Donnell.  Just in case you needed another in the long list of reasons not to donate to the GOP, but only directly to candidates, here it is.  It’s the most blatant act of conservative suppression since the $21 million dollar campaign against Hayworth, and just as deserving of costing the RINO his seat in the general should he win in the primary.

RINOs like Castle are more trouble than a net loss of zero Senate seats justifies enduring.

Palin Endorses O’Donnell in Delaware

Hot Air has the story and the audio link, but the short version is that Sarah Palin endorsed Christine O’Donnell over Castle in the Delaware Republican Senate primary.  Frankly, it’s what she should have done and yet another sign she has the fight we need to put the country back on track.  The argument we can build a real majority with RINOs like Castle is flawed at best.

Yes, numerically they would help us make a majority.  The committee chairmanships could go Republican.  Shortly thereafter, we all realize again that it was for nothing as the RINOs render any gains moot.  If they’re the ones who give us the majority, they’ll block conservative initiatives and back Democrat ones when the chips are down, rendering all attempts at driving the agenda pointless.  Paper majorities have no worth.

We don’t have to recover the Senate to stop Obama, but we do need reliable opposition.  Otherwise, we wind up with farces like the Financial Regulation bill, compliments of Brown and the Maine sisters.  Or a McCain can decide he wants to be in the news again and give the cover of bipartisanship to another Democrat disaster like cap and trade, campaign finance reform, or amnesty.

It may not be entirely attainable, but it’s still the Six Sigma of Republican renewal.  No RINOs, no exceptions.  They’re more trouble than they’re worth.

Another Chance to Nominate a Real Conservative

Actually, this would be the last of the chances to nominate a real conservative before the big show begins in earnest.  After this, it’ll be time to focus on November.

We’ve done pretty well so far.  In spite of a few setbacks, many of the candidates we wanted made it through their primaries and are now on their way to becoming our newest Senators, governors, and Representatives.  Come September, we can make quite a day of it before the sun sets on this primary season by backing Christine O’Donnell against Mike Castle.

Michelle Malkin has a solid rundown of the candidates and particularly Mike Castle.  Not only can we get a new conservative, but we can poke a cap-and-trade RINO in the eye in the process.  Mike Castle doesn’t need to be in the Senate any more than Graham or Snowe does, and it would be a wasted opportunity to pick up a seat if he won the nomination.

Help O’Donnell give Delaware a glimpse of a brighter dawn with a Democrat-free Senate seat.  You get a conservative, and throw one more monkey wrench into a RINOs career plans.  It’s the best of both worlds.


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