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The Maverick Lindsey Graham Lectures About Conservatism

Good news, One True Maverick fans!  The One True Maverick himself, Lindsey Graham, has told the Republicans in Congress to shut up and not empower Qadaffi in Libya.  He also lectured the Presidential candidates on going to the left of the President on the issue of Libya.

Being lectured on conservatism by RINOs?  Surreal moment of the day.

Here’s a thought.  Perhaps we’re all upset about the non-war war in Libya because Obama pretty much started our action there on a whim and hasn’t actually thought it through.  Then there’s that whole matter of the rebels possibly being Al Qaeda or other islamist group, and if they win, Libya and its oil go off the deep end Iran style.  On top of it all, this war is undeclared and at this point, likely in violation of the War Powers Act.  None of which are anything a conservative would want.

But no, we conservatives just need to shut up.  At least the One True Maverick is consistent in that regard.  Plus, he was nice enough to let his lackey, The Chipmunk John McCain tell us all we’re isolationists.  Maybe he can rebuild the shattered illusion of his principled independence someday.

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