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Moderates Replacing Moderates Are Wasted Opportunities

I haven’t spoken much about Obamacare this week and the arguments in the Supreme Court, though it’s ruling will be law for at least four years regardless of whether the most likely Romney or Obama wins in 2012.  Despite what I’ve heard from the judges I still have the sinking suspicion that the ruling is going to go horribly wrong.  So I took my own advice and concentrated on conservatives this week.

Today I’m back to Ted Cruz.

Erick Erickson has a nice wrap-up of his opponent, yet another of the endless Republican politicians that are only conservative come election time, Dewhurst.  His nomination would basically be replacing one retiring moderate, Kay Bailey Hutchinson, with another.  This would be nothing short of a wasted opportunity especially given Cruz running in the race.

Put simply, moderates are the problem.  A slightly slower move to the left is not a foundation for good governance, and that’s always the end result even if they don’t proclaim their desire for it from the rooftops.  They don’t as blatantly oppose us as the Democrats do, but they always seem to fall through at critical junctures.  That would be the part of their undermining we see when they’re not acting behind the scenes, or at least something conservative would get done every so often.

Texas, you have a real opportunity here to get a conservative Senator.  Not all of us get a chance at our own DeMint, so don’t blow it on a RINO.  Visit the Senate Conservatives Fund or Ted Cruz’ site to help.