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John McCain, the Fighter

spartanTruly, the man is a beast.

During the 2008 Presidential campaign, McCain fought like a bear.  When the North Carolina Republican Party ran ads on his behalf attacking Obama, who was there to call them on it?  McCain.  When the public demanded more forceful campaigning against Obama, who wiggled his finger at them and said that they must be respectful because Obama would make a great President?  McCain.

For eight years prior to his historic Presidential clusterf…um, run, McCain stood in the way of all things conservative.  When Bush wanted tax cuts, McCain said they were for the rich.  When it came time to pass an unconstitutional campaign reform bill, McCain was there helping Russ Feingold push it across the finish line.  And that’s not all.

Who fought for illegals to get more than their fair share?  Who continues to be the environmental superhero, Captain Chipmunk, battling for cap and trade even after Climategate and other scandals revealed the science was “flawed?”  Who dares stand up to the evils of vitamins and dietary supplements?  Who is the only Senator ever to have another Senator, The Official Maverick Lapdog Lindsey Graham (Pomeranian – SC), as a pet without getting him neutered?

That’s right.  John McCain.

And now, after battling those who battled Obama in 2008, the battling battler himself is battling J.D. Hayworth.  Undaunted by the trivial consideration of that “R” they share after their names, McCain goes forth and hammers him relentlessly.  He will not let the Abramoff matter die, because he’s just that combative.  Except with Al Franken.  Or Ted Kennedy.

So cue up the inspirational music Arizona, for the man you know will always be ready to smack you across the head:  John McCain.  Accept no substitute chipmunkery.

Think of It As The “Backhand Ted Kennedy” Project

airplaneMerry Christmas all.  I hope you have a good one.  I’m enjoying some time with relatives in Georgia, and I’m looking forward to tomorrow.

But for now, and especially with the Senate’s passage of its version of Disastercare, I’ll cut to the chase.  An opportunity, however slight, has come along that could put this 60-vote nightmare of a Senate to an end.  We could put a Republican in Ted Kennedy’s old seat.  Think of it as the “Backhand Ted Kennedy” project.

How?  Allow me to introduce Scott Brown.  He’s the Republican candidate for Senate in Massachusetts.  No, don’t write him off.  NY-23 wasn’t supposed to happen either, and yet it did.  It’s time that happened again, but this time our guy goes across the finish line first.

If Brown gets elected, he’s Republican #41 in the Senate.  At this point, they’re demonstrating enough good sense to not want Obama’s disastrous agenda that it would be worth supporting one.  That would make Brown the end of a good part of Obama’s disastrous agenda.  Yes, Obama will still be able to pull tricks like the EPA’s bogus carbon ruling, but massive and destructive legislation?  No.

Want to fight to stop Obama?  Find poetic justice in a Republican winning Teddy’s old seat?  Just want to punt a Democrat out of office?  Visit brownforussenate.com now.

My Vote for The Ted Kennedy Memorial Bill

flag_dogIt’s already started.  Ted Kennedy wasn’t dead for a day when we were getting suggestions for memorial Disastercare and amnesty.  Well, seeing as how I’m seriously warped, I want to join in on the fun.

I’d love to help memorialize Ted Kennedy.  We could make history, and we could do it together.  Here’s my vision:

  1. We go through Ted Kennedy’s legislative accomplishments and find out which of them are disasters.  I suspect it’s a long list.
  2. Then, we put the repeal for them in one large bill, the Ted Kennedy Apology Bill.
  3. We pass the bill through Congress where everyone gets to stand up and say how great Ted Kennedy was, right before Obama signs it in a rose garden ceremony for the ages.
  4. Everyone wins.  Ted Kennedy gets his name on a bill which changes the country for the better.  The Democrats get to say how great he was, and the Republicans get to capitulate without screwing up for once.

What, you think my suggestion is tasteless?  Well, that’s the best part!  Mine is a suggestion fit for a Wellstone memorial, which the Democrats love so dearly.  So let’s get to it, America!  Call your representative and ask for the Ted Kennedy Apology Bill today!

Never let a good crisis go to waste.

Ted Kennedy’s Passing

I’m reporting on this because it’s newsworthy.  Ted Kennedy has died due to complications arising from his brain tumor.  As I have little nice to say about the man, I will refrain from speaking any more in the matter.

The Democrats, of course, are already politicizing this.  Think Wellstone memorial, only with more socialism.  Suggestions that they rename the health care bill after Kennedy are already flying.

Man alive.