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Maverick Angry!

At least that’s the case according to the New York Magazine.  This link is to the reprint at the Sonoran Alliance if you want to read it there.  It’s very long and won’t be posted or excerpted here.

If they were trying to write a puff piece about McCain, they failed miserably and revealed far too much.  As an analysis of some of his thinking and motivations, they do much better.  Granted, there’s a bit of puffery involved and a slight liberal slant.  For the most part though, it’s what you’d suspect McCain was actually thinking and doing with regards to Obama and Hayworth, including some revealing comments by The Official Maverick Lapdog Lindsey Graham.

One of the themes throughout the piece?  Maverick angry! Angry at losing the Presidential election.  Angry at Obama.  Angry at Hayworth.  Angry at Americans.  Whatever.  So far as I can tell, it’s his natural state of being.  News would be “McCain gets calm and starts to find common ground with his conservative supporters.”  That would be earth-shattering.

They also point out that a lot of people on both sides of McCain’s desire to retain his employment believe he’ll return to mavericky form once he’s re-elected.  That’s where the “Maverick Angry!” part comes into play.  If he’s really mad at the fact he lost the Presidential election, it’s something that can be used to tweak his nose across the next six years should we be cursed with him again.

Maverick is a game millions can play.  So if he should return to form as many of us suspect?  Reminding him of how he choked and failed to attain his 10-year long ambition of becoming President due to his own shortcomings lets us maverick him back.  Throw in a question about having to settle for making an irritation of himself in the Senate so he can pretend to be a statesman instead of a generic RINO hack in the style of Arlen Specter, Jim Jeffords, or Charlie Crist?  Suddenly the eye pokes work both ways.

I don’t denigrate his service and never will, but enough with his unanswered slaps to our faces.  He’s not doing it for any reason other than self-servitude.  So should the analysis in the article prove accurate, it’s a place to start.