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Tim Scott Replaces Jim DeMint

It’s sad to see DeMint leave the Senate, but at least Governer Haley nailed the appointment.  Yes, I’m treating it as good news due to the GOP inclination to bungle everything and the fact they resisted it here.  Tim Scott will be going to the Senate.  As he’s black and not the slightest bit brainwashed by the liberal racial mob mentality, he’s already under attack.

I’ve heard talk by some about a Trey Gowdy and take this opportunity to remind his supporters that Tim Scott’s rise to the Senate isn’t a case of either/or.  Lindsey Graham is up for re-election in 2014, and that McCain lackey could do with a pink slip in his primary.  So those of you that support Gowdy need only get him to run and help him lay the groundwork, and in 2014 you could have two awesome Senators instead of just one.

Congratulations, South Carolina.

News link credits:  Sister Toldjah, Twitchy

DeMint Is Leaving The Senate

Senator DeMint is departing the Senate to become President of the Heritage Foundation.  I wish him luck in this, though his departure from the Senate will be sorely felt.  Frankly, this is just another thing in a year which has been a liberal Christmas of victories.

Some speculation on why he’s leaving now:

  1. He’d already mentioned he was leaving and his intended destination was already a place like Heritage.  So having been presented the opportunity he’s leaving early to become the President of the actual Heritage Foundation only because the position opened now.  If he runs it as well as he did the Senate Conservatives Fund, Heritage is going to become an even bigger conservative force.
  2. He doesn’t see a lot of future for the GOP and wants to be in a position to fill the conservative power vacuum when they finally implode.  Given the noises they’re making on amnesty and Boehner’s recent conservative purge, I can’t fault him if this happens to be his conclusion.  The Republican Establishment has a lot of money, but they cannot message, will not fight anyone but their own base, and seem wholly incapable or unwilling to draw sensible conclusions from losses.  Their current direction will end their base support and shortly thereafter, their party, if it continues.
  3. I seriously doubt he’s given up the fight.  If he had, he would have simply retired politics and not gone to the Heritage Foundation.  As its President, no small number of conservatives will want his opinion on a regular basis.  He’s had a great track record as a kingmaker (see the SCF vs. the power of the NRSC to get Republican Senators elected lately) and may just have decided to focus on what’s worked best for him in the past.  Why not return to the SCF or start a PAC instead?  It’s the Heritage Foundation.

Whatever his reasons, good luck to him.

The Senate Conservatives Fund Is Still Around

I received an email from Senator DeMint regarding Ted Cruz yesterday, and he echoes a sentiment with which I wholeheartedly agree.  Despite the presidential cycle, there are candidates who need your help and don’t deserve to have their fortunes ruined by the primary noise.  And for those of you, like me, who are hoping for some real candidates to back in 2012, the Senate Conservatives Fund still exists and is busily finding new Senators for 2012.

This is the group that brought us Toomey, Rubio, and Rand Paul.  It was also doing this in spite of the NRSC, which was trying to replenish the numbers of the establishment sorts.  Had the blasted NRSC stayed out of the way or even backed a few of the choices in 2010, they might have had the Senate majority they ‘lament’ to bash the Tea Party.

The establishment can talk to us again about it when they’re the force driving a wave election instead of the wave losses they caused in 2006 and 2008.

But back to the point.  Why should you back the Senate Conservatives Fund?  They measure up to standard on the bottom line:  getting good conservatives elected.  So if you want to wash the taste of Romney out of your mouth by backing conservatives, here’s another solid option you can choose to do it.

The Senatorial RINO Hissy Fit

Yes, the RINOs are whining.

Seems that but for the Tea Parties and Jim DeMint, they could have had more Senators.  Or so their common complaint goes.  It was a giant win on Tuesday, and they still have to have a problem with it.

They have no room for it.

Want to know who cost them the Senate?  They can look to Cornyn and the NRSC, who’ve been getting underfoot the whole season.  They can look to an RNC run by the Iron FUBAR Michael Steele.  The Tea Parties probably would have made some more gains if that pack of fools hadn’t interfered in the primaries and spent a good deal of time fighting against the primary picks.  We conservatives are supposed to fall into line without question, but the RINOs that are defeated can throw hissy fits, backbite, and launch indie runs?  No.

And make no mistake, the Republicans wouldn’t be here at all without the Tea Parties.  It’s their win.  They made the wave the brought the Republicans all this.  In return, a bunch of anonymous staffers and the occasional RINO loser like Graham are badmouthing DeMint to anyone who’ll listen.  Yet he had the drive and initiative to put forth some effort, form his own funding group, and step up for conservatives and against the establishment when most of his detractors don’t even have the nerve to trash talk him on record.

Speaking of RINO losers, I still haven’t heard a word from Senator Epic Presidential Fail McCain.  After two days, he certainly should be front and center, lecturing us in condescending tones about how we conservative rubes all just have so much to learn.  Still, his only winning pick was Kirk, and it’s hard to say if he’ll even be a pickup at all until his voting record demonstrates that he’s not just a mislabeled Democrat.  I don’t have high hopes for that.

Erick Erickson at RedState has a solid piece answering the recriminations if you want more, but my final note is this:  RINOs have only produced failure and defeat.  Bush squandered all he was given starting in 2000, which resulted ultimately in 2006 and 2008.  Despite being legends in their own minds, they have no room to lecture, and not one of the improvements we may legitimately need to make includes ‘listen to the RINO trash’.