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Lindsey Graham Pretends to Make Sense on Birthright Citizenship

There’s nothing else this latest complete surprise from him could be.  Lindsey Graham is saying he wants a constitutional amendment to end birthright citizenship.  In other words, no more anchor babies.  Given the timing, there’s no way this is for real.

How is this not for real?  Let me count the ways…

  1. McCain is still trying to win a primary, and a general after that.  His lapdog Graham can be hung around his neck in the meantime.  They’ve been inseperable RINO troublemakers in the Senate for years, and so very easy to associate with one another.  Graham in particular has such lack of appeal one can attack other RINOs by asking “Hey, would you like such-and-so in this primary to be one of Graham’s new friends?”  You know, people like Mike Castle or Jane Norton?
  2. It’s easy to build fake conservative credentials by proposing conservative initiatives when you can’t do anything about it.  The Republicans are barely relevant in Washington right now, thanks in large part to RINOs like Graham decimating their party.  They’re not going to move legislation right now, and anything they propose is dead on arrival.  Why not take the opportunity to pretend your conservative then if no conservative “harm” can be inflicted?
  3. Graham’s next primary is four years away, since he’s not up for re-election again until 2014.  In the interim, we can always use him to attack other RINOs trying to keep their seats through their primaries in the same manner I mentioned in Point #1.  That’s going to make him very unpopular unless he defuses his usual level of irritation in advance.  Or tries to do so without success.
  4. He’s trying to add appeal to a new amnesty bill.  So, if we let them grant amnesty, maybe they’ll do things like enforce the borders and make sense by eliminating anchor babies.  Given what happened after they tried to trade such enforcement for an amnesty in 1986, there’s no cause to show much faith that they’ll actually do it this time.

No, there’s no way Senator “We’re going to tell the bigots to shut up” is for real on this.  At best, he’s just trying to be on the right side of an issue long enough to diffuse some of the potential trouble he might cause himself or his friends.  It should be fun to watch him waffle, when it isn’t so brazenly transparent.

Fraying Around the Edges

Okay folks, three stories today about grassroots follies and it may just be time for everyone to step back and regroup

  1. Tom Tancredo doesn’t like the Republican nominee choices for governor in Colorado.  So, he’s decided if that nominee polls behind the Democrat and doesn’t withdraw, he’ll run as a third party candidate.  While I can sympathize with third-party sentiments which I only just barely altered to “return” to the Republican Party (for now), this isn’t going to help anything.
  2. Harry Reid should be toast in Nevada.  And yet, Angle is causing some worry.  So far as I’m concerned, this falls under the “get a grip now and she can pull it out” category.  Her supposed extremism pales in comparison to Reid’s actual extremism, and there’s no excuse for her not winning in November if she actually bothers to run a real campaign.
  3. Ken Buck, Republican Senate nomination primary opponent to the McCain pick Jane Norton in Colorado, made a few awkward statements today.  It’s not going to make his life any easier, and the timing isn’t good.  Top it off with the fact that is was an attack against the Tea Party, and this qualifies as a classic Republican self-destruct.

Yet before we all go off in a huff, let’s step back and see where we can do better next time.

  • No, the Republicans still don’t know what they’re doing.  Proof in point:  2006, 2008, and Michael Steele.  The fact that our vetting in general may need some improvement states nothing about Republican competence or any superiority thereof.  Some few of them are good leaders, but those leaders don’t reflect on the party as a whole.  They’re just happy exceptions that still require us to take the garbage out of their way.
  • Remember that getting a candidate elected is two fights and not one.  Winning the primary is only the first step.  Fail them after that, and we’re still stuck with a Democrat.  This presumes, of course, the Republicans don’t nominate a Democrat, but we’ve been really good about this so far.  Not perfect, but good.

Things look like they’re fraying around the edges, but for the time being, it’s just a rough spot.  It’s too early to call this a change in fortunes.  Unless you give up, the sun will shine on us again.

Lindsey Graham Admits He’s Clueless

Lindsey Graham gives the quote of the day in a Politico story about how the GOP’s senators think Obama is giving them the shaft:

The pattern is they’re pretty good at reaching out when they need you, and when they don’t, they don’t mind running over you

I can’t believe Graham let himself be quoted on this.  But then again, if he’s clueless, he wouldn’t know why this is an admission of cluelessness.  How is it an admission?

  • Graham is making that statement as though something about the Democrats has recently changed.  This is not true.  This is the way they’ve always been, though they’ve been more blatant about it lately.  Their agenda is power and changing America so they can keep that power forever.  One of their tactics to winning, or at least making Republicans lose, is tricking and using clueless rubes such as The Official Maverick Lapdog to undermine them or help pass Democrat bills.
  • After all of the Democrats’ rhetoric and dirty politics, he still doesn’t get it.  The Obamacare debate clearly didn’t convince him, or he wouldn’t be saying things like this.  The latest Gang of 14 failure?  It was obvious to everyone but the oblivious, like this fool.  He’ll probably be sounding hurt at the end of his career, when he still can’t realize why Democrats are so mean to him when they don’t need him to blow it for the Republicans again.
  • There’s a fair amount of evidence, like statement’s he’s made about future efforts on the cap and trade bill and amnesty, that he’s not going to mind being used and run over in the future.  He’ll revert to RINO form, along with every other RINO who we’re unfortunate enough to elect, and just keep being deceived and used.

Of course, all of this presumes that RINOs aren’t just mislabeled Democrats, and are voting their principles while damaging the Republican party at the same time.

It gets better.  The Danged Maverick John McCain is actively attempting to recruit and elect people just like his pet Senator Graham.  Fiorina in California and Norton in Colorado both qualify as his picks, and so was Crist in Florida.  Do you think after all of his hostility towards conservatives and conservative principles that he’s choosing anyone who’s not going to be a carbon copy of The Pomeranian?

This is why my position on Senators like Graham and RINOs like him hasn’t changed.  No RINOs, no exceptions.  Rebuilding the Republicans into a real conservative party just so fools like him can undermine it and rip it to the ground again is a waste.  It’s better to make smaller gains with reliable people than to end up with more Senators and Congressmen like him.  Unless you’d like to see them help pave the way to the next Obama as they did this time, whether they were trying to do so or not.