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Immigration Reform? Seriously?

Is Washington paying attention to the country at all?  Rhetorical question, I know.

McCain is up to his ears in amnesty again, just as he went along with all sorts of other major Democrat legislation.  And just like with every other Democrat vehicle, his presence indicates only that it’s another bad liberal idea.  They’ll provide all of the substance like they did in the Kennedy amnesty bill, the Feingold 1st amendment rights violation, and anything else where McCain can get some press out of it.  Legislatively speaking though, the Democrats are the engine and steering, and McCain is the hula girl ornament bobbling about on the dashboard, only angrier and more chipmunk-shaped.  He may be the first thing you notice because of his name on the bill and the unwarranted press but his presence is otherwise decorative.

Except to the base that already can’t stand caving Republicans and have been acting on that since 2010.

How do the Republicans think they’re going to get to 2016?  They spent two years caving and slapping their own base across the face from 2010 to 2012 and look what it got them.  McCain demonstrated he had no sense with the 2008 Presidential election and that whole ‘maverick’ thing but the rest of them?  Get him a Senate pen set to play with or something else to distract him before he sinks the country…and them.

Commentary link credit:  Legal Insurrection

The Lecturer In Chief Babbles About Immigration Again

You can read more about the speech overview at The Hill, but I can save you some trouble.  Especially since the arrogance and smugness of The Lecturer In Chief comes through even in the summary article.

Surprisingly, he actually credits Bush with something.  Unfortunately, it’s amnesty.  He also blames the Republicans for not wanting amnesty again, even though it worked out so well for them the last time.  He should just wait until after August and he’d have McCain again, but that’s off-topic.

As for his “ill-conceived” laws?  Nothing is broken, and Arizona is just doing for itself what the Federal Government should have actually been doing for the longest time now.  The trouble is that we don’t enforce our existing laws, which despite the popular propaganda, do actually exist.  We don’t deny illegals benefits.  And no, we don’t have to deport them all, because if we take the boodle away by enforcing said existing laws, they’ll leave on their own.

So, just typical Obama.  Arrogant and useless all at the same time.

Reconqistas on May Day. What Could Go Wrong?

Michelle Malkin has a post of May Day “immigration reform” pictures for those of you who may not already know exactly how the protesters really feel.  The summary?  Che Guevara posters.  Open borders.  Reconquistas on May Day.  What could go wrong?

How about violence, because there’s plenty of that.  It seems to be a recurring theme with leftist protesters.  Smash things, attack those who don’t agree with you, and riot.  There was a fair amount of that from the immigration sorts this weekend, and it’s something with which we’ll have to find a way to deal at some point.

Just to remind you of how McCain sees them when he’s not in the nomination fight of his life…

The only condition on the ground that have changed in his state since this happy little pander and McCain-Kennedy is J.D. Hayworth.  There’s still time to take advantage of that condition and support McCain’s opponent so His Maverick Highness can spend more time with God’s children.  Don’t disappoint McCain by renominating him in August, now.

Immigration Is About To Hit The Fan

The immigration turmoil has begun.

  • First off, my congratulations to Arizona’s governor for signing one of the toughest immigration laws in the country into being today.  I can truly understand them wanting to take action when both parties full of losers and pandering shills would not.  I hope their new bill works out for them.
  • On the other side of the coin, Obama is complaining about it.  I suspect the usual suspects like La Raza and the ACLU will also come out of the woodwork to sue and protest.  Except for the fact that they’re loud and annoying, they don’t have a real point and there’s no real reason to take them into account.
  • Plus, it looks like Congress may be taking another shot at amnesty this summer.  I agree with the conjecture that this is Obama trying to fire up Hispanics to reduce his midterm losses, regardless of the strife he’s going to cause above and beyond what he’s already inflicted.  Not that I suspect he cares.

Now on to the bright side.  This amnesty bill is not welcome, but it is well timed to do damage to…RINOs everywhere.  Especially the cynical illegal immigration maverick waffle himself, John McCain.

I mentioned this before, but I’ll expound on it a bit.  McCain now has a huge problem.  The issue that nearly sank his presidential aspirations has just come to the fore.  Furthermore, the Democrats could well fast-track an attempt at amnesty if they simply recycle the McCain-Kennedy amnesty bill, which won’t make life any easier for him once the Democrats advertise it.  And to top it all off, McCain’s penchant for being a complete media whore means there’s likely tons of footage of him pandering on this issue already up on YouTube, like this little jewel:

It won’t matter what his election-year flip is once all of this comes into play.

It gets better.  Since the Official Maverick Lapdog Lindsey Graham (Pomeranian – SC) will likely be supporting the effort, he can be hung around the necks of every RINO still currently in a primary like a big mavericky albatross.  It’s not that far from accurate to state they’ll all act like him, or form Gangs of Fail with him, or otherwise annoy conservatives just like him.  Again, this especially applies to “maverick” John McCain, who’s bad news is about to grow much, much worse.

We have another fight coming, but we can make use of it.  It’s time for McCain to go, and this will only help bring that about.