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The McCain Hypothetical of the Day

Given a very realistic possible outcome of the Hayworth-McCain race in Arizona, this is an appropriate hypothetical for today:

What would have happened if McCain lost his Senate seat to a Democrat in 1998?

All other things remain equal.  We’ll say McCain still tried to get the Presidential nod in 2000 and lost.  We’ll also presume that the hypothetical Democrat who beat him retains that seat to this day.

First the down side:  no Sarah Palin.  He would not have been around to run in 2008, and thus would not have introduced us to someone who will hopefully be a far more serious Republican presidential nominee than he was come 2012.  Granted, he only recruited her to save his own posterior, but there’s no complaining about the outcome.

Up side?

  1. No McCain-Feingold.  Feingold may well have introduced the bill without him, but there would be no militant RINO driving it hard from the other side of the aisle to make his media friends happy.  Bush wouldn’t have signed it before cowering under his desk, and that whole mess likely would never have happened.
  2. Every McCain-Democrat bill ever introduced in the Bush terms would have lost its cover of bipartisanship.  McCain has been involved with some massively bad bills (amnesty, cap-and-trade, the aforementioned “campaign finance reform”) that would not have had the same drive without him.
  3. Lindsey Graham might still be around as a RINO squish, but not a militant RINO pretending to leadership.  He certainly wouldn’t be telling his constituents that he’s voting for Kagan because Jesus said so.  That magnitude of pomposity, arrogance, and moral vanity in him might not have been but for his contact with McCain.
  4. The Gangs of Fail would not have existed.  No Gang of 14, and no Gang of 10 in 2008 to help deflect Pence’s energy initiative.  No, McCain wasn’t involved in the Gang of 10, but a lot of Senators inspired by him were.  Some squishes would still have folded every now and again, but nothing so in your face as a Senate gang.
  5. 2006 and 2008.  They probably would have occurred anyway, but to what degree?  Bush led the Republicans to ruin, but it was exacerbated by the grandstanding, media-centric undermining of “maverick” John McCain.  Furthermore, how many fewer people would have stayed home and at least helped blunt the hit to Republicans in Congress if the top of the Republican ticket hadn’t been so utterly revolting?  Yes, the Republicans would still have been in the minority, but politically irrelevant?  No.

Why bring this up at all?  Because we get to make the decision again in November of 2010 should the unfortunate happen and McCain makes it to the general election.  We already know that this year alone, he’s campaigned for RINOs in the primaries, and there was that whole mess with the Dorgan-McCain vitamin supplement fiasco.  It’s safe to say he hasn’t changed anything but his rhetoric, and we can expect the same sorts of behavior from him we saw under Bush once he’s safely back in the Senate.

What then, and why would the Democrat be the lesser evil in that race?

  1. Remember Lindsey Graham?  Well, McCain mentored him in 2002 to the Senator he is today.  Once he’s back in the Senate, he can “mentor” all the new Tea Party candidates on “how things actually work” in Washington.  In other words, break out the maverick cookie cutter and see how many more Grahams he can create.  The Democrat can’t do that.
  2. McCain is a militant RINO WITH MASSIVE SENIORITY.  If anyone can and will short-circuit Tea Party gains in the Republican party by running roughshod over them after the election cycle, he can and will.  His love of conservatism is strictly the stuff of campaign spin.
  3. Yes, the Democrat will back Obama, but only McCain can hamstring resistance to the Obama agenda from the inside.  He can browbeat junior Republicans, organize moderates, and grant the cover of bipartisanship where a Democrat cannot.  That’s more damage than a junior Democrat can do as an honest opponent.
  4. The Democrat can’t run around the country recruiting liberal Republicans.  They could try, but it would only be good for a laugh track.  McCain can and has, though fortunately he’s lacked much success.  So far, Fiorina’s and Kirk’s nominations have kept it from being a total recruiting wipeout for him, but it’s safe to assume he didn’t back them for their rock-ribbed conservatism.
  5. Now let’s say Sarah Palin wins the Presidency in 2012.  Given McCain’s behavior towards Bush for defeating him in the 2000 presidential primary, how is he going to react to the 4-year long constant reminder of exactly who the drag was on the McCain-Palin ticket?  Or proof that he’s been politically outdone in every conceivable measure by a VP candidate he never intended get this far?  Presuming his ego and sense of entitlement don’t outright detonate, it will make what he did under Bush seem a blessing by comparison.

It won’t be an inspiring general election if McCain is involved.  More like a choice between taking a punch to the gut or a Louisville Slugger to the knees.  But think back to 1998 before you reflexively support The Danged Maverick.

P.S.:  I honestly hope Hayworth renders all of this hypothesizing moot.  There’s still time before the 24th to help him.

Addendum, 8/7/2010:  Added point #5, second list.

It’s Not Over Until It’s Over

I have to hand it to Hayworth.  He’s gone swinging into the final rounds of his primary.  His latest ad is up at the Sonoran Alliance, along with a press release and fundraising link.

Win or lose, Hayworth has shown some fight.  More fight than his opponent put up against Obama.  But make no mistake.  Regardless of what you may otherwise have heard, he hasn’t lost yet, nor does he need to lose.

It’s not over until it’s over.

The first and most advantageous way to get rid of The Non-Maverick Maverick is on August 24th.  Past that, if he’s still in the race, it becomes a choice of who the smallest step backwards will be in the general.  It will be the Democrat, who can’t undermine the Republicans from within, but that Democrat won’t be preferable to Hayworth.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to go that far.  August 24th could be one for the record books.  You can still make a difference.

So What Happens If McCain Wins?

The Hayworth-McCain debate of the Arizona Republican Senate nomination race was yesterday.  JD got in a few shots, and even had one of his best made the title of a Politico post:  Hayworth Mocks McCain’s ’08 Run.  It deserves to be mocked, so I don’t really see the problem.

Unfortunately, McCain is in the lead by a solid margin.  The fight’s not over yet, so if you don’t want to see six more years of this Charlie Crist styled RINO hack win, now’s the time to give it your all.  Deakin may be a nice enough fellow, but he’s not going to beat McCain, so J.D. Hayworth is your only shot.

But what happens if McCain wins?

It wouldn’t be pleasant, but at least it’s not like we have to be nice to the guy.  He’s revealed himself for the vicious politician he is, unless he’s coddling Democrats for puff press and becomes “principled” and “honorable.”  And thankfully, a few things have changed that means life in the Senate for McCain just isn’t going to be the same.

  1. I’m sure Lindsey Graham, who spent the better part of this year as the media’s new favorite maverick Republican, will be more than happy to step back into the shadows as the sycophant of a failed Presidential candidate.  It’s not as though he has anything better to do.  Without a doubt, his ambitions would certainly lead him to grovel once again at the feet of a dead-end Senator.  Really.
  2. Senator McCain blew his one shot at greatness in 2008 with a Presidential run so inept it will likely be his only remembered political legacy.  All the time he spent primping in the cameras won’t be remembered by history, just that bit of political trivia about how he royally screwed the pooch.  So what?  All of us conservative rubes that keep getting poked in the eyes by him can remind him of it every time he gets mavericky again.  It may not be productive, but if there’s nothing we can do to change his mind with reason, why not just give the misery back?
  3. Jim DeMint.  I mentioned the kind of power he could wield as a kingmaker in an earlier post.  If his candidate choices, or even just many of his candidate choices, join him in the Senate in 2011 where McCain’s have been mostly primaried (excepting Fiorina, unfortunately), DeMint will be an up-and-comer to McCain’s RINO Epic Fail status.  A fact McCain will be forced to endure.
  4. Sarah might be running in 2012.  If she does, wins the nomination nod, and then beats Obama, McCain will absolutely lose it.  At that point, she will have politically surpassed him in every conceivable way in a mere four years, as well as attained his 10-year long ambition in a single attempt.  He’ll have to live with it for her entire term as President.  However, unlike Bush, Palin is wildly popular and likely to evoke a strong response when McCain’s vindictiveness, ego, and sense of entitlement leads him to undermine her.  This presumes she doesn’t get sick of the miserable hanger-on and shred him from the bully pulpit for us.

It would almost be worth it to see McCain re-elected for all of this.  Heck, we could even get started in August if he wins by backing the other Democrat in the race.  But practicalities intrude, and it’s far more important to keep McCain from impeding Republican attempts to stop Obama.  Giving some face slaps back to The Danged Maverick once he returns to office, though a satisfying thought, isn’t what’s best for America.  Right now, the best choice for the country is a Hayworth win.

In either event, Senator Chipmunk can’t go back to the way it was.  No matter what.

Time To Give In To The Maverick

Rasmussen has rendered some annoying news.  McCain is up 12 against Hayworth, 52-40.

It’s troubling, I know.  Perhaps, however, it’s just a result of going about the maverick support all wrong.  Perhaps we should just hop on the Straight Talk Express and give in to the maverick of it all.  So today, I’ll start with some campaign slogans that will certainly assist The Danged Maverick in his quest to retain his Senate seat.

  • Fighting the problem of illegal immigration since May 2010.  John McCain for Senate.
  • John McCain:  Fighting for Arizona like he did in 2008.
  • John McCain in 2010, because there’s nothing to fear from an Obama presidency.
  • The Original Gangsta, John McCain.  Hip enough to form Gangs in the Senate since 2000.
  • Why should South Carolina have the only Lindsey Graham?  John McCain for Senate.
  • John McCain in 2010, because his presidential campaign economic adviser made demon sheep famous.
  • John McCain for Senate.  He’ll fight you, Arizona.
  • John McCain for Senate:  Because his idea of fiscal restraint is TARP.

Like the spoof campaign slogans?  Help yourself, within the bounds of a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license.  This only applies to the slogans in this post, and not the comments as left by other people.  If you use one or more of them, credit me or this blog with a site link.

And feel free to comment if you have some slogans of your own.  Together, we can pour maverick success upon McCain in August.