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Cruz Flips Climate Change Rhetoric On It’s Head

Ok, this little gem of rhetoric against the global warming eco-cultists is just delivered with style by Ted Cruz.  To have a conservative call them flat-earthers?  That just flips their ‘Climate Change is real because Science11!111!1!!11’ propaganda line on its head.

Moreover, the analogy is well chosen.  They really are the ones screaming ‘heretic’ whenever someone points to facts disproving man-made global warming global cooling climate change.  It’s like the hyperbole is becoming transparent or something.

Update, 3/27/2015:  Minor edit, first paragraph.

The Polar Vortex Has Come For Your Soul

I admit it.  I don’t like single digit temperatures.

They don’t strike me as much fun and there weren’t so many of them from the place I was before I moved just slightly west of the nation’s capitol.  And yet, I don’t think of it quite like this.  It’s not ‘Hey, it’s going to get cold so be ready’ but ‘OMG!!!1!1!1!  The Polar Vortex has come for your SOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUL!’

Put some gusto into that last word, too.  You won’t get the B-Movie horror effect otherwise.

Oh yeah.  It’s cold because it’s hot.  Again.  It’s also hot because it’s hot, dry because it’s hot, wet because it’s hot, and windy because it’s hot, except when it’s not.  Even then, it’s because it’s hot.  Global warming has come for you SOO…oh wait, the polar vortex already got it.  Global warming is going to be as disappointed as it was when everyone had to start calling it ‘climate change.’

At least they’re using something more dramatic than the Giant Frozen Suck to describe it.

How Many Environmental Emergencies Is This Now?

We have a new environmental catchphrase from Al Gore now:  Sustainable Capitalism. More importantly, what does this actually have to do with the environment?  Yes, he’s mentioning that it’s deflecting attention from the global cooling global warming climate change what hyperbole are we on again press the boom button climate crisis, but how does corporate reporting reform have anything to do with, say, endangered species?

How many environmental emergencies is this now?  There’s another one heating up due to the bird blenders, uh, windfarm operators, and frankly I’ve lost count.  Heck, I make fun of the ginned-up panic.  But back to Al Gore.

Guess that whole Climategate thing put a dent in his income.

News link credits:  Michelle Malkin, Hot Air.

The AGW Crowd Takes Another Sick Turn

Spoofing AGW hysterics was amusing at one point, but their recent works haven’t left much room to spoof.  This latest one is no exception.  Hot Air has the ad, but if you don’t want to click through, here’s the summary.  It’s basically a picture of a little girl on a melting block of ice with a noose around her neck.

This, so soon after pressing the boom button?  This is a bunch of people trying desperately to find some new shock tactic that works after Climategate.  It must be driving them mad to watch what might have been their moment of capitalism destroying triumph slip through their fingers.

This isn’t going to get them anywhere outside of their own crowd of believers, but it will expose what they really are to everyone else.  My guess?  Net loss of what little credibility they had left in the end, though in the short term the more emotionally driven eco-zealots will be energized by it.

Either way, it’s another sick turn.