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Global Warming Alarmists Cause Smaller Cars

The latest press of the boom button from the global warming sorts is that if we don’t stop global warming, humans may get smaller.  This one is almost as stupid as global warming killing off the global chocolate supply.  Yet, it’s also a good excuse for some global warming satire…

Global Warming Alarmists Cause Smaller Cars

In a sign that advancing global warming alarmists are damaging the planet, some guy on a blog that took science in high school has noted the correlation between gloabl warming alarmists and smaller cars.

 “The only thing about smart cars,” he states “is the guy who invented them.  Someone puts four wheels on a car after cutting off the back half and leaving plenty of room to pack a bag lunch so long as you have a shoehorn.  The fact this thing sells at all would not be possible without the advance of global warming alarmists.”

Yes, I’m quoting myself.  I have to sound official you know.

Rising gas prices, another problem caused by the onset of global warming alarmists, will also lead to smaller cars.  It should also lead to an unemployed Obama, but the ineptitude of the Republican Party presidential nominee may prevent that in 2012.  It doesn’t seem possible at first glance, but the Republican establishment has proven time and again that no ineptitude is out of their reach.

No official study on this correlation has been published.  It could be I’m making this up as I go, but that never stopped an environmentalist.  So long as it merely sounds astute, they’re good to go.

It would be even more funny if the advance of global warming alarmists wasn’t also causing economic malaise.

News link credits:  Weasel Zippers, Michelle Malkin’s blog

Senate Democrats Delist Environmentalists

Color this a sign of desperation.

Senator Baucus of Montana (D-esperate) is taking credit for removing wolves from the endangered species list in the budget deal.  That means he just shafted the environmentalists who to blocked the Fish and Wildlife service from implementing the same plan.  In other words, a Senate Democrat just delisted the environmentalists.

This is going to be popular in his state, since it means they can start making sense again in dealing with wolves without worrying about eco-cultists.  He’s in a state where the Democrats need all the help they can get, and he was certainly aiming for a boost because of this.  But the environmentalists go under the bus for the benefit of his and Senator Tester’s careers.

No point in sparing them.  They’re going to vote Democrat no matter what.  Where are they going to go?

Good thing they won’t be lonely there in the undercarriage.  All the people Obama threw under the bus can keep them company.  Besides, I hear the unions might be joining them soon.

Obama Announces Plan to Expand Oil Drilling Rhetoric

Obama has announced that he plans to expand offshore oil drilling.  By a lot.  However, when you take everything into account, this is completely meaningless.  In fact, the Democrats could have announced something like this in the Gang of 10 debacle without losing anything.

Oh, this is a great bit of propaganda.  It makes Obama look sensible and changes the subject after the Obamacare disaster to be.  However, as a practical measure, it’s completely worthless for two big reasons:

  1. You don’t need an outright ban if the government is run by a horde of leftist loons who make drilling costs prohibitive with overblown regulations, and…
  2. Vocal environmentalists and their lawsuits will hamstring any attempt to take advantage of this for years, a widely-known fact which will finish the job of preventing anyone from even trying to build rigs anywhere.

In short, it’s all empty words, a specialty of our current President.  This announcement only amounts to Obama’s plan to expand oil drilling rhetoric.  I’ll believe more when I see it, and no sooner.