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Not Really Liking the New Boehner Debt Ceiling Plan

Boehner came out with a new plan today and to realize it’s bad, you only need to look at two things:

  1. Cuts are over ten years, alternatively pronounced “will never happen.”
  2. “Debt Commission.”  We had one of those recently with Simpson-Bowles.  They came up with something of substance to everyone’s surprise (though not necessarily agreement), and were promptly tossed by Obama for it.

The House already had a plan called Cut, Cap, and Balance.  It’s the only plan that could help us avoid a drop in our bond rating.  But the Senate won’t pass it, and now the Republicans are so terrified that they’ll be blamed for a default that their panic is ensuring no one will go through great pains to elect them come next year.

In other news, Reid put forth his own plan which runs along the same lines.  Big debt ceiling increase paired with a “bigger” set of cuts across ten years.  Include some accounting gimmicks, and you have exactly the kind of smoke and mirrors Obama can use to blunt the Republican debt ceiling offensive against him when McConnell and Boehner aren’t doing it for him.

I’m not about to defend the Republicans when they fold like this, but I am going to make one point.  They’re not all this way now.  Some are exactly the kinds of conservatives we wanted to represent us, though those sorts are still in the minority.  So come next year, instead of helping to deliver an electoral carpet bombing to the Republicans, be a little more thoughtful about your RINO hunting.  Angry as you might be at all of this, be sure the politician you want to pink slip deserves it first.  The small but growing group of truly conservative representatives should be supported and not thrown out with the garbage.

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Debt Ceiling Follies Roundup, 7/23/2011

Still more going on in the news about the debt ceiling, and here’s a quick roundup for today.

1.)  The Senate voted down the House’s Cut, Cap, and Balance bill.  Technically it was a motion to table, but that’s a distinction without a difference.  Regardless of the name you give it, every Democrat in the Senate voted to kill the bill, which makes every one of them an Obama clone for all practical intents and purposes.  Their protestations to the contrary are just words and should be ignored.

Seriously, they’re the ones that keep thinking everyone is stupid.  Do they really believe a parliamentary parlor trick is going to absolve them?  It’s obvious that the bill was voted down to anyone paying attention.

2.)  Boehner walked out on dealing with the White House again.  I don’t agree that any compromise with the White House would be productive, and even less so considering that there’s no presidential plan beyond tax and spend.  At the moment, it seems that in exchange for Boehner giving Obama a debt ceiling increase, Obama would agree to raise taxes and piss off the GOP voters just in time for the 2012 elections.  And you thought Obama was an unreasonable guy.

It seems Boehner actually agreed to put $800 billion in “revenue raisers” on the table but that wasn’t enough for Obama.  Perhaps President Petulant should consider his options.  If the House does nothing, he gets to cut the budget about 40% whether he likes it or not because the borrowing will be over.  If something massive goes wrong when that occurs, he’s the President and it’ll be his fault.  As much as the media will try and shift the blame for him, that’s the way it always works.

This isn’t a joke anymore.  Spending is out of control and one way or the other, that has to stop.  If that means smacking up against the debt ceiling and inflicting a fiscal cold turkey treatment in D.C., let’s have it done.

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Who Wants To Be In a Debt Default Campaign Ad?

That’s right folks!  It’s time for everyone’s not so favorite anxiety-generating gameshow, “Who Wants To Be In a Debt Default Campaign Ad?”  Today’s contestants:  Every Senate Democrat up for re-election in 2012!

For those of you tuning in for the first time, here’s how it works.  The Senate takes a vote to table the only real debt ceiling measure currently on the table, the Cut, Cap, and Balance approach that just passed the House in spite of the efforts of the Gang of Six and their newly minted establishment Republican turd, Senator Coburn.  Since the public supports the basic idea behind Cut, Cap, and Balance two-to-one, a lot of vunerable Democrat senators get to make a choice:

  1. Behind Door #1 is the opportunity to fall on their swords for President Obama, the man who put a lot of Democratic Congress sorts out of their jobs in 2010.  He’s screwed up so much, he destroyed the myth of the Blue Dog Democrat and exposed his party for the pack of frothing Marxists they are.  If they choose this option, they kill the bill and get to be the topic of their very own campaign ads describing how they’re in opposition to government thrift and the general public at large.  Plus, there’s a realistic chance that the result will be to pull the emergency stop on the gravy train feeding their base come August 2nd.
  2. Behind Door #2 is the opportunity to piss off their base and vote for the bill.  While this would allow them some room to pretend that they’re independents again, their leftist foot soldiers won’t be happy with them.  Making the sensible vote to debate this bill alone should send their base into barking frenzies galore.  Heck, it might even result in some primary challenges.
  3. If they wimp out and vote present, they piss off everyone for failing to take a stand.  See Door #1 for the potential results.

What will happen next?  A no-win set of choices that I’m glad aren’t happening to me!  Isn’t being a Democrat in the Age of Obama grand?

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