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Carly Fiorina? No Thanks

If you haven’t heard already, Sarah Palin endorsed Carly Fiorina as the Republican nominee in California.  It upset quite a few other conservatives, and me for a bit, until I simply decided not to give a damn about her opinion from that p0int onward.  Seriously, it’s so much more liberating to decide things for myself.

Chuck DeVore did us proud, and decided to put up a fight in the face of a Sarah Palin endorsement.  You can read his remarks at RedState.  I’m inclined to agree that there isn’t much of a point to defeating the Democrat unless the winning candidate isn’t one, and as far as I’m concerned, DeVore is the only one who fits that bill.

Why not Fiorina?  Let’s go through a few points.

  • Carly Fiorina is a managerial incompetent who improved the value of Hewlitt Packard’s stock the day she was fired from the company.  We have enough managerial incompetents in the Senate now without another one giving them the cover of bipartisanship.
  • She supported cap and trade before she was against it.
  • Her stance on illegal immigration has changed for the campaign.  She’d like to enforce the borders now, but “there has been a very unfortunate racist tone” in the Republican Party before.
  • She’s McCain’s pick.  Take that with the above two, and there’s reason to believe that if elected, she’ll be following his lead like a more hallucinogenic version of Lindsey Graham.  Official Maverick Demon Sheep, anyone?
  • I’m skeptical when someone applies a modified term of “conservative” to anyone.  “Commonsense conservative” seems to be along the same lines as “compassionate conservative,” which proved to be the equivalent of something I can’t state on a family-friendly blog.  I’ll just stop with “RINO”.

Let the militant LOTE voters scream.  Chuck DeVore or bust.  At the very least, defeat McCain’s pick before he can demonstrate that he’s an effective kingmaker.  Should he do so, he can influence more Republican Senators to go maverick with promises to duplicate his success here and elsewhere.  The last thing we need to do is to give McCain more influence in creating more Lindsey Grahams.

Carly Fiorina?  No thanks.  Live to fight another day and keep this pain out of our necks.