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There’s Nothing Certain About Obama Going Under The Bus

The Democrats have a huge problem.  Obamacare isn’t rolling out to be a popular or workable solution to much of anything, unless you happen to be one of the people looking to solve an excess of good sense, prosperity, or savings.  It’s already affected quite a few and it hasn’t even started yet.  Come next year no small number of people will be getting a bitter dose of Obamacare right before the elections.  But despite it all, there’s nothing certain about Obama going under the bus and kissing the undercarriage to which he’s introduced so many people.

A few things might just prevent that wondrous day from occurring.

  • Amnesty still lurks in the background.  Boehner is bound and determined to pander on it come hell or high water.  Should he and the Establishment Republicans decide they’re going to push it after the primaries because Obamacare will be so bad we’d overlook it, Republican momentum will stop.  The last time our RINO betters decided, in their infinitesimal wisdom, that Obama was so bad the conservatives would elect anyone to be rid of him was 2012.  President Romney might disagree that it was a good plan.
  • Admission of failure vs. self-preservation for the Democrats.  If Obamacare goes, it’s effectively an admission of failure for the Democrats, liberalism, and the theory of Big Government Is The Best Government.  Yes, Obamacare will end careers, but it’s not going anywhere if Democrats think it will also end the party, the dream of socialized medicine, and liberalism in general.  If they can save themselves by just ruining Obama?  Then he gets to enjoy the proverbial tire tread rolling over him as they save their own hides, but for nothing less.
  • Replace Democrats with which Republicans?  It’s the $64,000 question as replacing them with RINOs is absolutely worthless.  If the primaries don’t go well and we rack up another slate of big-government loving crony friendly candidates, why back them?  Enough of us know nothing will get done even if they constitute the majority.

As nice as it is to hear Obama is losing ground at long last, the opportunity to turn the country around must still be paired with people who’ll take it.  We don’t have them in place quite yet, and given history there’s no point in stopping until we do.

Boehner Blows It On the Compromise Bill

The latest on Boehner’s debt ceiling compromise with himself:  He may not get enough votes to pass it tonight.  Now he’s whipping the hell out of his own caucus with more vigor than he would ever use against the Democrats.  All of which will be for naught when the bill is voted down in the Senate, and he has to try and force feed yet another 11th hour compromise with Reid to his already reluctant members.  Likely that was the Democrats’ plan all along, and on top of it, they just used the Speaker to split the Republican caucus.

Pass or no pass, Boehner just blew it on the compromise bill using the same sort of leadership style that brought us 2006 and 2008.  He became terrified of the thought Republicans would lose the media war if we hit the debt ceiling and promptly did something stupid after having all the momentum.  After this and the continuing resolution blunder, we’re at the point again where we get to decide what comes first:  Do we put the Republicans back in power in 2012, or go RINO hunting and turn them into a real opposition party first?

Given the Bush years, the answer seems clear to me.  It will not make the slightest difference if the Republicans are in the majority or minority if they remain the business as usual Other Democrats their leadership is currently determined they be.  The “R” after their names are meaningless unless they are both conservative and willing to fight.  While some bright spots have appeared, they’re not quite there yet.

News link to the report at Michelle Malkin’s blog.

Latest Obama Offer on Debt Ceiling a No-Lose…for Obama

On the surface, it seems like good news.  Obama just put entitlement spending on the table.  At a glance, it seems as though he’s finally caved to Republican pressure.  The trouble is that the entitlements need to be restructured so they can do the same with less money and fall back into sustainability.  Simply cutting them will not be a proper fix.

Politically speaking however, the latest Obama offer on the debt ceiling is no-lose…for Obama.  Here’s why:

  1. If the GOP does trade Obama tax hikes for these cuts and votes around the Tea Party freshmen a second time to get them, we all start flowing around the establishment trash come election season like we did in 2010 or just stay home.  Neither of these outcomes is good for Boehner, though in the long run it will be great for those of us who want a real opposition party instead of the Other Democrats.
  2. If the entitlements are cut instead of reformed, the Democrats have an issue with which to hammer the GOP come 2012.  Simply cutting entitlements will be felt.  They need to be reformed in order to shrink their spending properly.  And no, the fact these cuts were agreed to as part of a “bipartisan” deal will bear no relevance in their decision to attack the GOP with them.
  3. If the GOP cuts defense spending, which is also on the table, Obama gets something else that will make his base happy, and on top of that…
  4. He gets the debt ceiling increase he wants.  So, Obama gets all manner of goodies in exchange for scaring Boehner into grabbing his ankles and killing his party’s chances in 2012.  That, and likely the cuts will not remain.

That’s if the Republicans agree of course, but they’re known capitulators so it’s at least realistic that they will.  They might want to reconsider this time though.  Unless they try something original, it’ll be time to find primary opponents and go back to bypassing their national committees like we did in 2010.

News link to the report at Hot Air.

Boehner Dishes Out The Red Meat

It’s not quite what we need yet, but it’s a start.

John Boehner attacked Obama’s economic policies and called for the resignations of his economic staff in an address.  Granted, this may be election year posturing, but there’s no cause to complain.  In fact, if the Republicans keep it up after they’re elected, there will be cause to celebrate.

The trick is if this is just election year spin.

America really doesn’t need red meat right now.  It needs real action, and a few conservative sound bites won’t do.  Whether or not the Republicans realize this yet may be in doubt.  Cantor certainly wasn’t talking as though it would be anything but business as usual.

Next order of business is to give them some Tea Party new arrivals so that they have the numbers to go about it.  That, and clean out the RINOs with seniority so they won’t be impeded from within.  Can’t forget the second part, or we’re back to paper majorities and Gangs of Fail again.

Addendum: It suddenly occurs to me that perhaps I should have phrased the title a bit differently before I sent out the trackback.  Oh well.  Glad I don’t take myself too seriously.