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Why Does Obama Hate Old People?

Since the demagoguery on the left is starting up over budget cuts, let’s just get stuck into the upcoming debate by asking this sort of question.

We’re pulling trillion and a half dollar deficits a year now.  Entitlements are a large part of the problem, and they need reform yesterday.  Otherwise, our bankruptcy will do things like eliminate them in their entirety.  Both sides acknowledge that the financial problems actually exist.  Even Obama knows this, and wants everyone to think he’s trying to do something about it.  But what’s his reaction when the Republicans hit this problem head-on?  Demagoguery.

In other words, politics comes first.  It doesn’t matter if the entitlements collapse, or the country goes down the drain from financial ruin for that matter, so long as he can accuse Republicans of something he knows is a lie.  And since he brought it up, this will hurt babies, and the poor, and the sick, and the old.

Why does Obama hate old people?  Why does he want babies to suffer?  What is his problem, in fact, with all of those that can’t take care of themselves?  Because his resistance to actual entitlement solutions, cowardice, and incompetence will lead this country into a position where they’re not going to get what they need.

Clearly, the politics mean more to him, just like they did Clinton.  Another person who hated infants, the poor, and the old because he didn’t deal with the entitlement crisis either.  He was too busy being all about himself, and Obama is too busy being all about the socialism.  By their own standards, that makes them both puppy-kicking monsters.

So go hate the elderly somewhere else, Obama.  We have real work to do, and sadly, Biden would probably be a better President than you.

Hunting Whales for Obama: Ludricrous News 6/7/2010

Yes, it’s time for another long-overdue edition of ludicrous news.  News so ludicrous, you can’t make it up.

1.)  Obama has apparently decided he hasn’t infuriated enough of his eco-cult base by bungling the oil spill, so he’s set out to help lift the moratorium on whale hunting too.  That’s right.  Thanks to Obama, other countries get to go whaling legally.  In defense of his actions, he’s saying it will save thousands of them, which is the same logic as saying Obamacare will cut costs by spending trillions of dollars.  If nothing else, he’s consistent, or he intends to apply death panels to the whalers.

2.)  Unions are evil.  Unions are nasty.  Unions are trying to make examples says…Bill Clinton.  He seems to have a problem with them now that they’re going after Blanche Lincoln.  That’s right, you purple-shirted teabaggers!  Know your place!

3.)  And last but not least, Obama’s deficit commission, charged with finding ways to balance America’s budget, or at least appear to do something constructive…is broke.  Yep, they didn’t get to their goal before running out of money.  My irony quota has been met for today.

Thank you for reading ludicrous news.  If it’s not stupid, it’s not here.

Raffling Bill Clinton

This is just too good to be true.

Hillary Clinton is holding a raffle to pay off her still substantial presidential campaign debt.  One of the prizes is a day in New York…with Bill Clinton.  Oh dear God, yes.  I couldn’t think of better comedy than this.

Do I dare even touch this one with a ten-foot pole?  You better believe it.

If you win, you could…

  1. Go shopping for interns.
  2. Listen to Bill Clinton revise history on his Presidency.
  3. Ask about Sandy Berger.  You won’t get a real answer, but you can place bets on what kind of look Clinton will give you when you do.  Extra points if you can get him to say the word ‘sloppy’ in his explanation more than ten times.
  4. Promise not to tell Hillary what happened during the day while she’s listening, even if nothing actually happened.
  5. Or, simply do what I’m going to do:  not sign up for the raffle.  What, donate money to Hillary Clinton?  She deserves nearly as many maverick donations as the Master Maverick himself.

I can’t wait to see how much fun everyone has with this one.  Perhaps she should have just held a bake sale.

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