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Just In Case You Were Under The Mistaken Impression That You Can Work With RINOs

Hey, we had some good news.  Obama got petulant on Eric Cantor because The One is feeling the strain.  The House is holding strong to the point in not selling out on the debt ceiling.  If they continue to hold strong, Obama may fold like Dayton in Minnesota and the Republicans can start us back on the path to fiscal solvency.

All of this could be, unless some RINO idiot like McConnell gives the Democrats an out such as granting the President authority to raise the debt ceiling without Congress.  A plan that the Democrats then take and reincarnate to regain the initiative.  You know, like this one.

So now the Democrats may be in a position to turn their debt ceiling shellacking around because McConnell did what RINOs do best:  lose when things are finally going their way.  Here’s Obama’s escape from this mess, courtesy of the craven establishment trash.  Good thing we never stop using the plan we did in 2010.

It’s very simple.  The Republican National Committees (RNC, NRSC, and NRCC) are partial to establishment sorts like McConnell, so don’t donate to them.  Don’t support their recommendations.  Don’t believe known RINOs when they tell you they’re conservative contrary to their records.  If you want conservatives to get your money and effort, donate directly to their campaigns and leave anything establishment/RINO related out of it.  We need more Tea Party sorts and fewer McConnells if we want to turn the country around.  As McConnell just demonstrated, the establishment will never be a part of that.  Time to get rid of them as fast as we’re able.

News links to reports at Hot Air and commentary by Michelle Malkin.

The Other Obama Mitt Romeny Says He Can Work With Democrats

Once again, I can’t disagree with Mitt.  First his staffers say he’s the anti-Palin, and then he says he can work with Democrats.  Coming from the Other Obama Mitt Romney, this likely means he’ll be driving their agenda while lashing out at his own base and ranks should we elect him.

While he can work with Democrats (or be one), no one can work with RINOs.  Otherwise, there wouldn’t have been five parties represented for President on Virginia’s ballot in 2008.  Stuff like that doesn’t happen if you’re happy with your choices, and no one was really happy when McCain ran against his fellow Democrat Obama.

Continue to be unapologetic about being a RINO Mitt.  I’m sure we’ll all be perfectly unapologetic about not supporting you in the general.  Lizard People could use the love.  Just like with McCain, it will go down that way.

News links to report by Doug Powers at Michelle Malkin’s blog and MPRNews.

Quinnipiac Poll Finds a Plurality Would Prefer McCain Now

It’s another McCain poll that’s supposed to aggravate us.

A Quinnipiac poll finds that a plurality of people would have preferred John McCain was President right now.  After eighteen months of Obama, I can certainly understand that, however grudgingly.  But were there really enough choices?

Only a plurality, given what?  Two choices and an “undecided?”  Still not seeing a lot of enthusiasm.  How about, who would you prefer were President today…

  1. Barack Obama
  2. John McCain
  3. Sarah Palin
  4. A stuffed animal
  5. A sponge mop, or
  6. An espresso machine?

My guess is that Senator McCain would have found some way to come in 7th place.

Smitty at The Other McCain has the right of it.  Barack Obama was only ever going to be good for one thing, and that was a rude awakening.  It wouldn’t have happened under McCain, and America was in desperate need of it.  We would have slid stupefied into socialism otherwise.  Granted, we’re still in the middle of a slide, but at least now we’re awake and fighting back.

Today’s Comedic Stylings of Barack Obama

If you thought our President didn’t have a sense of humor, think again.

  1. Good news!  If you’re getting insurance through your employer, Obama says your rates could fall up to 3000%.  Outstanding.  Now, my job is 29% insurance, 72% work, 97% study, and 17% me not having to do any math.  Isn’t improvising percentages fun, especially when you want to seize control of 1/6 of the American economy?
  2. Attention, Democrats!  If you vote no on Obamacare, Obama has promised not to campaign for you!  That’s right, you can avoid being like Creigh Deeds, Jon Corzine, or Martha Coakley in MassachusettEs with just one simple “no” vote.  Act now, because time is running out!

And people think our President is just an incompetent narcissist, when he’s actually a funny and incompetent narcissist.  Get it right everybody.