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More Good Candidates To Take Your Minds Off Romney

It would be nice if Romney would just go away tomorrow after losing Michigan, but that’s more wishful thinking than anything else.  I’m inclined to believe he’s still the favorite to win, though no good will come of it.  Fortunately, there are other candidates out there who are actually worth supporting and should get your help.

1.)  Richard Mack:  I’ve mentioned him before and I’m going to do it again.  If you don’t like SOPA, here’s your chance to do something about it.  Support the guy who’s trying to primary its chief proponent, Lamar Smith.  Smith won’t be causing any more SOPAs if he’s not in Congress, and those that remain in the House after him won’t be eager to follow in his footsteps.  Visit Mack and make your voice heard on SOPA…for real.

2.)  Clark Durant:  He’s one of the Republicans who intends to challenge Debbie Stabenow in Michigan.  He’s also in one of those situations where the other guy in the running to be the Republican Senator to replace her has more money and name recognition, but not so much conservative drive to actually do something once he gets to Washington.  You can read more about him at Michelle Malkin’s blog and visit his site here.

3.)  Pete Hegseth:  He’s trying to unseat Amy Klobuchar in Minnesota.  There’s a quick points list of positions and what he intends to do over at Hot Air.  Certainly deserves a look, especially if he can help get rid of yet another liberal.  His site is a bit minimalist but you can visit it here.

4.)  The Senate Conservatives Fund:  DeMint’s group is always worth mentioning, as his last set of picks proved to be worthwhile.  He has four candidates worth your trouble this time around, and the conservatives in Congress certainly need the help.

Don’t like Romney?  Forget him utterly and concentrate on those who will actually try to reverse this mess.  They do exist, and don’t deserve to be swept away in the Presidential election flood.

News link credits:  Michelle Malkin’s blog, Hot Air.