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McCain Disagrees with Governor Walker

This makes me glad I donated to Walker.  If the Mavericky John McCain has a problem with him, he’s doing something right.  In this instance, Walker is at least saying something right on immigration, so of course the amnesty shills are going to have a problem with it.  Their cronies don’t like that sort of talk.

It’s just a matter of getting McCain out of office in 2016, and I’ll repeat this until I’m blue in the face.  The Republican Establishment is not our ally, they’re the first set of opponents that have to go before we can even begin to deal with the Democrats.  You’ve seen instances at the state level of what happens when reform-minded Republicans actually institute conservative reforms, reforms that will be impeded by those like McCain.  If sleazes his way through the primary by running ringer candidates to split the conservative vote, jackhammers his opponents with crony money, or has Palin carry him to victory again, vote against him in the general.  You will not be rid of him for another six years otherwise.

Boehner Allows a Clean DHS Bill

Perhaps the word ‘allows’ is not appropriate.  Boehner was complicit in the passage of a clean DHS funding bill that kept Obama’s executive amnesty intact with yet another Boehner special.  If the injunction against the President’s execution of the amnesty doesn’t hold, we’ll have been cursed with yet another one.

Forget wailing and the gnashing of teeth.  By now, you have either decided you’re done with more of the same or you have not.  If you have not and wish to overcome this, resolve to be done with the usual.  It’s time for the next steps and they don’t follow in the previous ones.

What those next steps are is subject to debate.  Some say third party.  Some say be more ruthless in removing the perfidious from office and continue to try and take over.  Some say we have to give the wrong people good reason to do the right things.  There’s also Levin’s Article V convention and state level nullification.  It remains to be seen which one or combination of the above is the solution.

What is absolutely indisputable at this point is that the definition of insanity is not the solution.  No, we don’t keep falling into line with the Republicans without question because (fill in the blank with a Democrat) or Greater Good.  They’ve amply demonstrated they don’t stop Democrats and at the national level, serve no greater good.

So to start, quit listening to those advocating for more of the same.  Tune out the fear and the browbeating tactics.  Quit giving page hits and ad clicks to Establishment shills.  There are a whole host of blogs on Badblue.com that would be happy to have you visit and many of them have better manners.

Quit letting your memory fail you and taking those claiming conservatism at their words each election.  If your representative is Establishment, quit restricting yourself to artificial windows such as primaries only to remove them.  Acclimate yourselves to split-ticket voting to help remove them from office, or at the very least blanking the lines of those who do not deserve your support (I did it to Gillespie to keep another Establishment politician out of the Senate, so I’m not just blowing air).  Their calculations include conservative nose-holding and are thus far sufficiently valid, so stop doing what they want and change that calculation.

Forget unfocused rage and change to become what is necessary to fix these circumstances.  If you want those saying they represent you to succeed for America, ensure their betrayals and failures have no other outcome besides losing their seats.  That means no more definition of insanity ever again, and no more granting credibility to those that continue to try and enforce it.

McConnell Folds On Amnesty. Time to Try Something Different.

First, the sad but obvious news.  McConnell has decided he’s going to give the Democrats what they want and pretend he’s putting up a fight with a separate bill to defund executive amnesty.   Reid responds by making it abundantly clear he has backhanded the chinless wonder into submission.  Now, we can all be upset about it for a week or two, churn out vast quantities of prose, and then watch it all fade, or we can try something new.

How do these idiots keep getting elected?  Well, they have money and when dealing with conservatives, an actual capacity to fight.  Unfortunately, they also network and that is something we haven’t considered at any length.  Seeing as how McConnell is causing trouble from leadership, let’s trace back how he got there and take it out on those responsible.  We can start with the Establishment sellout that helped McConnell keep his job and owns all of his failures and betrayals for the next six years:  Senator Rand Paul.

Here are the highlights.  Rand Paul endorsed him (prior to him getting an opponent in the hopes of scaring off primary opponents), cut ads with McConnell and lent him some nose-holding staff.  This helped our miserable excuse for a majority leader get him through the primaries against Matt Bevin.  It kept those of us who knew what his ‘leadership’ would mean from getting rid of him because 2016 Presidential ambitions.  There’s also Paul’s opinion on the tactics used by Cochran on McDaniel.  But hey, it’s only networking, right?  What’s an amnesty or any other disastrous policy McConnell refuses to fight in the face of some professional development?

Except it’s not just professional development.  These policies are going to have deleterious effects on the people that helped Paul attain his seat in the first place.  It’s why those of us who understood the importance of changing leadership were trying to make it happen, only to be screamed down by Establishment shills or overwhelmed by influence brought to bear.  But we’re all supposed to just forget about that and move on, right?  How about no.

Want to put a chill on Establishment networking?  Spend the next two years reminding everyone of Paul’s place in McConnell’s ascent to majority leadership.  McConnell’s return to the Senate is partly his work after all.  All the articles the MSM got to write about how McConnell crushed the Tea Party can be hung around Paul’s neck, and everything McConnell does can and should be considered during the 2016 primaries when Paul is asking for your vote.   Forget what he’s saying between elections now that the chances of anything coming of his words is next to nil.  He wanted to network with McConnell, so give him the professional development until it hurts.

Politics ain’t beanbag, or at least that’s what they tell us when the shoe is on the other foot.

No Theater on Amnesty

So far theater is what I’m seeing, and Obama just upped the ante on failing to stop him.  Illegals under his amnesty can get EITC tax credits from the previous year (read as ‘money back when they didn’t pay in’).  House conservatives are talking about a change in the Senate rules to get a funding bill past a filibuster, and Boehner is making tough-sounding noises.  It’s all sounding like the setup to yet another cave, only the Republicans are giving it extra-special treatment because they want the amnesty their cronies want without losing voters.

If they think they’ll find forgiveness this time they might want to think twice.  It’s amnesty.  Conservative blogs openly talk about Establishment duplicity after all their previous deceptions now.  To add an amnesty to it?  The backlash won’t be pretty and it likely won’t end.  It’s easy enough to show up and purge vote against a RINO when you know they won’t do anything and you want all of your opposition on the side that’s not yours.

Yes, Republicans managed to take back the Senate due to a combination of a six-year Presidency, Ebola, and ISIS, a combination that won’t be around in 2016.  Despite the delusions they may harbor, 2014 didn’t end conservatism for good, especially after they discredited the ‘greater good’ and ‘stop Harry Reid’ arguments for LOTE voting in record time with the Cromnibus.  There’s plenty of chatter confirming the discontent in the conservative mediasphere if you find these assertions wishful.