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One Small Consideration About Fake Opposition

Well, the executive amnesty happened (sort of) and the only reactions I’ve seen to it so far are a lot of rhetoric and some lawsuits. In other words, status quo opposition to the overreach.  Since no few Republicans wanted to see an amnesty anyway, a good chunk of it is likely fake opposition, theater put on for the benefit of the rubes that thought electing them this time would be any more effective than all the others.

There is one small consideration to put out there before this is said and done.  Amnesty is a huge line to cross.  If and most likely when the Republicans blow it or betray us again, how many other people are going to start thinking outside the box to change the status quo?  Granted, things like my vote against Rove ally Gillespie to sort all my enemies on the other side is a minority opinion at this point in time, but how long will it stay that way?

It’s something the go along to get along sorts should consider.  Nothing says our resistance has to stop at the primaries, or that our cooperation is obligatory.  Some few of us know that now.  What happens when enough of us do?

McCain Comments On A Presidential Election

Perhaps he should run in one first before he tries to impart some ‘wisdom’ in that regard.  Whatever it was he was doing in 2008 wasn’t a Presidential campaign.  Yet enough people seem to keep reporting on him, so he keeps talking.

His latest words of wisdom are about how we need to pass amnesty in order to beat Hillary in 2016.  Should we really be taking any sort of Presidential race advice from this guy?  It’s like listening to Karl Rove tell us how to retain Congress.  He might want to be concerned about things like Mississippi and whether or not the Republicans will still have a base in 2016, because that’s less than certain at this point.

Border Crisis Roundup 7/8/2014

There is a crisis going on at the border and there’s plenty of news about it today.

1.)  When you’re losing MSNBC and Democrats are turning on you about the border…just keep ignoring it.  It is Obama after all, flaming ideologue in all his miserable glory.  He doesn’t want to visit the border, because what he wants to happen already is and details like conditions on the ground are for the little people.  It remains to be seen if his own party or media supporters eventually realize this.

2.)  Boehner still thinks there’s a good chance for an amnesty bill.  They’re using the usual codespeak of ‘comprehensive immigration reform’ but that’s the bottom line of it.  All of this mess at the border, the golden opportunity to actually differentiate themselves from Obama the First just begging to be taken, and they’re still being second fiddle.  If you’re not yet convinced that at least the leadership has to go at all costs in November, here’s another reminder as to why.

3.) It’s a bit on the old news side and on the back burner in the face of everything else, but the home countries of all our new ‘guests’ get money from them.  In some instances, it’s a significant part of the home country’s GDP.  What happens if we stopper the flow of cash?  No one in either party in Washington cares to know.

Same plan as always.  First change the Republicans into a real opposition, then stop the Democrats.  After Cochran there’s no cause to see the Establishment for anything other than what it is and continue supporting them any longer.

Build The Danged, Uh, Aid Cut Thingie!

It was long overdue for Schumer’s Republican McCain to weigh in on the current immigration crisis at the border.  It’s becoming a relevant news story whether he likes it or not.  If he’s pretending to be a border hawk this far out from 2016, he’s not loving his poll numbers or the general trend against RINOs.  So it’s time for the Mavericky Macinator to make another appearance in the vicinity of a primary (even if it is a two-year-or-so vicinity) and start talking tough about the current flood.

Seriously, he couldn’t just keep ignoring it?  What wisdom is this guy going to offer?  Build the danged, uh, aid cut thingie!  Build it!

Yes, we all know there’s a problem and as a member of the Gang of Eight, he contributed to the noise that left the current influx of minors believing amnesty was on offer.  You could ask who he thought he was fooling, but enough primary voters bought the act in 2010 to put him back in the Senate.    But in the days when a sitting majority leader can be primaried, there may be hope at last.  Certainly after all he’s done to conservatives, the opportunity to rub an involuntary departure from the Senate in his face for the rest of his life is just too good to overlook.