What Will It Be Like When No One Is Defending Obama?

Obama had his Obamacare gloatfest today.  If you’re believing his assertion that he’s attained all the signups he needs so conveniently on deadline day, I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.  There’s also some ‘nyah, nyah, you can’t repeal it anymore’ bilge going on.  But while we all have to tolerate the insufferable loser for the moment, consider what’s going to happen when no one is defending him anymore.

It’s going to happen, if for no other reason than that Democrat job security will eventually depend on it.

President Football Spiker can laugh it up now, but he isn’t exactly riding high on a stable law.  He’s been tweaking it constantly, and very likely in an extra-constitutional manner, just to save his party from 2014.  The problem is that 2014 isn’t the last election his party will have to face.  At some point in the near future, the truly nasty stuff coming from this bill is going to hit, and Democrats in Congress will have to decide if Obama’s ego or their jobs are more important.  Once he’s out of the Presidency, the weights on that scale will shift heavily towards job preservation.

Granted, this is conditional on the Republicans actually having worthwhile people to elect in their stead and not blowing it with amnesty (thanks for sounding like McCain, Rand Paul).  Even then, they may win despite themselves just long enough to make the Democrats feel the pain.  That means Democrat jobs go away and they have to live outside the DC bubble.  Not a happy prospect in exchange for defending a soon-to-be ex-President and his increasingly untenable legacy.

When that day comes, Obama’s not going to be so smarmy, and he will get to watch.

Distracting From Obamacare With Amnesty?

The House discharge petition and Obama’s comments on it sure look that way.

Not that I have any real interest in seeing RINOs elected, but the surest way to defeat them would be to get the discharge petition signed for the Gang of Eight bill and watch another Boehner special happen without any input from Boehner.  The Gang of Eight should never have happened, and even if it slips through the House that way, conservative blame for it will fall squarely on Republicans.  One Rose Garden signing ceremony later and the Republican Party’s chances for 2014 would disintegrate so quickly the Establishment wouldn’t know what hit them.  It’s very hard to get elected without a base and in the future, fighting against all the new Democrat votes they will belatedly realize they’re not going to receive after all.

As for the spin from the White House?  You could be enraged by Obama’s comments about special treatment for illegals meaning everyone is playing by the same rules but that’s par for the course from him.  He doesn’t care how brazenly he spins and particularly on Obamacare.  He’d be in even more trouble if the alternative was half palatable.

Saving Amnesty For Another Day

Through dint of pressure and possibly the overwhelming desire not to bungle 2014 as badly as 2012, Boehner has decided to pretend amnesty isn’t going to happen this year.  He just can’t trust Obama or so the rhetoric goes, though he’s certainly cooperated with him more frequently than his own conservative base in the recent past.  However, as big donors like the Chamber of Commerce certainly will refuse to relent on their cheap labor demands in return for cash, it’s a safe bet that yes, he really is pretending.

What he’s actually going to do to pass it remains to be seen, but the fact this episode occurred at all will dampen enthusiasm.  Moreover, it should.  The Republican Establishment has been far less energetic about hiding their true intentions and contempt for conservatism and this will just drive that fact home once more.

We Don’t Need Two Parties of Democrats

How’s the New Year been with Republicans?  Well, in what is increasingly becoming common news we have these sorts of examples.

Can anyone else think of a reason to support the Establishment GOP?  Not conservatives who are genuinely trying to do their jobs with mixed success.  The Establishment GOP.  If you can, let me know because I’m drawing a blank.  We don’t need two parties of Democrats.  So why support them?

What would be the point?  They’re in our faces with annoying us now.  They’re doing this after two election cycles of primaries removed more than a few of them.  So why the change now?  Their big money wants it and they don’t think we’re going anywhere because of Obamacare, which they won’t touch anyway, so change the paradigm.  They can either give a reason to support a candidate beyond the usual conservative lip service or they can forget about it.

At some point, they’ll lose enough elections that should have been slam dunks for their donors to think their ROI is DOA.  After that, they’re just broke and stupid instead of stupid and armed with the money stick.  Primaries are good, and frankly optimal for Establishment garbage disposal, but the fear of that alone isn’t doing the job well enough, or there wouldn’t be amnesty talk this year.  Hit the truly vile ones in the general election as well, especially if they’re the leadership that keeps dragging everyone else down their path.