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Global Warming Causes Sellouts

Time to add to the Al Gore cartoons I’ve seen today with the global warming satire I should have written two days ago.

Global Warming Causes Sellouts

You think this is funny, wingnuts?  Al Gore selling his channel to Al-Jazeera?  He’s not well, because he couldn’t have done this and be in his right mind.  It’s just more proof of global warming, because…NOT BUSH!!!!  Look at the science.

Clearly, global warming has affected Gore’s mind by exceeding the maximum human safety limit of BTU’s per Hair Follicle (BTUs/HF).  When this is exceeded, ethical and rational thinking gets baked to nothingness and has absolutely nothing to do with the coincidence of Al Gore seeing large sums of money.

Yes, we’ve done studies of the adverse affects of excess BTUs/HF.  No, you can’t have a link because you might overstress your brain trying to click on it.   You conservatives don’t like science anyway, so bug off.

Now we have to DO SOMETHING!  If this could happen to Gore, it can happen to anyone.  Why, someday Obama might be walking down the street, exceed his maximum safe BTUs/HF, and suddenly decide that the Keystone pipeline is a good idea.  He might even lay off of FRACKING!

Global warming will fry your brain!

All this fun, and Obama hasn’t even been sworn in yet.  It’s going to be a nasty ride…for the left.

Now For Some Industrial Strength Irony From Al Gore

This is too rich not to report.

Al Gore sold Current TV to Al-Jazeera.  Plus, he tried to do it before all the tax hikes he and his Democrat buddies love so much took effect so he wouldn’t lose money.  Cap it off with the fact that the money he received was likely from oil profits, and you’re all set for some industrial strength irony.

If you wanted some more proof that the whole climate change spin was just that, here it is.  Mr. Global Warming himself sold out for oil money.  And where’s that whole patriotism thing with not trying to dodge taxes?  Is Gore a greedy rich fat cat?  Doesn’t he want to pay his fair share?

The hypocrisy doesn’t get any better than this.

News link credit:  Twitchy

Update, 1/8/2013 A staffer at Current TV has noticed that Al Gore sold ouf for oil money.  Perhaps it may even convince him that the whole AGW thing might need a second look.  Then again, maybe not.

How Many Environmental Emergencies Is This Now?

We have a new environmental catchphrase from Al Gore now:  Sustainable Capitalism. More importantly, what does this actually have to do with the environment?  Yes, he’s mentioning that it’s deflecting attention from the global cooling global warming climate change what hyperbole are we on again press the boom button climate crisis, but how does corporate reporting reform have anything to do with, say, endangered species?

How many environmental emergencies is this now?  There’s another one heating up due to the bird blenders, uh, windfarm operators, and frankly I’ve lost count.  Heck, I make fun of the ginned-up panic.  But back to Al Gore.

Guess that whole Climategate thing put a dent in his income.

News link credits:  Michelle Malkin, Hot Air.

Al Gore Calls BS. Loudly.

Long has this day been coming since Climategate folks, and it has arrived.  The Al Gore meltdown is here.  Let there be no mistaking his frustration at watching the green indulgences he was going to sell to the eco-believers of the Gaia cult (aka carbon credits) slip through his fingers.  A man who gets to sit back and watch all of his activist cred and fame disappear.  Don’t even get me started on the second chakra.

Al Gore calls BS.  Loudly, for all the good it will do him now.  Not safe for work (Credit to RealAspen for the audio):

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Shared reality? You mean where we were all supposed to still believe in AGW after all the evidence of data tampering and dissent suppression? How many fake polar bear drownings and ‘finessed’ hockey stick graphs did he think this mass delusion would survive?

No matter.  Enjoy the Gore fit.

News link credits:  Hot Air, Newsbusters, and Jeff Jacoby’s blog.