Tim Scott Replaces Jim DeMint

It’s sad to see DeMint leave the Senate, but at least Governer Haley nailed the appointment.  Yes, I’m treating it as good news due to the GOP inclination to bungle everything and the fact they resisted it here.  Tim Scott will be going to the Senate.  As he’s black and not the slightest bit brainwashed by the liberal racial mob mentality, he’s already under attack.

I’ve heard talk by some about a Trey Gowdy and take this opportunity to remind his supporters that Tim Scott’s rise to the Senate isn’t a case of either/or.  Lindsey Graham is up for re-election in 2014, and that McCain lackey could do with a pink slip in his primary.  So those of you that support Gowdy need only get him to run and help him lay the groundwork, and in 2014 you could have two awesome Senators instead of just one.

Congratulations, South Carolina.

News link credits:  Sister Toldjah, Twitchy

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