Walker Is Up In The Wisconsin Recall Mess

I’m always up for some good news, as there’s been precious little of it since 2008.  So it’s good to know that Walker is up twelve in a poll on his recall election.  What’s the reason beyond his union reforms working?

  1. Unions on display for what they really are.  There are no pretty ‘we’re for the little guy’ speeches to make when their antics can be seen on YouTube.  Wisconsin’s also seen them up close and personal and they don’t like it.
  2. Property taxes didn’t go up in Wisconsin for the first time in a good long while.
  3. Conservatism works, and Walker’s implemented quite a bit of it on top of what he did with the unions.  A big example is Wisconsin’s concealed carry law.

Two things from here.  First, if you’re in Wisconsin, absolutely positively go out and vote for Walker in June.  Being up in a poll has no meaning if no one goes to vote because Walker’s up in a poll.  Second, it probably wouldn’t hurt if someone in Wisconsin pulled a Prosser election goof and didn’t turn in their results until the eleventh hour.  The last time was an accident, but it keeps the Democrats from finding mystery votes in car trunks if they’re within the margin of fraud.

If Walker pulls this out, and every effort should be made to help him pull this out, he’s thrown a monstrous monkey wrench into the union machine and other states will be able to capitalize.  Wisconsin isn’t the only state in a union rut.  Plus, union money and organization are a cornerstone of Democrat power and they’re not going to be able to do as much damage without it.  Walker already deserves a lot of credit for what he’s done on that to date and more for getting the ball rolling despite the flak.

News link credit:  Hot Air, The Weekly Standard, The Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel

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