Why Shouldn’t The GOP Attack Obama On Gas Prices?

They are his fault, after all.

It’s poetic justice that his policies are coming back to haunt him in an election year.  The Keystone XL pipeline rejected.  The Gulf of Mexico drilling moratorium.  All the trouble the Obama administration and his eco-cultists give any and all energy production that actually produces energy.  Now, Obama’s babbling about how the GOP is licking its chops over high gas prices.

I wish they would fight.

The “necessarily skyrocket” quote should be in a campaign ad running constantly from now to November.  The GOP should attack Obama on gas prices because his policies are directly to blame.  And anytime a reporter mentions ‘speculators’ being the problem they should be hammered on it Newt-style.

Yet given even recent Republican history I don’t see it happening.  Two years of Boehner and McConnell alone leave me believing that the GOP wants to go back to being the status quo losers they were before ’94.  Plus, if they nominate Romney they won’t have a leg to stand on because his environmental history includes things like this.  So there’s a good chance the Republican nominee wouldn’t even be worth the effort of electing.

Still, nothing says we can’t call Obama on it ourselves.  No point in sitting around and waiting for Republicans to produce good Presidential candidates to do it for us.

News link credits:  Hot Air, The Daily Caller, The Blaze

Update, 2/23/2012:  Correction to fifth paragraph including link to details of Romney’s environmental record from Massachusetts.

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