Here’s How The Capitulation Is Working For The GOP

Today seems like a good day to talk about GOP capitulation, because they’re being attacked on the austerity they’ve supposedly inflicted on us all.  Yes, all of that hellish austerity is slowing down the economy.  It’s all the GOP’s fault.  Except that they haven’t actually done all that much by the way of budget cuts.

Here’s the bottom line.  They managed a few hundred million in cuts in a continuing resolution, and received a complete thrashing in their wholesale capitulation on the debt ceiling.  I’ll grant this presumes it ends with a deadlocked Super Committee, which is a good bet.  Their base isn’t happy with them now because not only are the Republicans not doing anything budget-related correctly, but they attacked their base as ‘childish’ for actually wanting something real done.  Didn’t buy any goodwill from the left in the end, did it?  Now both sides are going to be mad at the GOP.

Typical Republican fail.

Now the establishment wants Romney to be the nominee, arguing for his electability.  If you stop to think about it, he’s too far to the left to be electable.  He’s not distinguishable from Obama in any meaningful way.  His argument and that of every other RINO can be boiled down to something along the lines of ‘I concede that the Democrat way of doing things is the right way, but I’m better because I’m going to do less of it more slowly.  Oh, and the conservatives have nowhere to go so they have to vote for me and they can suck it’ (this is not a direct quote from anyone).  If he’s nominated, I’m sure he’ll give a beautifully delivered and polished concession speech in November against an incumbent that could not have won without him.  As a mislabeled Democrat, he’ll have capitulated on all of the arguments before the election even begins in a futile attempt to attract independents and annoyed the base he thinks he can take for granted.

The moral of this story?  If you’re going to be attacked for being conservative no matter what, be conservative.  It works and will give anyone who uses it actual successes to tout come election time.  The media and Democrats will never love Republicans, but trying to appease them can cost those Republicans the support of their base.  At the very least, they may get votes but can forget the manpower they they need to win elections.

Being the Other Democrats never works.  The sooner they learn that, the more they’ll win in the future.  Heck, the RINOs might even buy themselves a little leeway once they rack up enough real wins to get the wiggle room.  The Gathering Of Pansies approach, however, won’t continue to do.

News link credit:  Hot Air

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