The Chipmunk John McCain Understands the OWS

Most people get annoyed when The Chipmunk John McCain says something, but I no longer understand why.  We can annoy him back since he fumbled his presidential ambitions in 2008.  So quit complaining, get on the maverick supporter train, and become one with the maverick love.

McCain said this:

“Down in Arizona today, Maricopa County has the highest number of homes underwater of any place in this country,” he told reporters Wednesday. “And it’s disgraceful that we took care of the financial institutions, and we did nothing about the housing crisis. So I understand their frustration.”

He later quipped that he may be the “only” Republican does.

He shouldn’t worry.  He fits in nicely with all of his fellow Democrats.

As for the rest?  Yes, he mumbled something about the housing crisis before it happened, but must have decided it was too much like cutting into his mavericky time and didn’t really follow through. Plus, he was one of the driving farces (intentional) behind TARP, as he stopped campaigning long enough to push the bill through Congress and push his own presidential campaign off a cliff.

Even then, he didn’t bother taking care of the housing crisis despite spending $700 billion.  The Community Reinventment Act is still in place.  Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are still intact and ready to do more damage.  Only now, anyone who cares to pile on can remind McCain he blew his one shot at greatness in 2008, and now that he’s the media’s expended idiot, his maverick days aren’t coming back.

News link credit:  Politico.  Hat tip to Michelle Malkin’s blog.

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