Obama Blows It With The EPA

At first glance, Obama asking the EPA to withdraw their new ozone regulations and commenting about their effect on job creation seems like simple brazen deceit.

Yes, he’s obnoxious when he talks as though he’s been on the regulatory stability bandwagon all along.  He likely did this in reaction to the fact that there were no new jobs added by our economy this month, and he knows it’s going to bite him come 2012.  He’ll likely reiterate his words now in his speech to both houses of Congress next week, the one he had to reschedule when he tried to bulldoze the Republican presidential debate with it.  While we can take this as another small win for Boehner, may he keep it up, there’s one other giant FUBAR Obama just committed.

A Democrat has effectively stated that overbearing environmental regulations stifle economic growth.  This is a monster admission.  While nothing real will be done about the regulatory adventurism while Obama is in office, and the only reason he said this was so he could cover his flank with independents, he has just shafted the green movement.

If the Republicans choose, and I’ll grant that’s a big ‘if’ because the majority of them are me-too types, they now have a means to start restoring sense to our environmental policy.  They can point to Obama and say ‘See, even the President admits these regulations cause harm.’  They’ve been handed a stick they may or may not use, but it’s a new way to beat back the madness.  The best part about this is that Obama may or may not even care he did this.  As far as he’s concerned, he’s all that matters.

At least Big Green will have plenty of company under the bus.

News link credit to Michelle Malkin’s blog.

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