The Illinois Irritation

rhinoI supposed the Massachusetts Miracle had to be balanced by something, cosmically speaking.  So I give you the Illinois Irritation:  Mark Kirk has been nominated for Senate.  Michael Steele is excited, but my response can be summed up as hoo-friggin-ray.

Yes, there are rumblings about taking Obama’s old seat, but I’ve had my symbolic victory for the year with Scott Brown.  The same Brown who turned around and said “I’m a McCain Republican” after being elected.  With him, there were practical and very pressing considerations overriding the fact he was a Northeastern Republican.  You know, that whole single-payer Trojan Horse health care destruction bill thing.

There are no such considerations with Kirk, and he can take a flying leap.

I’ve heard enough from the hold-your-nose Republicans on the subject, and reject it wholesale.  It’s time for the practical considerations again, which is getting conservatives elected.  I would even settle for conservative enough, but in this instance they don’t even manage that.

We’ve shown enough RINO tolerance for this year.  Kirk, like any other RINO need not apply, because unlike Democrats:

  1. They can undermine conservatism from within
  2. They can get liberalism blamed on conservatives
  3. They can give Democrats the cover of bipartisanship when they should be owning their own damage
  4. They can destroy their own party like they did in 2006 and 2008, reversing all the hard work we would do to rebuild it
  5. They will do any of the above at the drop of a hat…
  6. Which will impede conservative repairs to leftist damage and averting any further decline of the country

Mark Kirk has already proven he’ll betray us when the chips are down with his vote for Cap and Trade.  There’s no reason to be stuck with him as a Senator for six years.  Yes, he may win anyway without our help, but why try to move Heaven and Earth for a guy you already know is going to be part of the problem for a symbolic victory?  The worst that can happen in this instance is a net loss of zero Senate seats.

Yes, Obama is bad, but that doesn’t mean we go back to square one by replacing all the RINOs who properly lost their jobs.  Granted, a few may make it back, but better a smaller gain by maximizing the number of reliable people than a Bush-style majority of Other Democrats.

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