Today’s Pitbull Award is for Senator Coburn

pitbullawardthumbI’m starting to wonder if I should call Oklahoma and ask if they have some extra Senators who wouldn’t mind coming to Virginia to Webb and Warner.

I’ve long since been impressed by Inhofe.  However, today’s Pitbull Award goes to Senator Coburn.  He’s the Oklahoma senator who decided to stall healthcare and expose Bernie Sanders’ socialism at the same time by getting the Senate to read Sanders’ latest single-payer health-care amendment in full.

Sanders pulled the amendment before it was finished.  It’s against the rules to do that but then again, they’re Democrats (and one socialist).  What did anyone expect?

Again, my compliments to Senator Coburn.  It’s been a while since I could give out a Pitbull Award, and he surely deserves recognition as the patriotic pitbull he was today.  I hope DeMint follows his example and carries through on his threat to have the whole bill read if it should survive the current support collapse it’s experiencing now.

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