2010 Is a Tricky Thing

rhinoHere’s the situation on 2010, since it’s coming up soon.

Yes, it will be good to replace Democrats with the right Republicans.  Namely, the conservative ones.  If that happens, we have a good chance of getting the country back on track, because there’s no reason to believe Obama will be able pull Clintons on them by signing their legislation and then stealing credit for it.  He doesn’t have it in him to move to the right.

The problems start with that whole “right Republicans” thing.

There’s every reason to believe the Republican leadership will try to replenish the RINO ranks in 2010.  They’re not any more thrilled with conservatives than the Democrats, though they find us more useful.  Plus, 2010 looks to produce a highly motivated electorate that wants anyone but the Democrats, which makes for a great time to elect otherwise useless RINO candidates.

Crist was the first example of this.  Now Carly Fiorina, the RINO running for the Republican Senate nomination in California to square off against Boxer, is currently fundraising with the NRSC.  At this point, it’s safe to say the Republican leadership is laying the groundwork for a RINO comeback.

Should that occur, 2010 will become an exercise in futulity as the RINOs revert to form in Congress.  So while the excitement I’ve seen about getting rid of the Democrats is understandable, remember that 2010 is a tricky thing.  If the RINOs win, it won’t have meant much.

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