The Left Backs Away From Political Correctness?

Why is the left acknowledging political correctness now?

It started recently with a Jonathan Chait article.  Reading a post where a liberal is at least suggesting that political correctness might not be such productive thing was as improbable as seeing a unicorn run across the sky on a rainbow.  PC has been their stick since I first saw it rear its ugly head.  Yet there he was, trying to differentiate the ‘left’ from politically correct culture, as if there is any difference.

We get another variation on this theme here, and even Kevin Costner is openly saying the race card is a means to silence dissent.  Leftists trying to distance themselves from political correctness?  To those of us who believe that the most cynical answer in politics is usually the most correct, this can’t possibly have anything to do with an epiphany on their part.

It’s possible the ‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot’ crowd was the moment they realized the monster they helped to create and found so helpful at one time is seeing them as just more kibble along with us brutish conservatives.  Truly rabid PC is something that won’t stay inside polite boundaries or go back in its box, and now it’s biting them too.  It wouldn’t do for them to stop being special and have the PC enforcers shrieking at them.

Either that, or they see it finally imploding and this is their attempt to distance themselves from their own disaster.  It wouldn’t be the first time leftists have blamed failed policy on someone else when it finally irritated enough of the normal people.  If the payment for the piper is coming due after all the decades of dancing they’ve done?  It’s not going to be fun for them.

Get Out of My Meeting!

Yes, McCain did something that at first glance seems unthinkable.  He berated a liberal special interest group, namely Code Pink, when they interrupted his meeting.  It’s a rare day when Team Vagina Wear gets the treatment from a fellow prog.

On the flip side, you shouldn’t read too much into it.  They were disturbing John McCain, so he reacted to people who offended him.  Him.  Not conservatives, not his party, not anything philosophical.  Him.  It coincidentally happens to be a good thing to see but don’t think of it as the start of a trend, unless it’s as the lead-up to his re-election in Arizona.

Scott Walker May Be In The Race

At last, someone with some results we can get behind and elect.  Scott Walker has formed a PAC and might just decide to announce a run for President.   As he’s been steamrolling liberals in Wisconsin for three elections and two terms as governor, there’s a reason to get enthusiastic about the guy.  He’s not Authentic Mitt.

However, even if you like him (and yes, I do) remember the mistakes we made with Bush 43 so we don’t repeat them.  There should never again be any unconditional support of the ‘R’ candidates or elected officials.  That enabled the never-ending left turns of the last idiot and paved the way for Obama.  So I’ll be happy to support the guy so long as he can move the ball right and doesn’t decide to pursue an amnesty, create a new government program, or go groveling to world leaders like the current placeholder in the White House.

If Walker continues his current work though, skulls for the skull throne!

EPA Director Warns About Global Warming During the Snow

How do you even parody something like this?

The EPA director is making more noises about climate change.  We need to do something now, because the government needs more money actually cares about the weather.  Well, if it’s going to get hotter it should do so soon so they can replace the kale at the Whole Foods up in New York.  The hipsters might have to start eating beef jerky, or Heaven forbid, Chef Boyardee.

On more serious note, if something involves claims by the environmentalist movement, always confirm their assertions before believing them.  If it sounds like panic-mongering, it’s just that until shown true and not a moment before.  Given their history, it’s safe to assume hyperbole.

The maverick always has it coming