Obama Doing As He Pleases On Cuba

Obama’s in his last term, he’s purged his party from Congress so he doesn’t really have to worry about breaking their majorities anymore, and he only has two more years to wreak havoc.  What’s a guy to do in these circumstances?  Normalize relations with Cuba.  It’s going over like a lead balloon in a lot of corners but as we’re stuck with Boehner and McConnell, nothing of substance will be done about it.

Rubio and Rand Paul are sparring over it, which means one of Schumer’s Republicans is arguing with Mitch McConnell’s latest acquisition.  We can discuss Cuba, or rather we can discuss what Obama should have done with Cuba rather than what he’ll do regardless, but these two are background noise.  We can figure it out, but the clean-up will have to wait until Obama is gone, and possibly until we can replace his successor with a real leader.

FCC Rules for the Redskins

This is noted just for the sheer joy of watching political correctness take a hit, no matter how small.  The FCC ruled that ‘Redskins’ isn’t obscene.  Given that the word hasn’t been considered obscene for all this time, that might sound simply like a confirmation of the obvious, but this is the Obama administration.  The fact the FCC would make this decision with him in office is a good sign.


Vermont Drops Single Payer Plans

Gruber’s mouth was good for something after all.

This time, it may have sunk Vermont’s single payer plan, which means Vermont won’t be suffering from overpriced, insufficient health care just yet.  It also means we won’t be getting drained for it in the other 49 states.  He’s lent those of us opposed to his work no small amount of ammunition and for starters saved the citizens of Vermont some trouble…for now.

We could use his verbal indiscretions on Obamacare, but that would require a party that’s actually opposed to it being somewhere in Washington.

Jeb Takes the Jump

Jeb Bush has announced he’s exploring a Presidential run.  His timing couldn’t be worse and might easily be mistaken for trolling.  After the slap in the face that was Cromnibus, no one could blame you for thinking he’s simply heaping more indignity onto conservatives.  If he actually wants to become President, there are so many fun ways that can go wrong.

Yes, he has a real shot at the primary.  The Establishment is good at getting its milquetoast losers nominated and it doesn’t pull punches against its own voters.  But there is that part where Boehner and McConnell just squandered everything the election wave handed them, and it’s going to reflect on him too.  His brother also spent a few years as President exposing the Republican Establishment as hostile to conservatives, setting the stage for the rise of the Tea Party, and laying bare the lie that the Republicans have any interest in their own platform.  They’ve left him with nothing upon which to stand, and that’s just recent history.

Best of all, if he loses we can rub it in his face.  If  he thinks getting himself the nomination and thus wasting another Presidential election is a good thing, imagine what happens if and likely when he’s defeated in November 2016.  We can troll him for the rest of his life.  He won’t have measured up to his father and brother, and we will be able to remind him of this fact every time he decides to poke us icky conservatives in the eye again.  Politics ain’t beanbag and all that.

Hope he has fun running for President.

The maverick always has it coming