Thoughts on the Brexit

The UK had the sense to vote against allowing itself to be strangled by the EU on June 23, 2016.  It is cause for celebration, but only because it shows enough people retain sense to recognize the slowly creeping authoritarianism and globalist agenda for what it truly does to them.  All this vote says is that they want out of the EU and that the government should start negotiating it.  Quite a few people in that government are in a position to drag their feet on this, although they might now be rid of Cameron too.

It is one more big step in the nationalist trend, both in Europe and the US, and a good sign.  To finalize the Brexit may require a government that just says ‘Treaty, Shmeaty’ and simply departs the EU without their consent, as that consent is not likely forthcoming.  Every country that leaves the EU is another chunk of power taken from its bureaucrats and momentum in the opposite direction of their desires.  People who have power tend not to enjoy losing it, so expect more dirty tricks and deception in response.

Supreme Court Blocks Another Amnesty

I’m going to note this only because it leads to another relevant point.

The Supreme Court upheld a lower court 4-4 and blocked an executive amnesty.  This means exactly nothing.  Obama will ignore the ruling and keep on keeping on anyway.  So what’s the solution?

For the first time since Reagan, we have two Presidential candidates who are actually distinguishable and the Republican nominee isn’t a complete waste of time, effort, and votes.  Congress won’t stop Obama because it’s infested with Establishment Republicans who are either terrified of political correctness or buy into it.  You will need a new President to turn this around, so consider Trump quickly.  He is as far from the same old song and dance as is currently in politics and your best bet to end the Obama Error.

Democrat Hissy Fit Called What It Is

The problem with Democrats is that they are very good at pretending to moral authority.  Their latest stunt was a sit-in on the floor of the House.  Supposedly, they were going to force the issue on gun control, which despite evidence to the contrary (see Chicago) is supposedly the thing to solve all our terrorism problems.  If you’re informed you’re not going to buy into it, but their base certainly will, as will those who primarily consume the MSM’s output.

They also have to distract from the truth, delivered by Gohmert during said hissy fit, yet it has been around for a while.

The Democrats can call for gun control, certainly.  The ghouls do it after every tragedy.  In the case of Orlando though, the motivation was jihad and importing more of it makes no sense.  It’s so obvious they’re actively trying to spin it away.  So when we look at evidence and draw conclusions, it doesn’t make us less moral than the Democrats.  They’re only weaving a fictitious narrative to edge the US towards a socialist utopia that has never and will never be (see Venezuela, Cuba, and Soviet Union for the most likely result).

Theatrics and manufactured outrage are not moral authority.

Trump Taking Donations

This is more a notification than anything else, and the button is up on his website now.  He’s the nominee and he’s taking donations.  He’s run lean up to this point and there’s no cause to believe he’s going to stop stretching the dollars in the general election.  If nothing else, you can be assured your money will be well spent to keep the globalists out of the White House for once.

As for the Republican Establishment playing games at the convention and taking the nomination away from him under the guise of ‘saving conservatism?’  We already know they’re worthless, so they would be perfectly happy to try it.  We know anyone who would step into his place is betrayal waiting to happen, and thus unworthy of support.  The ‘conservative’ media #NeverTrump outlets that back it would self-identify as in on the deceit regardless of their invocations of ‘But, but, HILLARY!.’  Lots of credibility and the loss of the voting and consumer bases they require to thrive is just waiting.

The maverick always has it coming