Trump’s The Nominee

He crossed the magic number and now has the Republican nomination.  His detractors all sound like we did when we were arguing against their latest Establishment pick and they were agitating for it, and Obama is losing it.  So much good news at one time.  I’m starting to wonder if this turmoil might not be such a bad thing.  No major transitions ever seem to go smoothly, and we need a major one away from the status quo.

Now he needs to get down to the business of cleaning the losers and backstabbers out of the Republican Party.  They’ll tear him to the ground if he lets them.

Yes, There’s Going to be Violence

Trump’s New Mexico rally attracted violent protesters.  They’ve done a lot of that.  Sundance over at The Last Refuge thinks it’s astroturf and I’m inclined to believe him.  But the violence isn’t over yet because things have only just begun.

If you want to know why anyone believes Trump is a real change, look at the behavior of those thriving from the status quo.  The left is causing violence at Trump rallies.  The Republican Establishment pretends to defend conservatism as an excuse to undermine him after their collusion with the Democrats brought him about.  A lot of iron rice bowls are on the line and self-interest energizes pols like nothing else.

Expect more trouble.

McAuliffe Under Investigation

Not really a surprise.  He only made it to the governorship of Virginia with the help of a ringer vote-splitter and the local Republican party hating its own nominee.  It’s not like the man was elected on the merits of his upstanding record.

So yes FBI, please investigate him.  Unlike Hillary, we would also appreciate it if you actually charged him too.  He wouldn’t be the first Clintonista to suffer for being one, and just like with the rest, it would be justice served.

Trump Is Wasting No Time

And it is a beautiful thing to behold.

The Clintons have bushels of issues on which they can be challenged, and Trump led with the big one.  Broaddrick takes away Hillary’s bogus ‘woman’ card and turns Bill into a liability, two things she absolutely cannot afford.  It’s nice to see a Republican nominee in it to win it for the first time since I could vote for Republican Presidential candidates, especially now.  If anyone has earned a hardcore electoral curb stomping, it’s Hillary.

Trump has also laid down the law at the RNC.  Looking forward to the personnel changes there.  At some point he will realize he needs to make them, and hopefully it won’t be until after some of the old guard does something damaging to his run.

The maverick always has it coming