Pence Blows His Walker Moment

It wasn’t difficult to see this coming.  Taking an action to prevent Christian business owners from being bullied out of existence or into submission by gay activism was going to draw fire.  The Obama Administration has been particularly hostile to Christianity and the left has been riding high for six years.  So the fact Pence had so little of a plan to deal with the patently obvious that he’s trying to talk his way out of it was completely unnecessary.

There is no walking it back now.  All he’ll manage to do is chase off his friends and leave himself only with enemies.  Worse still, there are people who successfully dealt with the left in the very recent past that he might have emulated, namely one Governor Walker.  If Pence had plans to run for President in 2016, he needs to put them down and walk away because he just blew his Walker moment.

Yes, he should have acted and acted big.  What he should not have done was failed to predict a reaction that has been occurring for decades now and planned for it.  The left’s response to all challenges is entirely predictable.

Harry Reid Is Leaving the Senate

Acting Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid had decided to not run for re-election.  It’s good news, and on a Friday so there’s no cause for complaint.  Granted, he’s backing Schumer for his replacement as Acting Senate Majority Leader, which means the only question is if Reid will trade McConnell to him for a carton of cigarettes in the cloak room or have a ceremony for it in the Senate well.

Enough pessimism though.  Reid’s departure will improve DC, if ever so slightly, and it’s cause enough to cheer.  We’ve had precious little reason to do that lately.

Cruz Flips Climate Change Rhetoric On It’s Head

Ok, this little gem of rhetoric against the global warming eco-cultists is just delivered with style by Ted Cruz.  To have a conservative call them flat-earthers?  That just flips their ‘Climate Change is real because Science11!111!1!!11′ propaganda line on its head.

Moreover, the analogy is well chosen.  They really are the ones screaming ‘heretic’ whenever someone points to facts disproving man-made global warming global cooling climate change.  It’s like the hyperbole is becoming transparent or something.

Update, 3/27/2015:  Minor edit, first paragraph.

Israel’s Nuclear Program Declassified

Every time I think Obama can’t get any worse, he does.  This time, it’s the declassification of Israel’s nuclear program.  Of course he didn’t have anything to do with it, given the timing and the amount of damage it could do to someone who just overcame him to get re-elected there, or at least nothing to do with it he’ll admit.  He does have a voting block to maintain after all.

Then there’s this little jewel of Obama drama, complete with a very appropriate question for American Jews who vote Democrat from Ace.  They might have had enough, or they might just be liberal before all else as the rest of the left tends to be.  That will be the key to their electoral decisions.

The maverick always has it coming