Michael Brown Meme Discredited by…The DOJ

Ok, color me surprised.  Even with Holder gone, the ‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot’ fictional meme should have at the most gone untouched.  To suggest the DOJ under Obama did its job correctly and accurately reported on evidence is a pleasant change of pace.  Similar to witnessing a blue moon or a unicorn, but at least it actually happened.

Why did the heavily politicized DOJ do it?  That is another question entirely.  Perhaps when the ‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot’ protests became the ‘Get Loud, Disturb Lunch‘ protests affecting liberals, it was time to try and open the steam valve.  Cynicism that there’s reasoning was strictly job related would be well founded.

Boehner Allows a Clean DHS Bill

Perhaps the word ‘allows’ is not appropriate.  Boehner was complicit in the passage of a clean DHS funding bill that kept Obama’s executive amnesty intact with yet another Boehner special.  If the injunction against the President’s execution of the amnesty doesn’t hold, we’ll have been cursed with yet another one.

Forget wailing and the gnashing of teeth.  By now, you have either decided you’re done with more of the same or you have not.  If you have not and wish to overcome this, resolve to be done with the usual.  It’s time for the next steps and they don’t follow in the previous ones.

What those next steps are is subject to debate.  Some say third party.  Some say be more ruthless in removing the perfidious from office and continue to try and take over.  Some say we have to give the wrong people good reason to do the right things.  There’s also Levin’s Article V convention and state level nullification.  It remains to be seen which one or combination of the above is the solution.

What is absolutely indisputable at this point is that the definition of insanity is not the solution.  No, we don’t keep falling into line with the Republicans without question because (fill in the blank with a Democrat) or Greater Good.  They’ve amply demonstrated they don’t stop Democrats and at the national level, serve no greater good.

So to start, quit listening to those advocating for more of the same.  Tune out the fear and the browbeating tactics.  Quit giving page hits and ad clicks to Establishment shills.  There are a whole host of blogs on Badblue.com that would be happy to have you visit and many of them have better manners.

Quit letting your memory fail you and taking those claiming conservatism at their words each election.  If your representative is Establishment, quit restricting yourself to artificial windows such as primaries only to remove them.  Acclimate yourselves to split-ticket voting to help remove them from office, or at the very least blanking the lines of those who do not deserve your support (I did it to Gillespie to keep another Establishment politician out of the Senate, so I’m not just blowing air).  Their calculations include conservative nose-holding and are thus far sufficiently valid, so stop doing what they want and change that calculation.

Forget unfocused rage and change to become what is necessary to fix these circumstances.  If you want those saying they represent you to succeed for America, ensure their betrayals and failures have no other outcome besides losing their seats.  That means no more definition of insanity ever again, and no more granting credibility to those that continue to try and enforce it.

Climate Change Causes Everything

The eco-cultist crowd is shoehorning global cooling global warming hockey stick hyperbole climate change into just about everything.  Now, it’s causing ISIS.  Really.

What special breed of dumbass do you have to be to blame climate change for a horde?  Did climate change cause other hordes in history?  Did the Mongols get mad at SUVs?  Were the Vikings actually avenging the drowning polar bears?

But hey, things are bad enough that we need something to blame, right?  So if climate change causes everything, let’s get to work.

  • Climate change caused Obama.  I suppose you could also say that McCain and Romney contributed to his terms with their awe-inspiring suckage, but some large-scale cataclysmic weather event must have caused Obama.  Now if it could only make him go away.
  • Climate change causes changing climate.  It sounds ominous without actually saying anything and has its own symmetry.  That argument makes a perfect circle and will likely create as many activists as the petition against dihydrogen monoxide.  It will also be just as pointless
  • Climate change causes puppies.  No, it really doesn’t, but if you want to idly pass the time, tell a liberal this is the case and see how long it takes the mental lockup to clear.  Should they remain in an infinite loop processing how good could possibly equal bad, remember to dust them regularly.

Seriously, climate change doesn’t cause terrorists.  Just stop.

Now Announcing Acting Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid

McConnell made that official by jamming a clean DHS funding bill through the Senate with the help of the usual suspects.  It doesn’t defund the executive amnesty, it puts one of McConnell’s peers on the spot in the House to save his own hide from the bad press of a shutdown, and as usual it’s a complete capitulation.  So for McConnell, it’s just another day ending in ‘day’.  For Harry Reid, it’s back to business almost as it was prior to November.  Since he did seem to back off on his condition that Boehner capitulate prior to passing the bill, it might be safe to assume he has his old office back in compensation.

Once again, I would like to credit Senator Paul for his part in making this and every other betrayal Mitch McConnell is going to inflict possible by backing him through the primaries.  It’s not like an amnesty, out of control spending, McConnell’s nigh postal behavior towards his own base, or refusals to stand up to executive excesses like Net Neutrality come close to measuring up to Paul’s presidential ambitions and self-aggrandizement.  He’s a special snowflake like that.

The maverick always has it coming