Bad Tidings for Hillary

There was some funny business in Iowa regarding random caucus vote changes favoring Hillary’s campaign.  In other news, water is wet.  What makes this different was that it was not only Democrat on Democrat shenanigans, but that in Hillary’s case, it was necessary.

Hillary stands a real chance of losing the Democrat presidential nomination to yet another non-serious contender.  Again.  Only this time, if she’s not more worth than she is trouble, there’s a potential indictment hanging over her head regarding flexible email hosting at State.  So what happens if the Democrats find a real alternative to her and must because she’s a sure loser?

I’m guessing it will be painful if you’re Hillary and no small measure of justice if you’re anyone who’s actually paying attention to her record.

Why Are We Talking About The Establishment Like They’re Conservative?

I’ve seen some confusion in applying this term to the Establishment and don’t get the latest trend.  The Republican Establishment is not conservative.  It’s why we identify them as a separate group of opposition that colludes with Democrats.  At best, they’re just an unprincipled gaggle of politicians whose only goals are to get rich and self-aggrandize in office while giving the people that put them there nothing for their efforts but deceit.  Otherwise, we wouldn’t be differentiating them from actual grassroots conservatives.

Rubio sure as hell isn’t a conservative.  He’s an easily rolled Bush Republican whose only difference from a Democrat is the fact he would have us at war with all of North Africa and the Middle East.  His nomination isn’t acceptable regardless of who’s vouching for him.  The Gang of 8 revealed him for what he really was, and any advancement he makes in the primaries is an issue that needs to be addressed yesterday.

So can we all stop pretending amnesty, reaching across the aisle, bad trade deals, and nation building are conservatism?  We’re for limited government, personal liberty, free markets, and defeating our enemies without lunatic ROEs and without rebuilding them afterwards.  Throw in a healthy dose of common sense and we could do better for the country than the Establishment, which should be identified as the entity separate from conservatism that it is.  Period.

Rand Paul Drops Out


Honestly, should we be unhappy now?  That whole endorsement of McConnell in 2014 didn’t pay off after all, did it?  Now he can go run for Senate and talk a good fight with no concern at all that anything he says he wants will ever come to pass.  That’s because he helped the biggest impediment to conservative and libertarian legislation, Mitch McConnell, retain his seat.

At least he gets to enjoy this little bit of karma.

The Iowa Caucuses Amateur Punditry Post

Today is the Iowa caucuses and it’s time for some amateur punditry before the results tally and we all realize how off everybody was.

My guess is Trump for the win by a plurality.  No one has heard about his ground game, which doesn’t necessarily mean he doesn’t have one.  He hasn’t approached politics in the same manner as everyone else and his past accomplishments would lead one to believe that he isn’t leaving it to chance.  Why do all of this only to choke at the gate?

Cruz will place here.  He may be first, but if voting by new caucus goers happens as anticipated Trump will take first instead.  Rubio is mentioned as a third choice and my general plan is still in place if he or any other Establishment donor puppet gets the nomination.  The Gang of 8 is all I need to know about him and he can enjoy his concession speech so far as I’m concerned.

Only the numbers will tell for certain and they will be followed by a blizzard of spin.  That much is predictable with great certainty.

The maverick always has it coming