Enjoying the Moment

Hillary Clinton has offered those of us in the electoral peanut gallery  couple of good moments to believe she may finally attain some level of accountability in November.

1.)  Hillary left an event on 9/11 with assistance.  At least that’s the friendly way to put it.  Others say she was carried out and thrown into a van.  Regardless, it doesn’t appear her health is up to the task of running for President.  You could say it would be a shame if Trump simply ran her into the ground on his way to victory in November, but there’s really no point in being polite any longer.

2.)  The ‘basket of deplorables’ comment from the Clinton camp, better known as the gift to Trump that keeps on giving.  No one should really care that the Democrats are stringing along identity politics epithets like ‘bigot’ and ‘racist’ if you’ve been subjected to it for a few decades.  They’re basically Shut Up and Fall Into Line cards cynically played to mock opposition into submission.

Trouble is that they’re not dealing with a campaign like Team Bushfail.  They’re dealing with Trump, who is in it to become President.  They’re dealing with people who show some inkling of pushback against the Alinsky crap.  And we deplorables that are supposed to be cowed by this latest round of anti-racist virtue signaling are embracing the term.

Enjoy the show.  Things may get crazy before this is over.

One Last Chance at McCain

Tomorrow is the best chance Arizona has at removing McCain with Kelli Ward.  The Democrat, although offering honesty in labeling and thus an improvement if less so than Ward, doesn’t have as much hope.  In either event, if McCain makes it back to the Senate there is a good chance he will spend the rest of his life there.  If you want to hold him to account by removing him office involuntarily Arizona, tomorrow is your last realistic chance.

I apologize to both of my avid readers about the absence last week.  I’ve been off on a project I will be taking up full time once this blog winds down for good.  McCain will either be removed or set for life come November.  And as for what I lightheartedly call the Maverick Paradigm?  It’s alive and well on sites like Breitbart that do that job far better than I can.  Republican duplicity is now a common topic of conversation and no one who now knows of it is going back to sleep again.  The Establishment free ride is gone.  It’s glorious, and I wish I’d had more to do with it.

But for now, opportunity knocks Arizona.  See McCain for what he truly is and pink slip him accordingly.

Notes About Trump Support

If you’re a Trump supporter, take a moment to consider these points.

1.)  If he were doing as badly as the media wants you to believe, they wouldn’t be this rabid.  They’ve been short-circuited this entire election cycle and it’s showing.  If you start to feel demoralized by their outright lying, disconnect from them.

2.)  Trump has done well to this point but his victory is by no means certain.  So while it is to your advantage to tune out the detractors, do not tune out when he requests your assistance.  He has to upend the iron rice bowls of the existing power structure on both sides to restore true representation and he’ll need some help.

3.)  In the future, skepticism of all leadership is an absolute must.  As this election season has demonstrated, they might not be who you thought they were and require a complete write-off.  I don’t miss a lot of the people I’ll never be fool enough to believe again, and recommend that approach to you.

4.)  There is no practical distinction between Republican Establishment and the Democrats.  The fact they sound the same as you do until it matters is immaterial.  If you can’t primary one that absolutely must go (see Paul Ryan), purge vote them, because it concentrates the opposition to one party instead of leaving it infesting both of them.  There will be no true second party until you insist on it with your voting and rule out the alternative.

Keep calm and carry on.

Obamacare Set For the Next Round of Pain

You could ask how anyone with a soul could have passed and even now defend such a bill as Obamacare but that would require believing that Democrats had souls instead of being ideologically driven zombies.  Unfortunately, they’re also effective ideologically driven zombies facing a controlled opposition.  So now the next round of Obamacare is going to hit and aside from Trump, there’s no stopping it.

Virginia is one of the states that will get the rate hike treatment.  There are a few more states in that list at the link as well.  May the left and the #NeverTrump crowd enjoy them.  As for the rest of us, don’t be distracted by the shiny objects and vote splitter candidates.  We have an alternative in Trump and a real chance at some damage reversal if we elect him.

The maverick always has it coming