More on Moral Authority

If there’s anything in the political sphere you can bet will happen, it’s politicians or their supporters pretending to moral authority.  Yes, pretending.  Remember that these are the people that go to Washington to feed and have lately done nothing but enrich their cronies and pass laws that make your life worse.  In short, outside of a few noteworthy exceptions, there are no politicians with moral authority.

Now they don’t come out and directly say it.  You have approaches like Kasich, the sanctimonious ass in charge of Ohio who’s offering to buy Bibles for people who don’t think his Medicaid expansion was a good idea.  His pretense to moral authority?  He conflates socialism to Christianity and punctuates it with a condescending tone.  The fact its bankrupting us and doesn’t work besides might not have anything to do with it?  Ask anyone who ever had to live behind the Iron Curtain if they think big government was divine, and they will likely have another opinion.

Shaming is a tactic that absolutely requires the perception of moral authority or it doesn’t work.  As this is the big driving force behind political correctness, which is something that is currently preventing us from dealing effectively with mass immigration and the threat of radical Islam, recognizing when it is not legitimate is an absolute must.  It could be the politically correct actually believe what they’re shoveling, but being loud and acting as though they have a point does not true moral authority make.  We all seem to be catching on to that, and we’re also pretty certain when actual shaming is necessary and when it is manufactured.

Last is Obama, whose latest lecture over a mass shooting should be treated as nothing more than irritating.  I’ve seen proper responses to it all over, because the fact he has a large microphone and the Presidency doesn’t make him right.  This might upset the ‘respect the office’ sorts but you should really take into account the fact we’re in extraordinary times under a leftist radical.  Believe in any moral authority from Obama and he’ll lead us off a cliff.  Again.

I’m not saying you should grow so cynical you immediately ignore moral authority, but you should never assume it is present when anyone in politics is calling on it.  Arrogance, sanctimony, and favorable media access to not equate to it.  Mentioning Jesus or quoting the Bible does not make it materialize out of thin air.  And historically, calls like ‘For the Children!’ led up to the passage of truly ugly legislation.  So be skeptical first and decide for yourself if any given assertion actually does have moral authority behind it.  More often than not, it doesn’t.

The Russians Are In Syria

To paraphrase an opinion I agree with on this, they can have it.

Yes, Russia is conducting strikes in Syria, likely to prop up one of their allied states.  Yes, they’re probably hitting ‘Pro-American’ Syrian rebels, which have already turned over their weapons to other extremist groups and so have proven less than trustworthy.  There’s nothing in Syria but Islam fighting Islam and the Russians can sort it out.

Does the fact they just up and started after one phone call’s worth of warning embarrass Obama?  Absolutely, and only Obama.  America is still around, though we’re all hoping for real leadership we’re not getting and not doing so well under leftist policy.  So their move was a direct result of them assessing Obama and finding him wanting, which is unfortunately accurate.

I’m sure he’s aiming a hashtag at Putin even as we speak.

Happy to be a Conservative Caveman

The New York Times had an article of some sort, which I refuse to categorize as anything respectable, regarding the behaviors of a Modern Man.  I refuse to link to it there because I like AoSHQ better.  It brings me no small measure of satisfaction to read through the points posted from that article there, and one after the other fail to meet them.

If that’s what it is to be a Modern Man, I’m happy to be a Conservative Caveman.

The EPA Attacks Sunlight

Well, they are trying to tax air, at least the carbon dioxide part of it, so in retrospect this has been coming for a while.

The sun causes ozone and hurts plants?  It might have to pay a huge fine or something.  Seriously, just because it’s a gigantic fusion reaction 93 million miles away is no reason the EPA won’t send inspectors or summon it to court over this.  Our environment has to be protected, and that includes protection from the heat source that makes it possible.

God forbid the EPA asks for funding to punish sunlight.  Given Obama, they might even get it.

The maverick always has it coming