Trump is Finally the Nominee

As the first candidate I would be happy to support since being able to vote for President (I just missed out on Reagan) the fact his nomination is now official is a load off of my chest.  Hopefully, Trump causes even half the shift he’s promising once he’s elected.  All that remains now is Hillary and laughing at the lost credibility of #NeverTrump.

Yes, I get hating a nominee so much you don’t want to back them.  For me it was McCain, mostly because he spent eight years being a Democrat before getting the Republican nomination.  We didn’t actually lose anything when he was defeated.

But for #NeverTrump?  They’re perfectly happy to whip votes for all of the milquetoast, inept, inarticulate, backstabbing Democrat collaborator nominees we’ve seen so far.  But when a nominee can actually significantly differentiate themselves from their Democrat opponent for the first time in decades?  Oh the humanity!

Yes, the political gag reflex happens.  All that #NeverTrump happens to be is illuminating.  They are completely happy supporting the useless and hurling verbal abuse to whip support and votes for them.  When the shoe is on the other foot with Trump, however, it’s ‘conscience’ and ‘principles’ they’ve never actually shown before.

Their irrelevance can’t happen soon enough.

Beware of Mask Replacement

Here’s the general idea with people who back Establishment Republicans.  You bring your influence to bear when it can affect the outcome (such as an election or a vote) and then fall back and make the proper noises when nothing will come of it.  Sounds like Bill Kristol may be doing that now that the NeverTrump crusade won’t amount to much.

Think of it as mask replacement.  Who they really are makes itself felt during the times it is required, and then they refill their reservoirs of credibility as you slowly forget their last excesses.  In the example at that link, Kristol is one of the elites he pretends he is only observing and he would like to not self-destruct now that we know who he is.

If you want such sorts to go away, remember who they really were when the masks slipped and don’t go back to supporting them.  Let them lose money and influence until they no longer have enough to cause trouble, however pleasing their rhetoric becomes after it will no longer harm their side.  If we can make that happen, it will tear chunks out of the Republican Establishment’s capacity to wield power by removing the punch from their pet ‘thought leaders.’

The Republican Convention is in Full Swing

Well, the Republican convention has started and it’s in full swing.  It even has highlights.

  • Melania Trump has been accused of plagiarism.  Seriously, if some speechwriter actually did copy from Michelle Obama, they should be fired on principle alone.  The Obamas have never done, said, or written anything worth copying, and that includes getting elected to the White House twice.  They can thank the two most useless Presidential nominees the Republicans could find at the time, McCain and Romney, for that.
  • NeverTrump is toast.  Despite protesting that they were fighting Trump to stop Hillary, or for the grassroots, or whatever other fiction they chose to justify disenfranchising Republican voters, they did do one useful thing.  They exposed who they really were.   Cruz’ behavior in particular was a rude awakening, but at least we dodged a bullet when he lost the nomination race.

There’s more to come yet.

Military Action in Turkey

I’m just going to leave it at that, as I’ve heard conflicting reports as to whether or not Erdogan is still in charge.  It will be more certain in a day or two, but the military is claiming they removed him to restore secular government.  Hopefully that is the actual result.

Update, 7/16/2016:  It looks like the coup didn’t succeed.  Erdogan is still there and after this, very likely to clamp down.

The maverick always has it coming