Non-Voter Shaming Now?

How is this supposed to work?

Some group in Alaska is trying to drive turnout by threatening to out non-voters?  How is this supposed to work?  Ok, maybe they do manage it and get voters to the polls.  Perhaps they even avoid retaliation because no one knows who the source of this threat actually is.  It’s still not foolproof.

First things first on this.  If they’re going for the apathetic low-info crowd, how are they going to drive targeted votes for their nominees?  If the people they’re trying to turn out don’t know or care enough about the candidates to vote in the first place, who says they’ll vote for this group’s definition of the right one?  So far, there’s no seeing this as a smart tactic.

Second, if someone knows which party is behind this garbage, guess who gets their vote?  Not the turds that this group is trying to support with non-vote shaming.  They might know if someone is voting but not for who they are voting.  It’s very easy to retaliation vote in a RINO vs. Democrat contest, because the outcome makes no real difference.

How to they get voters out to the polls otherwise?  Perhaps they might try something original, like running candidates worth supporting over something as unethical as voter abuse.  In other words, get support by removing the suck.

Tom Cotton Up Eight Points

If you need a reason to vote in November, however selective it may be about ignoring the RINO vs. Dem fights that mean exactly nothing, here’s some good news.  Tom Cotton is up eight points over a man well on his way to be former Senator Mark Pryor.   Cotton is supported by the SCF, so he’s one of the good ones.

Given comments like Hensarling’s latest traipse into amnesty territory and the choice between the two turd sandwiches in the Kentucky race, voting may not be a priority for you.  Heck, even I’ll go vote just to take my frustrations out on that Karl Rove friend Ed Gillespie.  But whatever you do, do not stay home in November.

Even if you don’t subscribe to the utterly futile hold-your-nose method of voting for Republicans (and I’m right there with you) there is still a point to voting.  Despite the losers at the top of the ballots in many states, there may well be lesser-known conservatives who need your support down-ticket and will suffer electorally if you focus only on the bad.  Besides, the horrified shock of a few well-deserving RINOs finally getting their pink slips won’t be the same if you’re not part of it.  Go vote and make yourself heard.

The maverick always has it coming