One Small Consideration About Fake Opposition

Well, the executive amnesty happened (sort of) and the only reactions I’ve seen to it so far are a lot of rhetoric and some lawsuits. In other words, status quo opposition to the overreach.  Since no few Republicans wanted to see an amnesty anyway, a good chunk of it is likely fake opposition, theater put on for the benefit of the rubes that thought electing them this time would be any more effective than all the others.

There is one small consideration to put out there before this is said and done.  Amnesty is a huge line to cross.  If and most likely when the Republicans blow it or betray us again, how many other people are going to start thinking outside the box to change the status quo?  Granted, things like my vote against Rove ally Gillespie to sort all my enemies on the other side is a minority opinion at this point in time, but how long will it stay that way?

It’s something the go along to get along sorts should consider.  Nothing says our resistance has to stop at the primaries, or that our cooperation is obligatory.  Some few of us know that now.  What happens when enough of us do?

A Schedule For Executive Amnesty

Good thing I didn’t waste any false hope on the whole post-election victory glow.  Obama may just go through with an executive amnesty after all, and he’s going to tell everybody the finer points about it tomorrow.  The fact he has absolutely no business or authority to do this in any regard is wholly irrelevant to him, as he’ll turn around and do it anyway no matter (and possibly because of) whoever it hurts.

Now for the why of the thing.

If he’s doing this in the hopes the weak Republican reaction will end them, he’s not exactly on slippery footing.  Boehner and McConnell are still in charge and have very much demonstrated a hostility to conservatives and conservatism while wimping out against Democrats.  If he’s betting they’ll screw it up to the point the base deserts, it’s not exactly a sucker’s bet.  If they do react the way they have been to the rest of his excesses, namely to make noise and do nothing substantive, they’re done.

If he’s playing the long game, his party isn’t exactly going to enjoy the fact they’re the broken eggs making his ideological omelette.  He’s suffered two midterm repudiations at their expense and he’s still thumbing America in the eye, which will backlash against them short term.  Sadly, the Democrats have had great success with long term planning and gains and the trick now is to figure out how to unravel it.

Keep calm and brainstorm.  We may need a new party if/when this actually happens and we’ll certainly need a few plans.  Some of us are bound to come up with something.

Update, 11/20/2014:  Looks like it’s a ‘when’ and the Republicans are insisting on being just as useless about it as always.  The lame duck isn’t even over and their next Congress is already well on its way to being a massive failure.  At least they’re humiliating their own Establishment shills in time for 2016, which makes it that much harder for them to prevent the rise of say, our own version of UKIP.

The Gruberthon

Gruber will not go away, no matter how much Obama tries.  On top of yet more video, there are stories about how well paid he was to make messes in the first place.  And as an added bonus, Gruber is probably going to sink Romney too, because his fingerprints are all over Romneycare.

Goodness knows what possessed this guy to start all of this boasting about Obamacare, but it’s on now.  Heck, the man’s last name may morph into all sorts of unpleasant nouns and verbs before it’s over.  Suffices to say, whatever he touches is going down with him, and it shows no signs of slowing.  It’ll be fun to see how many other deserving people get a huge dose of karma from the Gruberthon.

Interesting Times

It’s the last two years of Obama’s term and we’re in for interesting times.  He’s decided he’s going to grant that executive amnesty he has absolutely no authority to decree, and the Republicans are making noises that suggest they’re going to be the same useless collection of Democrat enablers they’ve been since 2010.  The handful of conservatives in their caucus is appreciated but not sufficient, and the fact the rest of them have returned to paying us lip service doesn’t qualify as actual resistance.

Gruber is the gift that keeps on giving about Obamacare, but it’s not the sort of gift you’d want to see in a stocking at Christmas.  The fact he would be so open about his deceptions at all suggests a comfort with blatant liberalism no one would have even considered as recently as the Clinton era.  It might have something to do with seeing no real resistance to statism now or the belief that there is none.  If he and others are at the point they think liberalism is this ascendant, something major has changed.

At this rate, something has to give.  There aren’t enough jobs to go around and the Obamacare mandates are going to begin in earnest.  Obama no longer feels the need to extend his own Presidency or the careers of his party members, and that doesn’t bode well.  The rest of us have to weather it, and how well we do that when the Republicans return to business as usual is anyone’s guess.

The maverick always has it coming