Ferguson Explodes

Darren Wilson was not indicted by a grand jury and the protesters in Ferguson reacted predictably.  Sorry that ‘predictably’ is the right word to use in this instance, but it is.  A fiction of a white cop gunning down an innocent black victim has been spun for months to those all too willing to believe it, and the trouble began.  Ferguson exploded and it’s not a pretty sight.

The left won’t drop it, of course.  The narrative is all that matters, whether it is supported by evidence or contradicted by it.  The rioting is ‘social justice’ even though innocent minority business owners are suffering from it.    The prosecutor must have done something wrong or corrupted the process.  It must be the way they think it is and couldn’t possibly have anything to do with the fact Wilson described it correctly.

It’s the left, and they have far more energy than sense.  Agitators are still agitating, and they’ll insist on believing one more thing that isn’t so.  Take care out there.

Chuck Hagel Loses His Job

The official word is that he resigned but given the ISIS response and that whole 2014 election thing, it’s time for Obama to demonstrate a new direction.  Therefore, I’ll keep the title just the way it is as Hagel did lose his job, voluntarily or otherwise.  Why not get rid of the Republican first?  Most of them are more than happy to take it and grin.

The confirmation fight for Hagel’s replacement will set off some sparks.  As there are always enough RINOs to roll over, whoever Obama nominates is likely to make it to SecDef, much to the chagrin of conservatives.  It’s what happens during and after that interests Obama.  Assuming he’s not curling up in the fetal position at the thought of facing McConnell and Boehner (stop laughing, I mean it) then this is an opponent splitting tactic as well as a demonstration of a fresh start.

One Small Consideration About Fake Opposition

Well, the executive amnesty happened (sort of) and the only reactions I’ve seen to it so far are a lot of rhetoric and some lawsuits. In other words, status quo opposition to the overreach.  Since no few Republicans wanted to see an amnesty anyway, a good chunk of it is likely fake opposition, theater put on for the benefit of the rubes that thought electing them this time would be any more effective than all the others.

There is one small consideration to put out there before this is said and done.  Amnesty is a huge line to cross.  If and most likely when the Republicans blow it or betray us again, how many other people are going to start thinking outside the box to change the status quo?  Granted, things like my vote against Rove ally Gillespie to sort all my enemies on the other side is a minority opinion at this point in time, but how long will it stay that way?

It’s something the go along to get along sorts should consider.  Nothing says our resistance has to stop at the primaries, or that our cooperation is obligatory.  Some few of us know that now.  What happens when enough of us do?

The maverick always has it coming