Boehner Can’t Get Votes For Immigration Bill and Tries Again

Honestly, the whole ‘stay home and not vote’ thing is just not a big enough stick.  If Boehner was trying to provoke mass electoral desertions, he wouldn’t be doing anything differently than what he is doing now.  How about this time, we all try the ‘show up and only vote conservative’ approach, and throw some ‘vote against the RINO no matter what’ into the mix.  It’s like Boehner wants to be part of the free-ride forever minority the Republicans once were.  Staying home helps that happen, so why not try something different?

What’s the weeper doing to get all of this?  Boehner couldn’t get the votes for his bill to give Obama real funding and a separate vote to restrict DACA unattached to purse leverage, i.e. a show vote set up to fail.  So, he’s trying again.  Everyone is melting the phone lines and he’s trying again.  What does he think is going to happen if he succeeds?  Does he think he’s going to pull a Lamar and pretend the vote for amnesty was a vote against and everyone is going to cheer him?

This man needs to lose his job in November, period.  If he wants a minority because it’s less work, it can be a minority without him.  He’s a better Democrat enabler than any Democrat who might replace him.

Wisconsin Supreme Court Upholds PEU Reforms

Any day a union can’t reverse  a ban on taking involuntary dues from involuntary members is a good day.  After all the trouble they’ve caused along with the left over Wisconsin, the law that reformed PEUs there was upheld.  Granted, Governor Walker has since been less than opposed to amnesty, but it pays to remember that the workers in Wisconsin still win so be happy.  America hasn’t had a lot of victories here lately.

Boehner Pretending Harder In An Election Year

The House voted to let the lawsuit go forth against Obama.  Is anyone supposed to believe this is a real attempt to actually do something about him?  The real nature of the House Republicans and particularly Boehner’s leadership was made clear long before now.

Any attempt to use the power of the purse, the one real power the House might have brought to bear against Obama, was undermined by the RINOs before it could even get off the ground.  Leftist bills were brought to the floor so a minority of RINOs could pass them along with the Democrats.  But it’s an election year, which means it’s time to pretend harder and louder to hide all of their past betrayals now that their miserable jobs are on the line.  Plus, they have Mississippi to gloss over, and that crossing of the Rubicon isn’t going to bury itself.

Thank God for Jeff Sessions

There’s really no other way to put it.  Obama is inflicting unilateral amnesty on his own country, the Republican Establishment sorts are pretending to oppose it, and there doesn’t appear to be any end in sight.  Illegals fear deportation so little they’re protesting outside of the White House for representation.

So even if it is all he can currently do, it’s good to hear Senator Sessions speak out about it and call members of his own party to task on their failures.  Obama doesn’t need any more money and certainly not so the Republicans can pretend they’re taking action or pander to Latinos.  He definitely doesn’t need any funding legislation that doesn’t attempt to rein in his overreach.

Thank you, Senator.  Sincerely.

The maverick always has it coming