Trump Is In The Race for Real

In fact, he’s in the Presidential race for real whether he intended it or not.

There is a growing number of conservatives taking an interest in Trump because unlike the Establishment, he’ll actually put up a fight and at least say things that we’re all thinking.  If it was just to gain some spotlight in a vanity run, that’s quite over.  He’s lost television shows, Macy’s isn’t carrying his product line anymore, and the SJWs are giving him as much hell as the rest of us.  To his credit, he doesn’t show the slightest sign of backing down.

So either he’s actually running, or his showboating is going to cost him more than he originally thought.  In either case, it will get real for him, original intentions be damned.

Reality Comes Due

That which cannot be maintained, will not.  The only question is whether or not you realize this is the case before the consequences strike you or after.  In this instance, the trouble with socialism is that sooner or later you run out of other people’s money, and that seems to be the theme for tonight.

Greece has no open banks and their stock market is closed.  Their latest bailout is up for a referendum but they’re screwed right now.  Someone may yet decide to uphold their socialism for a while longer, but at this point they are effectively unable to pay their current debts.  I suppose it wouldn’t do for the left to watch as Greece becomes an object lesson in the end point of socialism.

It’s not like we have room for speech, as Puerto Rico isn’t doing so well either.  They have more debt than they can repay, though they may get their bailout.  These two on top of trouble in China shows a pattern emerging.

Reality comes due sooner or later.  The fact that an entire nation’s resources may be brought to bear to delay it weren’t enough in these cases and this time there is more than one.  Will the dominoes start to fall in earnest now, and what will happen if they do?

Obligatory Same Sex Marriage Commentary

Why didn’t I comment over the weekend when same sex marriage was made a thing by five unelected lawyers who are populating the increasingly not-special Supreme Court?  Because the decision was unsurprising.  The Supreme Court has been choking quite a bit, and after the Obamacare ruling the direction it would take on any liberal hot-button issue could be seen from a mile away.

Now what?  What can you do?  Here’s your mission, should you choose to accept it:  Harden your psychology against political correctness if you have not already done so.  It’s been one hell of a problem over the years and the first order of business in defeating it is to become wholly indifferent to it.  Not defensive, not flustered, but completely indifferent to the point of finding it ridiculous.  The race card is all but played out, and now you have to display the same lack of concern for ‘white privilege,’ ‘sexist,’ ‘homophobe,’ and the increasingly popular ‘bigot’ cards.

Why?  Because the bottom line to any of the above and what is actually meant is “SHUT UP AND SUBMIT!”  That’s it.  Feel guilty and let the radical left be radical without any argument or complaint.  Be distracted from their records of failure, poverty, misery, and insanity on anything over which they’ve gained total control, like Detroit and California, to see what will happen if the PC continues.

Yes, it could be they’re smug and wholly immersed in their belief that they’re not simply indoctrinated zombies, but the bottom line is the same.  PC is designed to shut you up.  The fact that they act as though they’re on the side of the angels when they use it doesn’t mean they actually are.  Keep remembering what they really are and their actual results until you completely internalize the meaninglessness of all the noise.  PC isn’t going anywhere until it’s useless to them, and you’ll continue to play into their hands by letting it stagger you and becoming defensive until you do.

Granted, this is only a first step.  There are plenty of practical things SJWs can do with their political correctness, but you are the thing over which you have the most control, which means you can do this much starting right now.  Also remember that the opposite of PC is calling a spade a spade and the colorblind consideration of people on the content of their character.  The accusations of racist-bigot-sexist-homophobe were always lies and should remain that way.

What do you have to lose?

The Supreme Court Chokes On Obamacare. Again.

Chief Justice Roberts strikes out again.   It’s just disappointing really, but no real surprise to anyone who remembers what he did the last time.

Not only did he go out of his way to choke on the Obamacare subsidies issue, but his uselessness has been caught by Kennedy as though it was some sort of contagion.  He did give his reasons, and they’re as strained a set of excuses as the one he spewed forth after changing his mind on originally striking Obamacare down.  Despite the high sounding rhetoric,  the bottom line is that bullying the Supreme Court has a history of being effective (with FDR) and it doesn’t look like that’s changed.

So now on top of being able to compel Americans to buy products, Roberts has set the precedent that the words in laws don’t mean what they say.  He’ll have his legacy though, and that’s what matters.  This ruling has made a truly historic mess out of the rule of law and he’ll always be a part of that.

Some spin this as a boost to Republican election chances in 2016 because it ensures they don’t have to act on a ruling.  The problem is that large swaths of the Republican party are actively colluding with the left and Republican victories at the national level mean exactly nothing (see 2010 and 2014).  It was a Republican that gave us this genius Roberts in the first place.  If elections at the national level had consequences such as actually stopping Obama, this judicial ‘gift’ might make a difference.  As it is, there are no other relevant actions to take other than to get rid of the Establishment first, because their big government tendencies are the reason the Republicans won’t stop the Democrats.

The maverick always has it coming