Officer’s Charged in Freddie Gray’s Death

Officers have been charged in the death of Freddie Gray.  If there was actual cause to charge them, they should be.  In the face of the Baltimore riots, has mob rule and the threat of additional violence sparked a witch hunt?  How do you give the police a fair trial now, because they deserve one like the rest of us.

The evidence hasn’t changed any minds in other riots, and it won’t do it here if they are acquitted due to the actual circumstances.

Soros May Owe a Bit of Money

File this under ‘amusing footnote’ because there’s almost no way the IRS will come calling for this.  Soros may owe a wee bit of money in taxes.  Granted, it’s a wee bit when compared to the US budget, because it’s in the neighborhood of $7 billion.  You know, the kind of money any of us could not even imagine owning, much less owing.

It would be nice if karma finally paid him a visit, and I would be pleasantly surprised if it actually does.

The Trouble With Mobs

The trouble with mobs, from the perspective of those who would use them as a crisis they can exploit, is that you can’t really aim them.  They tend to be chaotic sorts of things, and here are a few instances when some of it’s ‘allies’ discovered that truth for themselves.

1. Elijah Cummings tried to tell the crowds in Baltimore to go home, and they told him what they thought of it.  He then proceeded to leave in a hurry.  The new social justice scene is just not loving him.

2. After giving all those rioters safe spaces, the mayor of Baltimore was called out on the use of the word ‘thugs.’  The word is appropriate, but that never mattered much to the politically correct, now committing more blue on blue political conflict than ever before.

Just a thought for these two.  Liberalism as a means to gain and retain power may be effective, but at some point it runs out of other people’s money and the ability to control the brainwashed masses it creates.  You’re at that point in Baltimore now, and a Plan B might be in order.

Update, 4/30/2015:  Minor edit, first paragraph.

Rioting in Baltimore

It’s been all over the news already, so here are just a few thoughts on the rioting in Baltimore.

The mayor there is an incompetent liberal ideologue.  She’s walking back the remark that proved that, because you don’t give rioters space to destroy.  Even Obama smells enough trouble to pretend he’s upset by it, so she’ll need to get a grip quickly.  Whether or not she can is another matter entirely.  If she’s meeting with Sharpton she’s doing it wrong.

Baltimore’s not recovering from this any time soon, and if its anything like Ferguson the rioting also will not stop on its own any time soon.  All the apologists in the world won’t explain why anyone should start up in Baltimore now, and there’s no reason anyone hurt or ruined by the rioters should rebuild there.  Innocent people aren’t really concerned with how righteous those in the ivory towers and government think their potential assailants happen to be.

A few people are speaking out but it’s still going to be trouble.  At least a few people are, and there will be plenty of ink and pixels spent on what’s next.  All I can recommend is to take personal steps to be ready for trouble and adversity.  In the face of government choking on riot response over political correctness or ideology you may well need to be the most reliable source of solutions you have.

The maverick always has it coming