Interesting Times Roundup 7/29/2015

Given that it’s the last year and change of the Obama administration and the world isn’t exactly the most stable place right now, this may become a regular feature here.  We live in interesting times, and here are a few examples for today.

1.)  Representative Meadows filed a motion to remove Boehner.  Given that the current Speaker is a mislabeled Democrat, this is not unwarranted even if it is pleasantly surprising.  I’ve never seen a motion to vacate the chair in my lifetime, though I only go back as far as I’ve paid attention to politics (after Reagan).

2.)  Bernie Sanders makes more sense on immigration than Jeb ‘Act of Love’ Bush.  Now don’t mistake this as making complete sense, as he’s trying to blame the flood of illegals on the Koch brothers, so you don’t have to accept he’s completely sane just yet even if he does get the wage suppression aspect right.  Granted, many of us knew the Establishment Republicans were useless, but this takes it to a new low.  When an undisguised socialist is more sane than you are on anything, you’re doing it wrong.

3.)  Planned Parenthood should be protested by Black Lives Matter says a Democrat representative.  So we have a Democrat aiming a group of leftist protesters at a leftist sacred cow.  Those that think Planned Parenthood is a sacred cow aren’t going to take this well, latest video notwithstanding.

Someday, we’re all going to want the boring times back.

Ex-Im is back

In one of the rare instances the Senate decided to go out of its way to do real work on Sunday, the Ex-Im bank reauthorization was placed into the highway bill.  The donors must be fed above all else.  People like McConnell could lose their phony-baloney jobs otherwise.

I’m not going to yell because I already have an answer and I don’t need to make noise.  Yes, Boehner and McConnell have to go.  They will not voluntarily do so, and since we’ve all fallen into line to vote for them and those like them up to this point, they have no reason to change.  So if you would like the calculation that the donors can be appeased while the voters are betrayed and ignored to change, you’ll have to do it for yourself.

Purge vote all Establishment in the primaries and the general election.  Not all Republicans, just the Establishment.  Not stay home, show up and vote against them.  If you’re disenfranchised regardless, there’s no reason the causes for it should keep their perks and their seats.  When it happens enough, the big money will realize they’re a bad bet and quit spending on them, which will aid us.

Something New Goes Up In Detroit

File this under ‘Gentrification gone horribly wrong.’

The Satanic Temple built a statue in Detroit.  It will stand out as it is a recent construction there.  It’s not one of those milestones you’d like to have in your city, but after fifty years of unbroken leftist rule something like it was bound to happen.

The residents should take this as a sign a new direction might be in order as far as the governance goes.

Ted Cruz Calls Out McConnell

So much for Senate comity, and good riddance.

It might be that Ted Cruz has taken as active a dislike to McConnell as those of us who said you should vote Democrat to get rid of him (we were right and the Establishment shills were wrong even though they were louder and better financed).  It could also be that he’s simply trying something to get attention back from Trump during the Presidential campaign.  Either way, having one Senator call his caucus leader a liar on the floor of the Senate is something I’ve never seen before, though it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy than McConnell.  Possibly McCain, but they could just keep calling him ‘mavericky’ every time he threw a hissy fit until they laughed him out of Washington.

The trick now is determining if it’s all theater or if he actually feels that way.  If there is no reaction from any corner but those of us in the grassroots, then it’s pre-approved theater.  If another Senator does speak up about it or it starts a general firestorm, not so much.  In either case, a caucus member just set the precedent that Senators can publicly refuse to trust their caucus leaders, which is going to open a can of worms.  It will be fun to watch.

The maverick always has it coming