The People’s Climate March Video

It’s been all over the place and is way to absurd not to put here.  It’s not that ReasonTV, who shot with the video, is absurd.  It’s that the people in it who want to rein in your energy use are absurd enough to be illuminating.  Just don’t tell them that, or they may get upset with themselves thinking they’ve packed away a light bulb that could be annihilating the planet with plant food (Carbon Dioxide).

Honestly, they wonder why we don’t listen to them. Plus, these eco-friendly sorts left the place trashed, so maybe they should change the world by starting with themselves.

Sounds Like The NRSC Has a Problem Someone Else Can Fix

The NRSC has a fundraising and expenditures gap according to Karl Rove.  As the RINO protection committee for the Senate Republicans, this isn’t really sounding any alarm bells.  So the NRSC isn’t doing so well in the general election and they need some help from the grassroots?  It sounds like they have a problem someone else can fix.

They had us all going in 2010 when we didn’t have any options and we had to put them back into power in the hopes they could stop Obama better than McCain could.  Four years later, we’ve all come to realize that didn’t work out so well in the House.  Not only that, but this year we found out that not only were they useless with regards to stopping Obama and the Democrats, they were likely complicit, and would fight tooth and nail to prevent anyone else from doing it in their stead.  The only real fight they’ve shown is against their own base during the primaries, leaving them with a slate of worthless RINO nominees and an infuriated base.

Now that we all know who and what they really are, no one is running to their aid?  That whole “HARRY REID!!1!1!11!1!!” card and “We’re not Democrats!” shtick not really working out?  It’s hard to say they’re the greater good when they spent four years working with and capitulating to the Democrats.  The RINOs don’t serve a greater good and this realization is reflecting in the fortunes of their Senate races.

Good luck there, Karl.  You wanted it to be your show instead of the Tea Party’s, and you can have it all on your own.  He can ask his crony donors to chip in again.  It’s not like his sorts of nominees were going to be worth a damn anyway.

The Stupid Continues. We’re Going To Arm Syrian Rebels

At least that’s what the House just voted to do, with huge Republican support no less.

In light of this, what do we already know about arming factions in the Middle East?  The Iraqi army, armed with the weapons we sent them, aren’t working out so wellISIS captured some of those weapons when the Iraqi army went FUBAR.  To top it off, for all we know these ‘moderate’ rebels might just decide to change sides at some point in the very near future or have been radicals all along capable of fooling people like McCain.  It’s not that hard, the press did it for eight years running before they turned on him.

This comes after Republicans bashed Obama over his foreign policy failures.  So they respond by giving him what he wants for Syria in the end, marking more sound and fury signifying nothing.  They probably won’t do much about Obama sending troops to fight Ebola either, which is absolutely maddening.  When their wave doesn’t happen in November because of one never-ending failure like this after another, they’ll probably just bash conservatives and not care why.

Quick Reminder About RINO Candidates

It’s a good time for a reminder, seeing as how we’re all getting into the general election spirit and about to elect RINOs hoping beyond hope that they won’t blow it again.  Why are getting all bothered about this?  We all know how Republican control ends, or there wouldn’t be a Tea Party or conservative PACs organizing outside of the Republican Party.

RINOs don’t do the job, and more importantly, they won’t let us do the job either.  So getting rid of them is the first step to stopping the Democrats.  ‘Defeating’ Democrats with RINOs replaces one big government sort with another and accomplishes nothing.  Should you need some examples:

  1. Kelly Ayotte, who campaigned against amnesty, backed the Gang of Eight bill.  So did Rubio, who pulled a huge 180 from his election rhetoric to do so.  It’s great they’re running against Obama’s executive amnesty.  Too bad that outside of a few sincere and noteworthy individuals in the Senate like Jeff Sessions and Ted Cruz, it doesn’t mean anything.
  2. Mitch McConnell, who we’re all supposed to be happy is currently ahead of Grimes, allowed Reid to change the Senate rules to approve judges with only 51 votes without any real resistance.  That rule change paid off for the Democrats by the way.  If McConnell returns to the Senate, his ‘leadership’ will render the Republican caucus as effectively nonexistent as it has across the last four years.
  3. There’s also that whole thing with Cochran’s win and that punching the Tea Party in the nose line, which doesn’t speak well to his governing philosophy either.  You don’t back the principles of people you can’t stand.  As the Tea Party and conservatives in general seem to be the only people against which he’ll truly fight, that would be a problem.

So what to do about it?  First order of business is some RINO clearing in the general election.  If you want to prove you won’t be herded every two years by the usual campaign rhetoric when your eyes and ears tell you what RINOs will actually be, don’t be.

Two, DO show up to vote and put the conservatives down ticket into office even if you can’t stand someone else on the ballot.  Voting for everyone or staying home is a false choice.  We’ll need replacement people once we get rid of the RINOs and that means creating a bench.  It also means targeted vote deprivation instead of denying a whole ballot your support.

Three, donate to groups like the Senate Conservatives Fund instead of the Republican committees unless you enjoy the thought of your dollars being used for RINO preservation.  The Establishment is called the Establishment for a reason, and right now they control the party levers.  Don’t let them do it with your help.

Keep from getting caught up in the rhetoric again.  If you continue to fall for it as you always have, you’ll continue to get what you always do.

The maverick always has it coming