Tax Day Roundup

It just seemed appropriate.  Today is when federal income taxes are due and it’s time for some speedlinking:

1.)  File this one under ‘believe it if you see it’ and maybe not even then.  The IRS is saying its going to redefine the rules about what tax-exempt organizations can and cannot do after enhancing them caused some complaint.  I’m going to take a short step out on a sturdy limb and guess all it is doing is talking.  It has a scandal to diffuse and an upcoming election to arbitrate in some way that just kinda, sorta might harsh the mellow of some Tea Party groups while asserting that it’s not.  Don’t expect any help from the Republican Establishment on this, and I recommend returning the favor.

2.)  Gisele Bundchen gets audited.  This is miserable and I’ll leave it at that.

3.)  Donald Rumsfeld is commenting on the tax code in an interesting way.  Taking it up with the IRS isn’t going to do much though.  That’s a problem for Congress and one both parties refuse to touch.

4.)  One final recommendation:  If you’re having trouble because of your tax load, remember to save money by not giving any of it to Establishment candidates either in the primaries or the general election.  That especially includes the RNC, NRSC, and NRCC.  Despite their rhetoric, they’re not going to oppose the Democrats any more than they have in the last four years.

We’re All Going To Vote Against Boehner…Again

I’ve heard this riff before, and it didn’t play out.  Supposedly, there are enough people to vote against Boehner that he won’t be Speaker anymore.  That’s what was supposed to happen in 2012 too, and yet there he is, crying tears, pulling Boehner Specials at will, leaving conservatives with the sinking impression that the effort to get him a Republican House majority wasn’t worth it.  That last point is also likely the reason another ’report’ about how Boehner doesn’t have the votes to be Speaker again emerged.

To take a wild amateur pundit guess at it, it’s a get-out-the-vote measure for conservatives who have had enough of leadership to blame the whole Republican House caucus.  It’s a stealth version of the standard issue election year promise with an expiration date.  Yes, we’ll get rid of Boehner this time, don’t purge us all for being losers.  With Cantor attempting stealth amnesty and attending a gathering of anti-Tea Party money, that sentiment is only going to get worse.

If they keep saying this and failing, the tactic will go they way of the endless faux budget showdowns.  The game will be up, and there will be no response beyond irritation and disgust at the thought they’re pulling something like this again.  They might want to carry through with this for real this time around.

The IRS Scandal Gets Less Fun

Two big items occurred on this scandal recently.  The first is that Lerner was on the receiving end of a vote to recommend criminal charges be filed against her.  While I’m sure Holder’s Justice Department will handle that about as effectively as they did the Black Panther voter intimidation case, at least the Committee finally got around to holding someone to account.  Whether they can follow through or not when Holder tries to stall on it or flat-out bury this problem remains to be seen.

Also, the ranking Democrat on that committee had been seeking information on True the Vote.  On the off chance he hasn’t played the race card already, expect it in the very near future and loudly.  As with the other, the actions will tell, because this could all just boil down to token election-year noise without them.