Stupid Has Consequences

Seems like a good theme for the day considering two bits of news that qualify as ‘stupid has consequences.’  Given that both of them were because of the left though, the amount of wisdom they’ll grant to those that brought them to pass can best be summed up as ‘2+2 = Wha?’

1. The unions in Los Angeles want to be exempt from their shiny new $15 dollar minimum wage.  It’s not that they don’t have the clout to pull it off in California, though it would be nice if this continued to bite them in the rear for years to come.  They advocated for it, after all.  On the flip side, if they succeed in getting their exemption, their rank and file can take joy in the fact the unions can offer them inferior wages with a dues bite on top of it.

2. Congratulation Baltimore.  Your mob action over what might have been yet another fiction has had an effect on the police.  That effect might just result in a continued lack of safety as they become more reluctant to police the neighborhoods of those that cause trouble for them.  Those that did this can sleep tight in the knowledge they won’t be sleeping tight for a good long while.

The left is going to feel some of its own consequences now, but they probably won’t think it’s because of them.

Eight Figures of Oopsie

Hey, because anyone could forget if they received $26 million, especially if they’re the Clintons.  No one has their kind of strain on the memory, so just lay off of them.  It’s not like they just failed to mention more money gained in speaking fees than most of us will ever see or anything.

Hillary may be staggering through her scandals but that won’t stop her in and of itself, and there certainly won’t be any legal repercussions from it if historical pattern holds.  There’s just one small catch.  The sorts of people who are giving the Clinton foundation money may not show any understanding if the access ‘quo’ they’re purchasing doesn’t materialize after the ‘quid pro’ was remitted.  If she loses in 2016 , the gravy train grinds to a halt.

No pressure.

A Game Millions Can Play

Emma Sulkowicz, the girl who carried the mattress around Columbia, is going to be the focus of more attention.  This time, it’s in the form of posters that aren’t so in tune with the leftist narrative.  It’s certainly not going to help her case.

Anonymous activists exposing liberals and making their lives hard? The left has certainly inflicted a Twitter mob hiding behind their profiles on us.  Looks like it’s a game millions can play, something I doubt she gave much thought.  It might even result in colleges being held to account for their political correctness.

Update, 5/22/2015:  Edited post.

The maverick always has it coming