Thoughts On Trump Bashing

Two quick points on Trump bashing

First, if a person bashing Trump is bashing the candidate Donald Trump, that’s part of the Presidential primary process.  Don’t take it personally.  Everyone gets the treatment and no one skates, which is the way it’s always been and how it should be.  This includes my increasingly less preferred candidate Walker, who has done wonders in Wisconsin but doesn’t appear ready for prime time just yet.   He has future cycles and a few decisions to make on how friendly he is with the Establishment, and I have high hopes for him in the future.

If someone is bashing Trump’s supporters, they’ve revealed themselves as an Establishment shill/GOPe troll.  Bullying, manipulation, and shaming tactics are their hallmarks and things like their future credibility should be weighed against this revelation.  Besides, it’s not like they can sell Establishment Republicans on their records, though I do find it surprising how aggressive they continue to be given how fast the Congressional Republicans embarrassed their assertions or inferences to a greater good in 2014.

Even if Trump is not the nominee, his value in determining strategies against the politically correct and the status quo is already well documented.  If his tactics can be emulated, his presence in the race is already worthwhile, win or lose.

Your Election Is Not The Hill To Die On

One of the things over which I no longer choose to be surprised is the Congressional Republican refusal to actually fight anything.  Why defund Planned Parenthood, really?  It’s not like they have their own video series showing that they’re selling baby parts and all.  So when McConnell says he can’t do anything budgetary about them because Obama is in office, despite the fact he and Boehner control the purse strings, there’s no cause to freak out.

Just put the shoe on the other foot in 2016.

Let’s say Jeb!, who’s starting to notice that being Establishment won’t get him elected, does successfully manage to sleaze his way through a primary to be the nominee.  We already know he’s worthless because we’ll have had two years of previews from Boehner and McConnell, plus his brother and father’s terms, to show how much nothing we’ll get.  So why not take the Democrat for four years instead of having to wait eight years to try again while defending the Bush family’s third strike?  He’ll just screw it up while changing the public’s perception of conservatism to ‘The Other Democrats’  and we’ll be starting all over again.

Put simply, his election is not the hill to die on.  We’ll get them next time around when his replacement comes along.  He was going to lead to a two-term Democrat loser anyway.  So when the Republican Establishment decides to demagogue you for your vote, throw it back in their faces.  They produced nothing and stopped nothing, so their your job security is not the hill to die on.  We’ll get them next time…with their successors.


Hillary Clinton Encountering Little People Laws

I don’t think she’ll quite know what to make of the fact she’s being investigated under the Espionage Act.  By the FBI.  I don’t know what manner of team it is or if it’s even close to what they say it is, but up to this point the Clintons have stonewalled and spun their way out of every scandal they’ve encountered and this is a nice change of pace.

The fact an investigation by a party capable of making arrests is happening to them at all is something quite new.  Of course, this could also be a high-profile lead in to an official sounding ‘Oh, we didn’t find any wrongdoing so Hillary’s good to go for a 2016 run’ and the cynic in me will at least entertain the possibility this is the case.  Yet the joy of imagining the look on her face as Biden wins the Democratic nomination leaves me to hope.

You can do it, FBI.  Just visualize.  Hillary in matching stainless steel bracelets and a fashionable orange jumpsuit.  It would be priceless.

Comments on the WDBJ Killings

By now you’ve heard of it and as I only post after work, I’ll just link to the news and comment.

Evil or insane, Bryce Williams is a murderer and deserves no regard.  I’m not going to give him the benefit of more notoriety by linking to his manifesto or the video of him killing his victims on live TV.  Showing those like him that they don’t get to have their moments of murderous glory and sniveling manifestos broadcast to the world if they pull something this horrific may or may not reduce the potential number of mass killings, but I’m going to run with that theory anyway.

Of course the gun control calls started before the bodies were cold.  Both my governor and Obama are from the party that still back Planned Parenthood even after their expose.  Be disgusted by the fact they’re ghouls but quit being surprised by it.  Just expect their reactions and plan accordingly.

The bottom line?  This is horrible.  Best wishes to the families of the deceased.

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