They’ve Finally Played the Nazi Card on Trump

Kasich did this no less, not that it’s much of a surprise.  He’s been campaigning as a moderate and appears to be the designated Trump seeking missile for the Establishment right now.  We’re supposed to think he’s doing this all on his own so the dirty tricks only stain him, a stalking horse candidate,  instead of sinking all of them.  It just gets transparent after a while and I’ll vote accordingly next November anyway.

Want to see what the sides really are?  Watch and see which Republicans, Democrats, and MSM sorts pile on with the exact same theme in an attempt to dismantle Trump.  They’re the ones on the same side, and not the increasingly illusory party distinctions.

Always The Gun Control Angle

What would be good when pretending to deal with ISIS?  If you’re a leftist, a gun control angle.  They surely found one, and it’s so good at pretending to be a reasonable condition it might just fool some people.  It’s also the sort of thing the Establishment Republicans in Congress could botch, so you need to know about it.

They only want to ban people who are on a terror watch list.  Sounds sinister and at first glance, intuitive.  The trouble is that this is controlled by a bureaucracy, which is currently in the hands of the left and filled with unaccountable sorts.  So potentially anyone could be put on those lists, including political opponents this administration and its minions have shown an inclination to punish or undermine (remember Lois Lerner?).  If there’s no real criteria to get on the list and expensive due process to get off of it, it becomes an easily abused method of gun banning.

So, gun control angle.  Plain and simple.  If they say ‘trust me’ at these issues, you have their history to tell you that’s a really bad idea.

Hat tip to The Federalist.

Way to Go Argentina!

Congratulations and a little envy are in order.  Argentina elected a conservative president a year before we even get the chance. Throwing socialists under the bus is a good first step to getting back on track and I hope to have the chance to do it soon.

Having seen the durability of socialist ideas regardless of the damage they cause, I wish them luck after their first big move in the right direction.

The maverick always has it coming