Ebola Roundup for 10/16/2014

I swear if someone told me there would be enough stories about Ebola in the United States to write a roundup post a year ago, I would have thought they were nuts.  Now, the news is real and a little preparation is in order.  Not due to the end of the world or the collapse of the country, but because it’s best to be able to take care of yourself in the face of an incompetent government.  We’ll have one for at least two more years.

1.)  Oh no, we can’t stop flights from Ebola stricken countries.  It wouldn’t be reasonable.  Well, neither is Ebola, nor is it discriminatory.  Political correctness was never a good reason to do anything, and certainly not good for making decisions regarding the life and health of Americans.  It’s the unstated reason for this, but they’re certainly not going to state it out loud for fear of the reaction.

2.)  The head of the CDC Mr. Frieden enjoyed some quality time with a Congressional committee today.  He’s reinforcing that whole ‘we can’t ban travel’ line and it made a lot of noise.  If it results in some actions taken or even a strong stance by our ‘opposition’ party to do something about this, all the better, but for now it’s safe to assume it’s just noise.

3.)  When the left is mentioning Obama’s Ebola response is a major mess, it’s time for Obama to get an Ebola response.  He was blasted by two papers and commented upon by his former press secretary.  Since he’s also cancelled some campaign events, he’s obviously unhappy about it now that he read about Ebola in the news.

4.)  What was this guy thinking?  One of these people is not like the others.  Unless he has luck by the bushel he’s going to wish this was not the case.

Let’s hope in the near future there won’t be any more material for an Ebola roundup post beyond various commentaries about bad Ebola  memories.

Some Thoughts On November

While the GOP Establishment is more than capable of bungling anything, it looks like they may just get away with all they’ve done to Conservatives and retake the Senate.  The down side of any RINO vs. Democrat fight is that only one deserving party of two will get their due in any given election, and the current trends are not against them.  On the bright side, a lot of Democrats who followed Obama off of a cliff are going to pay with their cushy jobs, leaving Obama to face a potentially hostile Congress alone while the Clintonistas attack him, so it’s not all bad.

Why is it shaping up this way?  To paraphrase our current President, the Republicans have Obama.  He’s going to be the GOP’s greatest motivational tool for November.  No one pulls a double whammy of record-shattering incompetence like Ebola in the US and the rise of ISIS in the same year and gets away unscathed.  That means the pendulum is very likely going to swing back to the Republican Establishment in November.  It’s just not going to be the same for them.

Those of you who want the Establishment to answer for their betrayals can take heart.  Conservative sites openly report on Establishment failures.  The NRSC is a political leper to the base, which now has the option of supporting new conservative funding organizations outside of the Republican Party like the Senate Conservatives Fund.  I see people in comment sections openly discussing sabotaging RINOs in the general election, and the establishment shills no longer outnumber them.  They even have a cool new rating system installed over at Redstate to show the candidate scores by some other method than the laughable ACU numbers.

In other words, they’ve done so much they’re already paying for it.  Life and politics as they knew it will never be the same.  When and not if they blow it again, it will only get worse for them.

Ebola Is Going to Be a Problem

The health care worker that helped treat the Ebola patient in Texas now has it.  If the CDC’s response hasn’t exactly impressed you, there’s plenty of reason to believe you’re not alone.  Ebola is here now, it’s going to be a problem, and the only questions are how much and how we deal with it.

Is Ebola’s arrival linked to the policies or beliefs of the current administration?  Well, previous Presidents doing with less advanced health care somehow managed not to import Ebola to the country.  Of course, most of them weren’t dealing with political correctness and the endless accusations of ‘That’s RACIST!’ if someone were to try doing something intelligent to stop it, or worse still believing the PC line.  Even Carter didn’t bungle this badly.

How about we not import any more Ebola now?  Is that really so hard?

When Even Carter Can Bash Your Foreign Policy

I was old enough to remember bits and pieces of the Iranian Hostage crisis when it happened.  I remember  MSM news stories with their solemn tones and shots of trees with yellow ribbons tied around them.  President Carter was the pathetic loser in charge at the time.

It’s sad that Obama is so much worse that Carter has room for speech attacking his foreign policy.  Not by much, but he does.  When even Carter can bash your foreign policy, your suck has reached it’s very own level.  Think of it as Obamafail, because no lesser description of it will do.

The maverick always has it coming