It’s Been a Pleasure

To both of my avid readers, it has been a pleasure.

Now it’s time for me to move on to other things and assist others who are more effectively moving the country in the direction it should go.  They clearly exist and with enough of us will accomplish more than my little blog generating sporadic commentary in one tiny little corner of the Internet.  It is all about the country and not being at the head of the effort to restore it does not bother me in the slightest so long as there continues to be one.

If you read or have ever read this blog, thank you for your visits.  While the site won’t come down it will redirect in a week or so.  Until the next time, farewell.

President Elect Trump

It is a glorious thing.  Also, he’s a more accomplished President now than both the Bush’s despite the fact he hasn’t been sworn in yet. He’s poked holes in political correctness, defeated 16 primary opponents on a budget, made immigration control a winning issue again, and won the Presidency while both parties tried to stop him,  He also accomplished the one thing no one else in politics has ever managed in my lifetime.

He held Hillary Clinton to account for her corruption.

Yes, lots of people have made noise about her.  They’ve held investigations and committee hearings and they’ve come to absolutely nothing.  But to rob her of her life’s ambition and effectively set her path to destitution?  No one but Trump has ever managed it.  Real pain for the rest of her life that can’t be pardoned away by Obama.

That’s right.  All she has ever had to peddle to gain her millions is the influence she no longer has.  She won’t be President, so there’s no reason to give her the big dollars any longer.  If she made some of that money from people buying favors from a future Presidency, they’re likely the sorts that won’t take ‘oopsie, didn’t get there’ as an explanation and will do something about it if refunds are not forthcoming.

Then there’s the whole matter of her mishandling enough classified information to put her in prison until her great grandchildren are grandparents.  There’s no reason to save her from that either.  Put it together, and you can understand why her concession speech was delayed.  It’s not easy to concede to utter ruin.

Going to enjoy the glow for a few more days before this blog goes down for good.  Despite being out of steam it’s good to know I can follow the others that have had better results than me, and many others are travelling the same way I am now.  Watching the Establishment get one chunk after another ripped from their undeserved influence and credibility has been glorious.  Trump is a chance at real change and it’s good to see him reach the White House.

A Real Choice at Last

It really is.  The Establishment would not be blowing fuses and spitting venom if this was just another election.  Also, the audible lack of “THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ELECTION EVAH!” from the usual suspects says it all.

There was real enthusiasm today.  A line out the door and a thirty minute wait was at my polling place.  Happy to vote for Trump and Brat and it was the best vote I cast since I was able to vote for President.

I doubt the election will be over tomorrow.  Trump won’t back down if he sees fraud and Hillary can’t because her alternative to victory is prison.  There will be some more rancor and for once in a long while there should be.  One choice is a chance at restoration and the other is status quo ruin.

Still Waiting for Hillary to Blame Aliens

For one sweet moment it appears as though karma may finally catch up to Hillary Clinton.

Comey reopens the email investigation and Obama is publicly indifferent.  Carville is blaming the KGB and House Republicans, and the accusation that the House Republicans would fight a Democrat stretches credulity.  Hillary Inc just needs to add a few aliens to the mix and the conspiracy theories should just about be complete.

Here’s the bottom line though.  If Hillary did not want to be in this mess, she should have treated classified information the same way everyone else did.  If the Democrats did not want to be in this mess they should have made her Feel the Bern when they could.  So they can spare us this ‘threat to democracy’ bilge.  They’re the source of their own sorrows.  The fact that Weiner might just be the guy to end her is just icing on the cake.

The maverick always has it coming