Executive Amnesty

There has been plenty of talk about Obama and executive amnesty.  There are certainly plenty of people making noise to defend it in some manner or another, and that includes the standard-issue excuse that it’s the Republicans’ fault.  A lot of things are the Republicans’ fault, but this one will be on Obama alone.

What’s to stop him, the Boehner-McConnell clown show?

If he does it, and there is an awful lot of buildup for nothing to occur, it will be a long-game move.  He pulled one of those with Obamacare, so it’s within character for him to try again.  This one is for a future underclass voting block, which the Democrats are unfortunately good at creating and maintaining.  He may lose the Senate over it, but he has little to fear in that regard.

He lost the House in 2010 and it didn’t even stop him short term.  The RINOs were too busy attacking conservatives to slow him down.  So a 2014 backlash is by no means certain win or lose.  Punishing the Democrats would require an actual opposition to go, which does not currently exist.

That may just change this time.

And Now, Scared Clipart for Climate Change

It’s gotten to the point the global cooling global warming climate change scam is at self parody.  Today is one of those days.  They’re not even trying to pretend it’s science anymore.  We just have some artistic black and whites of scared scientists discussing climate change.

So subtle.  So artistic.  So completely underwhelming.  This of course means they’re not trying hard enough.  What they needed was Scared Clipart for Climate Change.

Behold the terror of clipart discussing climate change.


Feel the raw, unbridled emotion of a cartoon picture faced with the imminent demise of all life on Earth courtesy of the SUV.


See a cartoon throwing money into the air in sheer horror, hoping its life savings of little green pixels will be enough to avert climatic doom.


Oh, there is not enough beer to make this go away!


Then wonder, after all of this, not only how you will recover the IQ points you just lost, but why on Earth anyone would think something like it could persuade someone that climate change is a real and imminent threat.  And yet, the post at the link documents someone that actually did.  At least they were original this time.  Hyperbole and doomsaying are just so five minutes ago.

Think of What Could Happen With More Conservative Policy In Chicago

It’s a wonderful start.

Illinois is issuing concealed carry permits and the same thing happened there as happened anywhere else there is concealed carry:  crime is going down in Chicago.  If you don’t hear anyone in Chicago publically tout it, that would be because it’s effectively proof that the way they have been doing things is wrong.  Democrats will do and allow enormous damage before that ever happens.  Expect no exception here.

Yet, think of what could happen with more conservative policy in Chicago and Illinois?  This is working out well.  How about more free markets?  How about smaller, boodle-free government?  You could all but hear the Chicago pols screaming in pain at the suggestion, yet it would make them a better city.  It would also make them less able to feed from their positions.

It’s a good first step though.  Hopefully it’ll stick, but the trouble with the left is that they never stop, and are even less inclined to change in the face of evidence.  It’s still fun to mention though, if only to hope that someone in Chicago reads it and their politicians squirm at the thought.

Trouble in North Carolina

Looks like the RINO Tillis has some third party trouble.  McConnell’s dealing with a libertarian too, so it looks like the Democrats have found their new strategy.  Cry me a river.

Oh, the comment section of that article is plagued by paid blog trolls screaming about how not voting for Tillis is a waste of your vote but the problem is still the same.  RINOs are the first group that has to go before we can even begin to deal intelligently with the Democrats.  They use the same tactics and it will be the same thing that ends up the same way.  They talk and act like us so long as nothing comes of it or when they need to get elected, but when push comes to shove they serve no greater good, least of stopping the Democrats.  More importantly, they prevent anyone else from doing it in their stead.

So the amount of panic or pity anyone should have over the fact a RINO might lose due to a vote splitter is nil.  When Cuccinelli or Mourdock lost to a Democrat, those same people telling us the world would end if a Democrat won didn’t seem as eager to panic over it.  But when it’s their precious jobs nominees something is supposed to have changed?  Laughable.


The maverick always has it coming