Border Patrol Taking Fire From Mexico

They believe it was with .50 caliber weapons.  For those of you who need some idea of the scale, this is the same caliber that was used on WWII airplanes to chop up enemy fighters.  The fact something that size is being shot at the Border Patrol should be causing some alarm to people in government.  Whether or not Perry’s deployment of the National Guard to the border is in response to that alarm or just theater for the increasingly upset masses remains to be seen.

It’s another symptom of the problem.  The flood isn’t stopping and all Obama wants to do is process all his future Democrat voters before making them disappear into the population.  Electing Republicans won’t help because they mean to walk their misguided path to Latino votes right off of a cliff.  The problem is that there’s no good way this will end if everyone decides they don’t want to sit around and take it anymore.

McCain Comments On A Presidential Election

Perhaps he should run in one first before he tries to impart some ‘wisdom’ in that regard.  Whatever it was he was doing in 2008 wasn’t a Presidential campaign.  Yet enough people seem to keep reporting on him, so he keeps talking.

His latest words of wisdom are about how we need to pass amnesty in order to beat Hillary in 2016.  Should we really be taking any sort of Presidential race advice from this guy?  It’s like listening to Karl Rove tell us how to retain Congress.  He might want to be concerned about things like Mississippi and whether or not the Republicans will still have a base in 2016, because that’s less than certain at this point.

Obama Inadvertently Useful On Israel

For once, Obama may have been inadvertently useful pertaining to the fight between Israel and Hamas. Israel launched a ground invasion against them and Gaza to get rid of the tunnels and the attacks against their citizens, and aren’t in any mood to deal with their barbarism anymore.  They have every bit of business defending themselves against the animals in Hamas and forgetting the usual twisted media coverage about it.  Obama isn’t thrilled with Israel right now, but as he has been kind enough to render himself into the world’s most useless leader, he’s not going to be much of an interference this time around.

In other words, Obama, in his infinite liberal wisdom, has been so busy reducing everything he touches to garbage that he has no influence to save all of those ‘innocent’ Hamas members from their long overdue thrashing anymore.  He should go back to doing what he does best, which is take vacations and play golf so he won’t have to watch Hamas become a historical footnote.  The adults in Israel have things well in hand right now, in no small part because they now think of Obama as nothing, and he has no one to blame for that but himself.  It means he won’t be getting in the way as the work that should be done gets done at last.

More Good Reasons Not To Support The Republican Establishment

About a hundred of them, in fact.  In yet another display of why the Republican Establishment is the other enemy and not anything resembling an ally, a hundred Republicans endorsed the Democrat running against Governor Brownback in Kansas.  It seems he’s not Democrat enough for their liking.

How to deal with this?  You vote in November.  Yes, vote.  Vote for the conservatives and against the Establishment.  Staying home both hurts other worthwhile candidates that may be on the ballot with the garbage and leaves the removal of RINOs like these too much to chance.  By all means, withhold your votes from the undeserving, just take the time to deny only them first.

The maverick always has it coming